Musings – Yet Another Jinx Breaking Attempt

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Last month, it appeared the jinx had been broken after a few weeks of consistency. Sadly, like the other months, it turned out to be the same cycle – small rapid bursts followed by a long silence.

It Wasn’t Always Like This

This time last year, the writing prompts were coming, creative juices overflowing and lots of connections were being made in an entirely new space on the net. Connections that have proven to be far more valuable than offline mutual neural sparks.

A Side-Effect of Being An Infovore

It’s so easy to fall into the consumer trap as a voracious reader. Pages upon pages of information consumed and nothing to show for it.

Don’t get me wrong.

Avid readers are superb action takers but often, we found ourselves captivated with oceans of knowledge that we become satisfied with a sip here and there without applying the resultant energy to beneficial activities. Often, you found the most knowledgeable people battling not only with procrastination but sometimes, laziness.

Returning Back To Our First Love

After several hours spent in battling with lines of code, formulating alternative growth strategies for an offline venture and studying endless trading graphs, the soul longs for its first love.

So here is another attempt towards writing consistently, rewiring those connections and making peace.

This time, things are gonna be simpler. Instead of endlessly searching for amazing ideas to make research on and write about. I’m just gonna make scaling the expected mental obstacles a bit easier.

So here is yet another public commitment. :( I’m gonna be sharing insights from the hundreds of articles, books, videos and other forms of contents I come across every week. At least, once a week.

The Week’s Reads

This week, The Upstarts by Brad Stone was my favorite read. I also discovered that I could gain lessons from other books I didn’t have time to read by checking out slides prepared about them on Slideshare.

A summary of Adam Grant’s book “Give and Take” was my favorite read.

It reminds me of amazing givers like @donkeypong and @complexring who give so much to others without literally expecting anything.

I might as well as add my favorite video of the week because it feels so good to write again ;)

A 3 year old rendition of "Just Do It"


Over to you:

What have you been trying hard to achieve this year?

And what has been your favorite article, book, meme, video of the week.

I would love to hear from you. Thanks.


I'm glad to see that you have returned out of the blue @infovore!
I love reading your enlightening posts about the blockchain.

The thing I've been trying hard to achieve this year is to put some funds together to pay off my student debt. University costs an absurd amount of money here in the UK as well as paying for housing and rent.

I'm using steemit at the moment as means to just help pay rent so I have a roof over my head haha and most of the money going to paying off my student debt has come from family as well as from my day job.

My favourite news I've been following is what is happening regarding Britain's exit from the European Union. It is not looking good for the UK and it seems like they may have to leave negotiations with no deal in the end.

My favourite book I've been reading is Algorithms to Live By - Written by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths. It is a really interesting book which goes into depth about what innate human interactions we make without knowing as well as how to live a life where we can be modest and humble.

There have been some many juicy memes this week but I can't put my finger on one at the moment @infovore maybe this one:

haha, I hope you have a great day!

Wow! What a nice reply. I'm certainly going to check the book out. Sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for the meme also. It got a chuckle out of me.

You've got a great blog too. And I wish you all the best as you strive towards achieving your goal for the year.

nice post hahha it will make may day with a smile..

@arckrai nice bro..i love you captions photo's...
@infovore you have my upvote bro..i love your article,you got the emotions and the positive output of life
remember that we are your followers, we will always here to support you..^_^

in real life we had ups and down., the emotional stress on our daily life there to get us down,but remember this, life is so short, make the used of it.people love you bro. and remember this be a blessing to life to the fullest

.i always admired your thoughts and searching for the right path of life.,seeking for new ideas and driving on the next level of wisdom and care to your fellow man..

i will give you my salute of appreciation and symbol friendship and loyalty to you as your follower.

cheers bro..take care always..

thanks for sharing this article.


mrblu ^_^

i have also poem to share with you, hope you give the time,i'm sure you gonna love it bro..its about man who seek love to a woman, to be thrill just read it here-please click it here:-)

