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Nothing and Something

The Magic of Faith

Forward 3

J.R.R. Tolkien wrote,

One for the Dark Lord
on his throne
In the Land of Mordor
Where the shadows lie,
One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all
and In the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor
Where the shadows lie,

The Lord of the Rings: Book One
**J.R.R. Tolkien, Page 49 **
Second Edition pub. 1991
original ©1954, 1965, 1966, 1982

Forward 3

See Forward and Forward 2 to explain the naming convention if you have not read it. The link is below.

The Fall of the Humble

Several days passed and Ariel walked along a meandering path that was a ring around the Temple of Shzar complex. The Humble, humanoid with DNA that more closely resembled cats, was an advanced civilization living in another universe. Within this universe, God created the Humble and they arrived to the level of technology of today.

Today: very close to the end of all things including the existence of their universe.

The investigation continued albeit all available resources shifted to the discoveries of a few days ago. A thousand years ago, an Explorer class ship named the Forward entered the infinite void, nothingness on the edge of the universe. The thought, after enough of a distance of travel the Forward would encounter another universe. The Forward, like the ship Venture lost a few days ago, but a millennium behind in technology, entered the void without known permission, and encountered intelligence in the void that was nothing, superior, and hostile.

Back then, Robotic Assistance ships retrieved the Forward and returned to our universe in which Ariel now walked. Yesterday, the Venture along with all the probes and the assistance ships sent to return the Venture in the void suffered the fate of destruction. Again, the investigation determined like the Forward, the probes and assistance sent to the Venture was unauthorized. The captain and the crew were some of the brightest of the Humble.

Ariel could not help but admire the beauty of the verdant life surrounding the path. The technology of the Humble made nature a priority. However, the largest trees were half his height, left on their own some day they would grow taller than he was to maybe twice his height. He could have snatched at a flying creature and eaten it but he was not hungry. Hunger left him once the news of the investigation broke forth:

Whatever was in the void came with the Forward into our universe and it took root. Quanta-2 research continued three days ago and quanta-3 was the next new discovery. Three full universal orders of magnitude smaller than ours, Ariel thought. He was a priest. The acceleration of scientific discovery boggled him.

The good thing was, Shzar said all these discoveries were good. These advancements would propel us to a new home in another universe. The discoveries also led to the identification of the intelligence of nothing from the void.

A new type of quanta-2 lenses for glasses made sight of the creatures possible. In a sense, by his understanding, these creatures of nothing were made of the opposite of what our universe consisted of, sort of like anti-matter. Ariel wore those glasses now and in his hand, he held a spear that converted the creatures to…he did not know what.

As fast as manufacturers made a pair of glasses and a weapon, recipients entered the ranks of the fight to save the universe. Long range beams mounted on spacecraft guarded suns and planets. Ariel struck three of the creatures since he began his walk. The glasses protected the eyes but even so, off in the distance every so often he would see a bright flash, the telltale sign of battle. Once, last night there was a spherical effervescent flash above the horizon when a spacecraft disintegrated – lost the fight.

“Ariel, this is AAArielll,” his second after litter sibling called.

“Here,” Ariel said.

“There is some good news, brother.”

“Tell me, I could use some.”

“Shzar gave the Humble permission to enter the spirit world in crafts as long as we stay out of heaven’s boundaries. We can travel in there faster than in the void.”

“That’s good, so what is the bad news my litter kin.”

“The en-“An explosion where the Temple of Shzar stood knocked Ariel flat before his brother could speak. Time passed and the sky became dark when Ariel drifted back into consciousness. PAIN!

Agony swept over Ariel as splintered wood stuck into the left side of his body like big pins. The pins were in his head… and his arm, his leg(both gone along with the ring, to his wife), “Meowsha, Meowsha… Sh-zar-r-r,” he barely whispered and then the shock killed him.

One nice thing about the Humble, when the palace exploded most of the Lords were not there.

The Lords chose a new One the furthest viable distance from where the Forward and the Venture entered the void. The Humble established quarantine. Within the quarantine, the Suns ceased their accelerated, premature decay.

A war ensued between the Humble and the named Evil nothing. The connection with Shzar was weak and less clear during the war. Technological advancement slowed to nearly a halt but there two things perfected.

One of the advancements was the ingress and egress of the spirit world/subspace by a craft. Shzar allowed this travel as long as no one entered the boundaries of heaven as flesh or probes of any type of material. Shzar limited the spirit world to transit, no stops! Since the technology was available to see the evil nothings, no evil could enter the spirit world with the Humble.

A lack of faith developed of doubts about Shzar.

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