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Message in a Bottle #5
Origin: The Isle of Write
Sender: @sunravelme
Recipients: Steemit Creatives
It’s a beautiful day to be on the beach! While we all enjoy lazing the day away, we were also thinking about curation, and its importance to the steemit pond, as well as our place in the ocean of good writing and talent within the community.

A lot of poetry has been washing up on our shores lately. Ultimately, as a community, we feel that creative writing has a place on steemit, and should be rewarded. So to help build the community, we are planning on doing 8 weeks of curation, where we

-feature new and old poetry posts over the next eight weeks that are excellent and adding to steemit as a platform
-extend an invitation to the author to be part of the printed Steemit Poetry anthology
-reward poets 5 SBD for writing great work

From @jrhughes post about the anthologies:

Our goal is to fill each anthology with curated Steemit authors in order to showcase to the world beyond, what incredible talent Steemit has to offer. We will also be actively pursuing a contribution for each anthology from an accomplished, published author. No, it isn't going to be Stephen King, but our goal is that it will be someone a Steemian can point to and say "I'm in an anthology with 'so and so,'" and people in the publishing world will actually know who you're talking about.

In addition to the 5 SBD, every author who agrees to include their piece in an anthology, will retain the rights to their work except as pertains to the sales or distribution of the anthologies. Each author will also receive a printed, bound copy of their book. That's right, not an ebook. A real, physical book with professional cover art. Something you can show your mom, set on the coffee table, slip onto your bookshelf, or casually toss on the back of the toilet.

The Isle will be actively promoting the anthologies on and off Steemit to maximize exposure for these talented writers and to raise funds for whatever fun project we take on next!

Qualification Requirements:

  • If the poem employs a meter or rhyme scheme, that rule must be consistently followed.
  • If the poem employs a form, that form must be consistently followed.
  • Haiku / Tanka must employ a caesura between two complementary or contrasting images.
  • Effective use of concrete imagery.
  • No cliches.
  • Must be first published to steemit.
  • Author must be willing to go through a review and editing process with Isle of Write editors in preparation for publication.
  • English Language only.

art and flair courtesy of @PegasusPhysics

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What a treasure of art, inspiration, and collaboration you offer from the fine shores of the @isleofwrite. Many thanks.


Thank you for being one of the many wonderful creatives who make the Isle feel like home :)


You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote! I just ask for a Follow in return!

dreams of being published will be written on messages and put in bottles and the wonderful curators of @isleofwrite will ensure those bottles find a wider audience (and hard copy!)

You all are so awesome - excited to read what the tides bring ashore <3


This was so sweet and on point, thank you! We really hope to do good things for the community starting with this project, and the support we've had already is incredible. If it happens it will be because of the entire Isle, not just a few people.

This makes me happy.

I must admit, that both as an author and a reader, poetry is not where I put most of my efforts. I know it seems weird, considering about half of my content on Steemit is poetry, but it is true.

Even so, as someone who had to face "The Silence" (and thanks to @moeknows for the term) for decades on written poetry, and then once more on Steemit I've seen that while there's a vibrant community of poets, they do not gain the appreciation they deserve from without.

I am glad to see another project spring up for this purpose, and I'm eager to see the entries that will wash up on our shores. Also, I'm looking forward to giving feedback to said poets, and also to those who have not yet published their pieces and are looking for some help prior :)

Good job, and good luck, to all Isle inhabitants, and to poets Steemit over. Rock on.

nod man with no name.gif


Oooh I love the Clint gif!
And your comments, Guy, I always love. :-)


Hey, the second line makes me happier. There's art to not only having the right collection of gifs, but knowing which to use when, but it can be taught.
But only I am myself and can write my comments, so I'm glad they spread the joy, as the Isle itself does :)


Being able to reward the poetry community and help bring much deserved attention to this thriving group of Steemit creatives, is a high priority for the Isle. It's one reason we decided that all pieces will be paid the same SBD whether fiction or poetry, and regardless of length. Pieces are being judged as a whole and award should not be less for one than the other.

More motivation to actually write more is always a big plus!

Awesome new initiative, really starting to branch out the many talented Steemians out and give them some exposure!


We're glad to offer support and motivation in any way we can, and truly hope this will be the start of a bridge built from Steemit to the broader reading world.

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:


Thank you @cheetah. We're all good with our account quoting itself now and then ;)

writing a poetry is a hard work.keep it on

Hi! What a great initiative! How could I submit a poem? Just adding the @isleofwrite in the title of the post, or as a tag?


Hello @lymepoet. Feel free to publish your poem and add the tag #isleofwrite. If you want to have feedback before publishing, join us in our discord group. Workshops are free and everyone switches between the writer/editor role when appropriate.


I like the idea of workshops. That sounds great. Thank you for your prompt reply.

This is So awesome! Can I submit several poems?

This will help steemit poet.
thanks so much


Also, Who do I send my poems to?


Tag them #isleofwrite and if you'd like, you can also join us on discord to have them workshopped prior to publishing! Here's the discord link

It's a real privilege to be part of this fine anthology, thank you, for selecting my work! I wish our book-to-be every success in finding its place in the world & hope it brings much-deserved attention to this valuable platform.

Much gratitude, @isleofwrite, for having such an excellent idea and all the good work you do for the community of writers on Steemit. Onwards and upwards!



It is a pleasure and a privilege to have you join us. Thank you! We look forward to working together on this bridge!