@inforvore - What a way to break the creative jinx. Sharing the sea of information absorbed by you during the week is an ideal way of keeping the communication going and creative juices flowing at the same time. I have not read the upstarts but will definitely read it sometime in the next 10-15 days. My reading for the week mostly related to internet research for the skills sets I needed to learn for making my Steemit blogs better. My objective is to make sure I bring quality blogs to Steemit. I am happy to say that I have made good progress (at least in my opinion).
Thank you for your communicative blog which helped me to get thinking about my goals. Upvoted

At my end - after I created a GIF based post on 'Bathing beauties - Save water Elephant style' , I have posted a blog with a concern about Endangered species of Ground Hornbill. I would be honored if you take a look and help me spread the message. Your valuable comments will be eagerly awaited. Thanks

Yeah. That's what I aim to achieve by breeding some consistency. It helps set the mood for achieving alot of goals in other areas of life.
You've got a great blog btw. Really nice to see those cool photo shots...

It is always delightful when success is combined with good heart. The world need men like you with good heart.

The story of give and take is also your story. It is good you are hearing it from another source. Outside praise is always better than self praise. Keep up the good work.

I am challenged when I see great men doing good work. It pushes me to look for what I have to offer. Thank you.

Thanks so much for the nice words. It takes a nicer heart to recognize a good one. You've been a motivating force within the community. Thanks for dropping by, bro.

For me this year is about focus, I get easily distracted, drowned in thoughts and various commitments.
I'm learning to be focused and learning to be consistent.

My favorite Video for the week has to be

It's about how to focus the mind.

All of your kindness have not gone unnoticed thanks for always @infovore

Thanks for the recommendation. I guess you know you aint the only one with the struggles. There is so much going around us its very hard to fully focus on one task for a while.

But its achievable. Thanks for dropping by.

I believe it is achievable .


This year, it's been so hard getting clients for my Educational Software packages.

The ones on ground keeps owing and keeps blaming the economy.

Never give up.... Life smiles on determined people. Every rich man you see has a story. Such stories are not often told. Only insiders get to hear them. If you are determined and focused, you will smile one day. Steemon...

I'll key in to that bro, the encouragement is all i need.....

Thanks for the nice words. You truly have been a good force within the community.

Ha! I understand how you feel bro. I guess its one of those not-too-nice stuff that comes with being an entrepreneur. Why not try diversify your income so you won't be too reliant on one source.

Steemit is a form of diversity in some sense @infovore, hopefully i will get some more funds to kickstart one of my many proposed plans.

Thanks for the nice words. You truly have been a good force within the community.

I've found ideas do come in waves. For me, much of my inspiration deals with just sharing information going on in my life which I think will be useful to others. When there's a lot going on, there's a lot to share which triggers other ideas as well.

Hey! Its been quite a while I heard from you. Thanks for the interesting insights. I think Im gonna do that more. Most of writing ideas are always techie kind of.

I've never been much of an avid writer, but when I read through the masterpieces of some of these literature aces, I would have hope to pick up the fragments of my broken writing skills. I couldn't have been more encouraged by this piece. Nice piece there

I like the attitude! Takes a lot of willpower to force yourself to better yourself day by day. I think that writing here does that for me. I'm focused and have that 'just do it' drive that I lacked many times in the past. Not going to happen again!

It's summer time and I was just discussing I want to read something new. I hope to give it a try while I'm waiting Winds of Winter.

I recommend Mark Douglas - Trading in the Zone for any newcomer here. I've gotten a few god psych tips inside. Fantasy and self help are very dear genres to me :)

Thanks bud. And its so nice seeing you have lots of fun on your blog :)

Will certainly check out both recommendations. Self help/productivity was once a favorite genre for me too buh I'm on the sci-fi end now.

Good postings .... this time I want to read your favorite book Adam Grant titled "Give and Take" become my favorite too, and I also inging to be like @donkeypong and @complexring ...... thank @ fahrullah

I know that feel. I sure as heck dig the frustration that I can't read everything I want to read because time is the fire that burns us all apparently :(

These days I find myself gravitating more towards books about Nigeria's mid-to-late 20th century history. I am currently quite taken with Joseph Garba's Diplomatic Soldiering, a riveting account of his time as Nigeria's foreign minister smack -dab in the middle of our Giant Of Africa phase. It's fascinating seeing people like Obasanjo and Murtala Mohammed described in such glowing terms as they were then (as opposed to now)

Anyhoo, I really dig your posts. Keep writing and I'll keep reading. Here, have my tiny little upvote for what it's worth lol

Interesting, bro.
Its been long I read a book on Nigerian history. Will check it out over the week.
Thanks for dropping by.

