Croc and the Kingdom of Gimli

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Gimli was an extremely rich and powerful kingdom. Its great walls and towers were the symbol of the prosperity that the great monarchy embraced.

One day, on the walls of the kingdom, an eagle named Croc appeared; It was a bird of immense proportions and when flying, instilled a certain fear about the locals.

Croc began to warn the inhabitants that their greed would lead them to destruction. The people despised the words of the great bird, and on the pretext that he had spoken to them in a very strong way, they began to throw stones at him to leave.

Croc left and since then he hid during the day in the hollow of a rock and at dusk, from the heights, he watched the people of the kingdom, wondering why they did not believe him.

A few days later, a riot of powerful men, began one of the coldest and most cruel wars of the kingdom of Gimli, whose sole purpose was to destroy Gimliah, king of the town.

Gimliah -who was a great warrior- fought, therefore, his nascent enemies. So, after a year had passed since the beginning of the war, Croc was still sheltering in the hollow of that rock during the day and by dusk he continued to observe from the heights the people of the kingdom.

There were many people who died by the sword that year. Also the children of Gimliah fought and died in battle, filling the king with much pain and anguish.

First Battle

Croc, seeing the king's agony due to his loss, approached and recommended Gimliah to seek the path of peace, otherwise his village would be destroyed, except for him. So he would live only to witness the massacre with which his kingdom would be reduced to ashes. Then Gimliah became very angry with Croc, to such an extent that he tried to kill him, but the bird fled and took refuge again in the cavity of the rock.

A few days later a man named Nérton arose, whose ambition led him to conquer the kingdom of Gimli. He had an army as numerous as the sands of the sea. And he had conquered several cities of the kingdom, killing both women and children, and burning entire cities. Fear of Nérton spread throughout the kingdom -Who can resist Nérton? Destroy the land where he Walk!-shouted the fearful inhabitants of the kingdom.

One day, the inhabitants of the kingdom began to gather in armies throughout the surface of the earth. And they split; part of them fled to the army of Nérton, and the rest to the army of Gimliah. So great and long was the war that the whole surface of the earth was covered with corpses.

At one point, there was no one left to bury the dead and those who remained, they marched inclemently, leaving behind the corpses of their men, women and children. Inert bodies that were prey to worms of the flesh. And putrefaction spread to all corners of the kingdom. The survivors were victims of deadly viruses, the rats and the crows were walking enjoying that feast of mortality.


Croc from above reflected his shadow over the bodies without life, reminding Gimliah that he would not die -Go away, infernal bird, I will not let my kingdom die!- yelled at him more than once, victim of anger and despair

In a last attempt to continue, they collected the surviving people for two years in order to gather as much strength as possible and equipping themselves with weapons and shields. Men, women and children dressed for battle and once again marched against each other. to fight the coming days. But once again, they did not triumph.

The people of Gimli retired to their camps. They began to lament for the deceased; and so great was the lament that they split the air with their cries. Croc again approached King Gimliah and tried to convince him to seek a peaceful solution. Then the king sent a letter to Nérton, where he told him not to return to combat, to take the kingdom and spare the people's life.

The next morning, Nérton, drunk with rage, marched back to the battle, and when night came, all had fallen, save forty-two of Nérton's army, and thirty-five of Gimliah's army. The next day they returned to combat and by nightfall there were only ten men from Nérton and eight men from Gimliah.

The warriors ate and prepared to die the next morning. But they fought for the space of three hours, falling unconscious because of the great loss of blood. But so much was their desire for war that they regained their strength and continued to battle with the enemy swords.

Final Battle

When all had fallen, except Nérton and Gimliah, it happened that Nérton fell unconscious, was so badly wounded that he could not get up and stand erect. Gimliah leaned on his sword and after resting a little, using the anchor of his weapon, he managed to stand up to finally cut Nérton's head and seeing the blood scurry on the ground, fell.

He recovered his breath observing in the sky the figure of Croc, flying in the heights of his desolate kingdom.

-You were right, oh bird- He said

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Drawing Croc:


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Really beautiful work of art @jonsnoww!

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