Fox Tales WK#27 : Announcing winners and a new story image!

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If you love writing stories then this contest is for you! Write a one paragraph story about the image pictured above. Be creative, think outside of the box and follow the listed rules!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to work towards a new format for my #foxtales contest so it took me awhile to get this post written. I also went through some technical difficulties on another blockchain which has left me locked out of my account. Yesterday’s built up frustration left me to run around in circles but it’s all good now! I hope the wait for this announcement post was worth it! I’m really excited to share the winning stories for last week! You’ll see them further along into the post. :)


All my drawings are done digitally on the Procreate App using the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

The start of this drawing came out looking a little wonky and the facial features are obviously out of proportion. Thank goodness for digital tools! I did the outline for this drawing using the Hemp tool listed under Organic in Procreate.

I then went into the skin coloring process using the Round Brush listed under Painting. I did some shading with a teal color before adding in warmer pink tones and yellow to brighten the skin.

Designing the hair and accessories were a struggle. I had several layers open with different looks. I gravitated towards this short bob versus a longer style.

Inking. Yes, I did some inking! Usually, I’d go in with a pencil tool in a dark shade but these bold ink lines were calling to me. I chose to use the Dry Ink tool listed under Inking. Her cat eyeliner looks amazing!

My last step, which is new to me is to make adjustments to the overall image with the liquify tool. I changed the shape of her jawline, the position of the hair and the size of her eyes.

I hope this image inspires! What do you think?


A portion of this week’s prize pool comes from @kommienezuspdat! Thanks so much for the support!

1st // 5 STEEM
2nd // 3 STEEM
3rd // 1 STEEM

Contest Rules:

  • Upvote & Resteem this post.
  • Create a separate post with your one paragraph stories.
  • Maximum length 300 words. (I’ll be monitoring this closely!)
  • Use the #foxtales tag.
  • Usage of the current story image in your post is optional.
  • Submit your post in the comment section below. (I’ll sharing links to the stories submitted this way in the following Fox Tales announcement post!)
  • Maximum of 3 entries (only one story per person will qualify for a portion of the prize pool each week.)
  • Deadline is this post’s payout.


1st place // @sidequest “Untitled”

She stopped mid-sentence, suddenly hit by her memories. Or more accurately, her lack of memories. Could she really remember those birthday parties? There were vague impressions—the din of many children in a small space, cheap balloons, grocery store sheet cakes—but all melded together into one mass, the same block that held parties she’d seen in movies or constructed from glimpsed photographs. It was the same with homework. A blur of worksheets and lined paper, but no single assignment could be picked out no matter how hard she tried. Across from her Gabe looked amused by his friend’s sudden distraction and waved a playful hand, calling her back to the present. He asked again, “Why don’t they ever seem to know they’re clones?” but she had no answer that wasn’t too terrifying to put into words.

2nd place // @chinyerevivian “Shadow”

I was five when I first saw it happen. Before that day, it was only muffled sounds and screams. I would stand by the door and listen to her sobs, long after he was gone. She would shake her head when I ask about the bruises. Her beautiful face, the first thing I loved about her. Her hair, long and soft with curly bangs cut above her right eyebrow. Her eyes, deep green as mine, glinting with humour and protected by long lashes. Her full lips, tilting upwards on both sides whenever she smiled. I watched that smile fade but I never understood until that night. It was my birthday. I had sneaked into her room and into her bed. She had held me while I snuggled and buried my face in her neck, inhaling her scent. That was when I heard the footsteps. I left her sleeping and hid under the bed. Recognising his temper, I knew he wouldn’t be happy to see me there, and that meant leaving the back of his big hands across my face. Then I watched him pin her down. “You’re mine to do as I please,” he said as he tore her clothes and punched her. I closed my eyes, trying to block the screams and failing. That was the day I began to hate him. I never knew the word rape but I understood everything. That was also the day I stopped calling him father. Fifteen years later and nothing had changed. There were no more screams and bruises, only a woman sitting and staring into space. Sometimes, she would smile when I talked to her. Unlike what most people believed, I knew it wasn’t my mother I saved but the remnants of her shadow. Maybe I waited too long.

