Nothing and Something - More Than a Feeling - 1 - novel

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Nothing and Something - More than a Feeling - 1 - novel


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Nothing and Something

The Magic of Faith

More than a Feeling 1

A song by the now ancient rock band, Boston plays in your head.

Hseorweeush, High Priest wrote,

We have found we cannot
live within subspace though
we may enter it and exit.
We have found that there
are other universes much like ours
that align from time to time
and we may enter those
as our universe fails,
but the only way we can enter
is with a very small probe.
Into these other universes we
sent hundreds of probes

Chronicles of the Humble,
New Temple of Shzar,
The Nothing Wars, High Priest
Hseorweeush, New Age, 10,078 NA
New Age

** More than a Feeling 1**

Antonio Maria Hidalgo Guadalupe Rodrigo Garcia, or Tony, was born on June 22, 2010 while his parents were on a hiking/camping/working vacation in northwestern Canada at midnight. His father was a geologist from Argentina. Here is how his birth came to be:

Mama was supposedly only five months pregnant. After an invigorating day of walking up the trail that led to the Peak of Edwards Mountain, taking in the breathless vistas and breathing the clean air, above the tree line the couple stopped for the night.

The gorgeous clear air filled with the fluffiest of sparse clouds and the bluest of skies was the most beautiful colors of the setting sun. As they cooked a dehydrated main course of Paella, or Arroz(rice) `a Valenciana, the Papa noticed the strangest cloud, a lenticular, perhaps at 20 to 30,000 feet moving toward them at a distance of fifty miles to the west. In the light of the sunset, what would be called a silver lining of a cloud was more like electric gold and similar to looking into an incandescent bulb while wearing sunglasses.

“Mama, Look at that cloud,” Papa pointed to the cloud and waited for Mama to look up from her meal preparation. “It’s perfect, a Lenticular.” Mama looked up and,

“Oh my,” Mama exclaimed, “The cloud is…looks like a flying saucer.”

“It truly does with perfectly smooth curves and flat on the top and bottom.”

“Wonderful mi amor(my love), it is chilly tonight, set up the tent so we are ready for bed once we eat.”

“Yes, we are supposed to be practicing our English.” Papa rose to the pull cart where all their gear rode while he pulled it up the mountain trail. He pulled out the snap tent, removed it from its travel bag, and gave it a “snap”, a flick of his wrist downward like the tent was a whip. It took him four tries but the tent opened into a three-person dome. He rented the three-person tent because the people at the lodge who rented the equipment said the wagon tote could be rolled into the empty tent space during inclement weather. It was also much nicer to be able to reach into the wagon from inside the tent. The Papa said, it could have been because the three-person tent cost twice as much as the two-person tent to rent, like the wagon cost twice as much as two back packs. He placed the sleeping bags and the wagons in the tent. “The tent is set up!” Papa said from inside.

“Dinner is ready! Let’s eat out here.”

They sat down to a wonderful meal, which was not as good as fresh but…very, very tasty to those who walked up a mountain all day. In five minutes, the dinner was gone.

“Let’s cook another!” Mama said.

“Eating for two, same thing?” The light was bright enough to see

Mama nod,

“Quick!” She said, “I am still very hungry. And it will be dark soon!”

“I am moving as fast as I can and getting the cakes for dessert too! There I have everything.”

“That cloud of yours comes our way; you should see it; it is even more beautiful. And now the stars are winking into sight!”

Papa scrambled out of the tent with the food and some drinks. He was sure Mama would want more to drink. “Here you go!” He handed her the food, looked up, and exclaimed, “Never have I seen such a sight! The cloud looks like gleaming mirrored metal.” He ran the few steps into the tent and grabbed his camera. He ran back out and snapped several photos with different settings, “I am changing the settings every time because I want to have a photo that develops perfectly.”

Momma looked up from stirring, “It will be above us soon and is that a storm behind it?”

She opened a cake, “Would you like a cake?”

“Later,” the Papa said as he concentrated on photographing the cloud. “It really does look like metal.”

Mama finished eating the cake as she watched the cloud approach, “Oh it cannot be metal. It is probably ten miles across.”

“I need more film.” Papa went into the tent and found another roll of film; he took two rolls.

“Let it rest. Let us eat. It is almost too dark to see our food. See anything.”

Papa agreed it was too dark to take pictures and he was hungry. “Let us eat!”

“We need to pray first. We forgot in our hunger.”

“I am a scientist and you know how I feel about prayer,” the Papa said.

“We, as in me, are about to have a baby, our first baby! Of all the things that can happen in this world, to be blessed with a normal healthy child is a miracle and you will join me in prayer for whatever grace and benefits God will grant us.”

“There are no such things as miracles, Esmerelda.”

“Do you want a goodnight kiss? You can’t see me wink at you?”

“Oh very well.” Papa began the prayer, “If you are there, and you are listening, we humbly ask you to bless this food and give us a healthy baby boy. Amen.”

“Amen.” Mama said, “Why does it matter if the baby is a boy?”

“I thought I would add it as a qualifier to the prayer to see if it was answered, anything wrong with that.”

“I suppose not but you should not test God and eat!”

Once they finished eating he said to Mama, “I hope you are not too full for that kiss, and I know you cannot see me wink.”

“No, I am not too full…Oh do you think that cloud is over us?”

Papa looked and said, “I see no stars so, I would think so.”

“Ow!” Mama exclaimed and Papa heard her expel some gas. She laughed. “Oh just gas, I was worried for a moment.”

“It is too soon to worry! Besides I prayed remember?”

“Yes you did and now for that kiss,” she giggled, “Oops another.”

The pair laughed and rose to enter the tent. It was kissing time. They kissed fervently with ardor and desire being careful of course. It was about a half hour before midnight. They finished kissing and Mama said breathing in quick gasps, “Ow…this is…a cramp…not gas.”

A light bathed the tent from somewhere outside well enough to see easily and Papa said, “I must see what is happening.”

“No don’t…OW…leave me.”

“Your stomach is growing fast Esmerelda.” Papa exclaimed. Then her water broke.

Esmerelda fell unconscious upon her back, perhaps from the pain.

“What is happening?” Papa asked. He reached for her wrist to take her pulse when the head of a baby began to crown forth. Papa spread Mama’s legs open as wide as he could. Marcos barely had time to place his hands under the baby and out came his son.

Mama moaned and awakened while the Papa held his son. “Mama he is normal! He is normal!”

“Ohhhh, I am so glad he is normal and if we ever have a child again, don’t you ever test God!”

Tony took his first breath and the light surrounding the tent blinked out. “Here take him. We have to do the cord.” He laid the baby boy, his baby boy on his mother’s chest. “I have to find a light and a string or something.” Light bathed the tent again. “I now believe in miracles and you Lord,” Marcos said as he saw his baby boy begin to suck for the very first time.

“My breasts grew and are filled with milk.”

Marcos, now a real Papa, tied and cut the cord of Tony.

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