Vivian, The Ice Queen - FoxTales week 27 entry

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Image by @vermillionfox (source)

The following is a microfiction story for @vermillionfox's Fox Tales

Vivian had always been told that she was "cold" and distant. Some people had even gone so far as to call her an "ice queen". At first, she had been offended, but then she kind of got into it. All over her apartment was littered with little trinkets related to ice and snow and ice princesses. She wasn't particularly vocal about her feelings, and occasionally could seem cold, but that didn't mean she didn't have any. As she looked into her bedroom on her boyfriend in bed with another man, she didn't say anything, but the tears welled up in her eyes. Then she reached and closed the door, and began picking up her apartment and stacking her boyfriend's things by the door.

Image by @vermillionfox (source)

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