* There are two unbearable things: lie and falsehood *

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Hello my friend steemians.. If there is something that is truly regrettable is the lie and falsehood. Both are capable of destroying everything in their path, of devastating the most populated forests and of causing the highest towers to fall.

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The saddest thing about hypocrisy and deception is that they never come from our enemies or from strangers. As expected, all that hurts. And a lot. When they deceive us the worst is not the lies themselves, but what they take with them.

When a feeling as important as trust breaks down, something inside us dies. This happens because lies and falsehood question a thousand truths, making us question even the most frank experiences we thought.

A single lie changes everything

Both lying and falsehood are, to a large extent, a matter of habit. There are many people who are skilled in this "art" and who keep us all deceived in a truly amazing way.

As we already know, habitual lying can be a serious psychological problem. These people usually sell smoke at any price in order to get away with it or, what is more serious, without any other incentive other than cheating.

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Other times, the lie can be "justified" as an error in the action but not in the intention. This is what we call pious lies, because we believe that truth will do more harm than lies.

Some argue that any kind of lie is based on poor quality relationships, but the truth is that the human being, at times, is not good at evaluating more colors than black and white.

Eventually everything is discovered

Lies and falsehood always have an expiration date, because they need many circumstances to sustain themselves. This ends up becoming a spiral of enormous dimensions that the liar can not handle.

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That is, as soon as a lie comes out of your mouth, you stop controlling a large part of it. As they say in popular slang: a liar is caught before a lame.

However, although it is very difficult for a lie to be sustained over time, it is very normal for us to be deceived. We may have many indications but it is more likely that the emotional ties we maintain blind us.

The lie and the falsehood, two deep wounds in the soul

Betraying people who love you is one of the most detestable acts that can be carried out by human beings. It is difficult to overcome its discovery, because in itself the deception harbors the capacity to destroy our world completely.

A betrayed person is more than a hurt person. He is someone who has been left without a compass, who has lost his compass, who does not understand, who feels an anguished confusion, who has to demolish his home, who does not know where to keep his feelings and who thinks he is deeply stupid.

It is someone who puts on a sign, who takes off his shoes and undresses, who feels ridiculous. Someone who has to start from scratch, rebuild their walls, retrace a hard road and cover the holes. It is someone who with death wounds has to revive and does not know how.

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Heal the wounds that betrayal caused

With the passage of time it is very likely that the rage and impotence that we felt at the beginning become a pity for everything that vanished, broke or withered. It is in these moments that we can begin to heal our wounds and value loyalty with strength.

Overcoming this takes a while, but to achieve this we need to forgive ourselves and stop torturing ourselves for what we think we could have avoided, for the lie and falsehood that has surrounded us. In this way we will be able to make peace with the world and trust again.

If at some point they hurt you, if on some occasion the lie and falsehood seemed to be the letter of presentation of all the people around you, do not punish yourself thinking that everyone is the same, doing it would be like believing that because You have played the lottery one day you will play it every time you buy it.

From there, he values loyalty as much as you devalue treason. Do not blame yourself and forgive, because dishonesty is a great opportunity to grow and choose better those around you.

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Don't believe your lying eyes! Very good article.

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