3rd place // @letalis-laetitia “The Memory Of Her”

It’s been so long, I can barely remember the soft brush of her cheek, the gentle caress of her plump lips over my skin. If I focus, I can picture the faint trace of her, the woman I loved. All those years ago, clutching my hands down in the shelter, the ground shaking over our heads, not knowing if the ceiling would hold. In those stolen moments, our sighs lost to blaring sirens, we found each other and the stark fragility of life compelled us to something more. Her hands, worn with labour, cracked with strain, ran velvet under my dress, rising up, caressing my legs. Her pinned hair shook free to catch in our kisses as her hungry mouth met mine, between the falling bombs, fear gave way to pleasure. I longed for the raids, the rush to the bunker, the tender passion in the dust filled darkness. It was never the same, after the war, when our husbands came back changed men. I didn’t see her after that. Yet the faded lines, the broken outline of her, still remain, etched between these wrinkles.

Thanks so much to all the writers who participated!

⬇️ Please take the time to visit their stories below! ⬇️

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Thanks for stopping by and good luck to those who decide to participate!
Do you have any questions? 🦊

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Oh wow thank you so so much! And my very first story <3

This means so much to me! i can't wait to give the next round a go!

That's amazing, thanks so much! It seems like a lot of the entries were about memories.

Off to read some of the ones I missed.

Welcome back! I had heard your contest was back with the last portion, but I guess it slipped my mind to check and try to come up with something to enter.

Congratulations to all the winners. Condolences to those who did not win. If you tried though, then that's something, and if you continue to enter, perhaps you can win next time. I'm sure most at least got a few upvotes, which is something.

Here's my entry for this week!
Hope you like it!

Good to have you back...well...guess you never really "left", but...there was less drawing...and no contests...and I'm pretty sure fewer posts...though I haven't been completely active myself either. Nice to see you start up the contests again though. It's a good way to get an extra post out.


Thank you! Yes, I’m trying to get the news of my contest circulating again. I should probably try to figure out where I can share my posts....on discord?

It’s good to be back! Yes, I wasn’t posting many drawings and it was a little depressing because I missed it so much. I was doing pretty good about posting during the first half of my travels but I ended up running out of gas near the end.

Good luck to you for this week’s Fox Tails!


I've found most of the self-promotion things pretty useless. Only ones that really have any effect are private groups that force their members to upvote something daily, and those don't really sit right with me.

Thank you. Good luck with keeping up on the drawings!

Congrats to the winners, you’re pretty good!

Thank you for the opportunity to participate. Here’s the link to my story:

Hi, again ms. @vermillionfox! Here is my entry:

I dared to make a small modification to the image, rotated a bit the girl's mouth. I do not know if you've had that feeling of always straightening skewed paintings that hang on the wall, I usually do

Congratulations to the winners.

Welcome back @vermillionfox. I have always wanted to participate in your contest. This is my first entry. I hope to keep participating.

Hey, Fox. Thanks for the win. Beautiful image as always. This week is kinda low for me. Haven't written much since Sunday. I was so sure I wouldn't have an entry this week, but I got restless tonight and was able to put this together. Thanks to insomnia? Lol.

Anyway, here's my entry...

Umm, mind that I called you Fox?

Nice to see your drawing steps🤗


Glad you enjoyed it! Maybe I’ll post the full time lapse video later on.

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The realism of the eyes was excellent. They are very expressive, they are like a photograph. But there is something over the lips that is not in accordance with the general angle of the face. Great work


Hah! Yeah, I could see that. I did a lot of last minute tweaking before posting this image and then I decided that it didn’t need to be perfect. Perspective has always been hard for me but I’m sure I’ll nail it one day. :D


Of course you will! Practice leads to Mastery

I've kinda been playing with deadlines recently. Let's see if I can make this one yet...

One paragraph... So easy, yet so hard...

Oh, but a lil sleep first. Perhaps I'll dream of her...



She has such an interesting expression and an unusual haircut, definitely a memorable character. I get the feeling that she's a witch, because she reminds me of a character in a comics ^^.          


Doesn’t she? I’m always drawn to funky looking short cuts so I’m glad you find her interesting to look at! ^^ You should try to write a character story about her scrawl-chan!


I have less confidence in my writing than my art so I won't be entering any writing contest anytime soon... and it takes me forever even writing posts and comments ^^;.

congrats to all winners ! very good entries <3

and what a wonderful new image ! her eyes are so enchanting <3 i love how you do skintones, foxi <3

good luck, writers !!!


They were all wonderful! So fun to read and I’ve encouraged the ones with cliffhangers to continue the story.

Thank you for all the compliments! It’s really encouraging! I spent a lot of time painting the eyes since I wanted them to look extra glossy. :)