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Soon she found herself once again locked in the embrace of those extraordinary gray eyes.
"Oh hi...It's me again." Cassie said, feeling a bit embarrassed to be back quite so soon.
Akasha's soft laughter hit her like a cold spring breeze concealing summer's heat under its breath.
"In this realm, time and space have not yet begun. It is always like you just left no matter how long you've been gone." Akasha silently responded, all the while ceaselessly humming to Her infants still in vitro.
"But let's talk about your encounters with The Goddess, Earth Mother." She continued.
Cassie shrugged and gave a small shake of her head "The cave was empty when I went back. I haven't seen anyone but myself since I left."
Akasha's eyes seemed to penetrate through Cassie's mind, catching her breath and sinking into her body and soul, till the entirety of her being was listening intently to every silent word with rapt attention.
"This might be difficult for you to understand, Cassandra, but The Four Gods make up your entire existence, both inside and out. Everything you encounter during the course of your life, as well as your perception of it, is part of The Game. They compete to get a hold of your attention. Whichever God is occupying your thoughts and influencing your emotions, is winning the Game for as long and as hard as they can make you pay them attention."
Cassie felt the meaning of these words trying to weave into some sort of sense, but the threads of the fabric refused to come together in any sensible order.
"How was I focusing on the Gods when I didn't even know that they existed?"
"Since you were last here you interacted with the Mother Goddess four different times in four of Her many different forms."
"She morphs into different forms?"
"Of course. All the Gods are raw energy until they acquire form. Anything with physical form is of Her beingness"
"Beingness and non-beingness are the two different dimensions you can experience them in. Beingness is the physical world of matter. Non-being is things like thoughts or feelings, which in themselves are without a physical manifestation. You can think of it that your body dwells in the physical world of beingness and your mind dwells in the dimension of thought or the realm of non-beingness" Akasha explained.
"The Mother Goddess is the EARTH, the domain of physical beingness. Earth is Her elemental state. So in your first encounter, She was the mine itself."
"Does that mean She wanted me stuck there?" Cassie asked, alarmed by the thought of having been trapped under ground by a powerful deity with questionable intentions.
"Everything you experience is a way for the God's to gain the largest share of your attention that They possibly can. Fear is a very effective way of doing that. Because you were focused on Her elemental state, or the fear of being trapped underground, all your energy was being channeled Her direction."
Cassie felt Akasha's words tumbling down into the depth of inner darkness where they stirred slumbering memories perhaps operating in a parallel perception.
"Human's evolved from instinctual animals. All instinctual creatures are directed by Mother Earth, caught in Her gravitational pull.
Mankind alone developed the capacity to break free from instinct by moving from the body into the mind.
Your body is still instinctual and operated by the Goddess, but the awareness, by moving into the mind, is no longer compelled by instinctual impulses, though many times you might be better off to follow them."
"It was my body that told me what to follow Joe."
"Just like your body, Joe is still operated by instinct. All evolution had to be guided by instinct to the point that individuals developed the capacity to use the mind to survive. And even at this point your body is still there keeping you alive by controlling the digestion of food or circulation of the blood. All bodily functions are performed by the Earth Mother. She is the wisdom operating behind instinct. She is what is called 'the eco-system'. That's why your body was the second form of the Goddess."
"My body? My body was the Mother Goddess communicating with me?"
"And Joe knew the way because Mother Earth was directing him?"
"Joe was the third form of Mother Earth. Her instinctual wisdom, guided you out of the mine. It is an excellent omen because it is a sign from Her that She will guide you as you continue to bring the interplay of the Gods back into harmony and balance. "
Though still blurry, Cassie thought maybe understanding was beginning to glimmer around the edges.
"Well, what happened next?" Akasha prompted
"When I got home, I told my mother about getting stuck in the mine and about you and Chalceitle and of course she didn't believe me."
"Cassie, your mother was also an encounter with the MOTHER Goddess."
"What do you mean?" Cassie asked, struggling to keep the glimmer alive.
"I know how hard it is to take all this in. You are a fraction trying to see the whole. All you can see is a little bit at a time. That's what your life is like. You can't see the whole Goddess, but, if you know how, you can see how a mosaic of all these pieces are demonstrating different aspects of Her true nature.
For an infant, just like the Earth, their Mother is their whole world. She is the source of all protection and nourishment. The child associates her with the Goddess. That's why children feel such adoration towards their parents and the need for their approval is so powerful."
"I wasn't feeling adoration for my mother nor did she meet my powerful need for her approval." Cassie stated flatly.
"You should also understand that this relationship is often difficult because of your mother's dualistic nature and, unfortunately, The Game The Four play is to stir strong emotions, be they good or bad."
Now, beyond its reach, Cassie observed the helpless anger she'd been made to feel.
"It was bad." she sourly reported. "But then Joe showed up again and totally chilled me out." she remembered.
"He takes the energy from duality back to the place where there was only instinct before the painful conflict of being dualistic." Akasha observed with sympathy.
"That's when I remembered you"
"Back to the state of the energy before it ever divided" Akasha responded wrapping her arms around Her swollen womb. "You escaped from The Game." Comforting compassion accompanied Akasha's silent words as She went on, "But escape isn't the answer. It defeats the purpose of being alive.
The Gods play rough, that's a fact. It's only by learning to participate in the Game that you'll feel like your life is truly worth living. Humanity experiences the sphere of duality. Division can be painful and difficult, but even the Gods themselves are ultimately competing for the experience of being alive!"
"But how do I do learn to participate?" Cassie asked feeling more than a bit clueless.
"The secret of living is to always offer respect the Gods in all of their forms and to flow in sync with the cycle."
Cassie stared blankly into Akasha's knowing eyes, feeling none the wiser.
"You can start by relating to the Goddess in Her state of wholeness. The natural world is an abundant, loving, beautiful expression of who She really is, constantly nurturing and guiding all lifeforms.
Things like gardening and walking in the woods are easy ways to both feel and express appreciation of Her many gifts. Devotion and adoration for Her in this form is totally appropriate. And since She is expressed in all physical beings, that includes your physical being, your body. Always remember that your body is your personal piece of Her greater being. You're body nurtures and contains you the way Mother Earth contains and nurtures all living things."
"And I always have Joe." Cassie added. She and Joe had always been close.
"And your connection with Joe will comfort, protect and guide you always." Akasha affirmed with a gentle smile, as Cassie felt herself slowly but inescapably sliding back into the twisting spiral of time and space.


Thanks for reading part V. I hope you enjoyed the story and my drawings:)
For details and a quick overview of the series, you can read my intropost here.

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