How to Slay A Dragon - A Story (Part 3 of 3)

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He had yet to see a dragon up close and it was truly magnificent—and truly frightening!

The dragon touched down at the edge of the compound, spread its wings, raised its snout to the sky and shrieked its disapproval to all.

For some unexplained reason Timmy felt the need to approach this dragon. He walked until he was but a few yards away. The dragon noticed his slow approach and gave no indication of impending attack.

Timmy stared at the apparition of fairy tales and lore as it snaked around and lowered its head and hissed a heated breath and snorted as to taunt Timmy into an unfortunate and fatal move as its formidable tail twitched as if a nervous cat. Although foreboding and herculean, it displayed all the attributes of any wild animal and as such could be wholly unpredictable as the massive body gently swayed back and forth, eyes fixed on Timmy.

The dragon had differently colored specks lodged in its teeth. They were the remnants of garments of the previous unfortunate victims. Majesty aside—this was a cold killer.

He could hear the deep breathing and feel its warm breath as it exhaled through its nose. It made guttural sounds as it studied its potential victim which made Timmy shiver with fear. He knew one wrong move and he would be dragon food. Yet Timmy studied the dragon. Its emerald green eyes were mesmerizing with hidden cunning and awareness. He could not help but be awed by its magnificence of design and raw power. This was nature's predator—designed and intended as such. There were no scales as he had read from books. No, it's skin was rough and thick with sharp protrusions that adorned the head and ran down the spine. With each slight move the ground shook. It's larger teeth were more than one quarter length of Timmy’s arm. And its maw was rich in saliva which pooled in the soft soil.

Afraid to move, he was directly upon the dragon yet it did not attack. It seemed to be as curious about him as he it. He began a slow backward retreat keeping an eye on the dragon all the while. After gaining some distance the dragon appeared to become uncomfortable with this move. Possibly sensing fear or the instinct reaction of prey attempting to flee. Which is exactly what Timmy had in mind.

"Calamantu!" he heard as a spiked club flew from his peripheral vision and straight toward the dragon's head. It struck with force tearing the flesh from below its left eye. The dragon squealed in pain as it turned toward the source of the assault. It eyed Calamantu who just stood there—weaponless.

Timmy felt anxiety at the situation as Calamantu was in danger! He was willing to help but fear kept his feet firmly planted. The dragon turned toward Calamantu. It hissed and scoffed and spit balls of fire in his direction. He stood his ground — no movement — no escape. It’s as if Calamantu was baiting him. He was! He was baiting him for Timmy! Reaching deep within Timmy summoned all his available courage and then a little more. His feet broke loose and he ran toward the dragon. Sword in hand he ran with all his might, faster and faster with supernatural speed. The closer he got the more brave he became. At speeds never reached outside the book he then jumped as high as he could. At least ten feet off the ground and soared through the air as he aimed his sword straight and true at the breast of the beast. The dragon was exposed and did not notice as Timmy flew straight to it and came down with a crash as he plunged the sword into the exposed breast which ran deep into the dragon as his sword was sharp and magical.

The dragon reared, squirmed and lashed about. It had ripped the sword from Timmy's hand as it lifted to its hind legs. Timmy was now defenseless and stood before a wounded animal larger than a city bus. He looked around for a weapon—any weapon. He saw a shed nearby and ran to it and burst open the door and discovered a bench with one shiny, sharp, magical sword awaiting to fulfill its purpose. Timmy quickly grabbed the steel savior and headed back to the battle. He ran straight for the dragon as it spilled and sprayed its green iridescent essence while preparing to pounce on the defenseless Calamantu.

As he ran, Timmy planned what he would do. "Sever the essence of life, sever the essence of life," he repeated aloud to himself. Before he was upon the dragon it spotted him and turned its head in his direction and hissed with hot breath. Timmy stopped abrupt. He eyed the dragon and with confidence high he bellowed. "Timothy!" with sword raised to the sky. His voice carried throughout the grounds and wood.