Great read!

"Avid readers are superb action takers but often, we found ourselves captivated with oceans of knowledge that we become satisfied with a sip here and there without applying the resultant energy to beneficial activities. "

As I read this I was wondering how you perfectly described me.

Ha! Its cool to see you can relate to this. So what have you been doing to transition into a consistent action taker?

Great article!

I've trying hard to achieve more cliënts for my mental coaching company I am running since 3 years!

I recommend an article from myself about cold showers:

Thanks for the compliment. I believe you just need to sit down and have a look at what you've been doing so far, what has been working and what has not. Hang on, bud.

@infovore here you go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you always push me to challenge myself to another level, which turns me on!!! wow what a video.
I have been trying hard to achieve financial freedom not only for me but for a community in need and very happy that I joined steemit last month and my last 3 posts are beggining to see day light. @infovore you are one of my favourite steemians and thus I mentioned you in my latest post-pls feel free to see it.
I am fired up and ready to go. You always have my upvote-bless you.

Hi. It's so nice to have you drop by again. And I'm glad you're finally creating a path for yourself on Steemit. At first, it's always hard to gain a foothold. But once you hit it consistently, there is only direction after that. Up!

Thanks a lot for your response, I appreciate all the supports from you. And thank you for checking out my blog posts and sending in your support-wish y ou more success and lets stay in touch.

It isn't how you fall that matters but how you get back up @infovore I completely relate and understand. Glad you are back.

full steem ahead!

Thanks man. It's so nice to hear from you again.

@infovore... very helpful material. Thank you
I follow and upvoted you. I'll be happy if you upvote some of my post's

I resteemed this material :) thanks

great post

Its love it bro keep it up

Hello! It's nice blog ! Good luck !👍

Hello @infovore

I can almost relate to every sentence of this piece. Writing and then the abrupt quit.

The jinx lasted for as Long as my frail mind could recall. Then got broken. This time the wiring was lost and needed new conduits

The almost dead embers need be rekindled. And solemnly I say, this post fuels that 100%

Excellent post. Amazing. Well done. I'll follow your account to see how you doing. because i also want earnings as you. @yash0108

buen post amigo, felicidades.. I follow you

Great article!

Really thank you for your sharing :)

Great post ! keep rolling

Thanks dear.
Its helpfull for eduction lovers.
Post more for relative eduction.

Hey @infovore !
Great job............ really like it.thanks for sharing.........!!
upvoted you.

A must read peice. Come to think of the passion of the 3 year. An indication that though experience counts in all we do, the 'push and pull' factor of the individual count more. Come to think of the 3 year with such a passion, then the environment might have play major part so the same way my association with Steemers here

Often, you found the most knowledgeable people battling not only with procrastination but sometimes, laziness.

You nailed it with that sentence bro.

You can do it!

Great post keep it up.

Welcome back. I hope to build up my sp this year to a reasonable level.

this is a great view of givers

this is avery great article @infovore. thank you very much for sharing and i also like the video...its both sincere and thought-provokin

Hi, fellow infovore. I hope you’re well and getting where you wanted to get.
Personally, I’m still calibrating myself on Steemit. I’d like to be in a position where I can give, one day, but we’ll see how it goes.

Nice words indeed, looking at this piece I just realized that I still have more work to put in here. Thank you for sharing this with us.

The thing am trying hard to achieve is getting myself back into the university to further on my studies. Also looking for ways to be self reliant now and even when I eventually get into the uni.

Thank you for the motivation @infovore.

Nice post
I upvoted you, please lock up my post too and dont forget to upvote me @iqbalmaulana

@infovore followed you .upvoted and resteem your post @dontryme2.hope in your kindness of your heart kindly follow me back? thanks..

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