"Timothy!" shouted Calamantu matching force and tenor.

The dragon spread its wings wide, raised its snout to the sky and let out an ear-piercing squawk. It lowered its head and began its run toward Timothy. The ground shook violently but Timothy kept pace as fear was but a forgotten emotion. The distance closed and only one would leave with a heart that still beat.

Gaining speed, he was about to jump when the dragon twisted and its tail whipped around and slammed Timothy so hard he flew fifty feet away and hit the ground with force and rolled for many feet which seemed to last forever.

He recovered but in pain as he ran back to the fight. Sword raised he weaved and dodged trying to get a clear opening to the path of the essence of life. He could see the thick vein but could not get clear to attack. The spiked head of the dragon kept pace and blocked with size, skill and fire. The dragon moved sideways and circled Timothy. It tried to scorch him periodically but he escaped each attempt.

Timothy was trying to draw the dragon into a fitful rage and throw it off balance allowing for a mistake. It was working. The dragon was losing patience. Although its size and strength were an advantage, it was slower and more cumbersome. Timothy was now used to his increased speed and strength and used it wisely.

The dragon's movements were growing more pronounce and less agile. Timothy increased on his strategy. He began to taunt the dragon. The dragon reared and lifted its front claws from the ground and slammed back down. The reverberations knocked Timothy from his feet. The dragon moved in closer for the kill. Timothy feigned weakness and vulnerability. The gap closed and Timothy could feel the hot breath and hear the tremendous heart of the beast beating. He was but a few feet from the massive head. He knew this strategy as he'd seen it in nature. The predator moves close and with lightning speed snatches its victim. Timothy could feel its tension and anticipation and confidence of a win—yet he continued to feign. He lay on his magic sword, hiding it from his prey.

It was as if time slowed and he could see the split second the dragon began its attack. The head jerked ever so slight back and then forward. Timothy unfurled his body and sprung forth sword leading the charge. The essence of life was before him—within grasp. He drew-back and swung with all his might. The sword came up into the dragons neck, slicing the thick modeled skin with ease. It continued its path through the essence of life severing it from its master. The essence was spewing on the dragon and Timothy then spilling to the ground. The dragon reeled and squirmed as any mortally wounded animal would. It maintained a brief violent thrashing as the essence pumped from its dying vessel.

Within moments the dragon fell and lie before Timothy—bereft of life. Its body twitching its last nerve-induced movement.

Timothy looked-on in amazement. I killed a dragon! he said to himself. Without pause the massive accomplishment turned the fervor into a sudden howl. “TIMOTHY!” he shouted for all the world to hear as he raised his sword high.

"TIMOTHY!" Calamantu joined in to enforce his agreement of the new Slayer!

The dragon lie dead before Timothy and Calamantu. Timothy still in awe of its majesty but knew full well it had to die as it was a true menace to all.

“You have done well my young apprentice. You are now a slayer of dragons. And with that, it is time for you to leave this place,” said Calamantu with a hint of sadness.

Timothy's heart sunk a little at the thought of leaving but he knew Calamantu was right—it was time to go.

Calamantu led him to a small shed near the edge of the grounds. “Here is your way home, Timothy. Step through this door and you will be again in your own world,” said Calamantu as he pointed toward the door.

Without a word, without a goodbye, Timothy opened the door and stepped through to his world. He opened the door from the other side and stepped from his closet into his bedroom. Just as he exited the closet his mother entered his room carrying clean clothes. She saw him and dropped the clothes in shock. “My word! What have you been doing? You’re a mess!” she exclaimed eyes wide.

Timothy looked down at himself and noticed he was covered in iridescent dragon blood and slimy saliva. His clothes were torn and he was covered in dirt from head to toe yet not a scratch to be found. He looked up to his mother and matter-of-fact said: “Oh yeah, fighting dragons can get pretty messy.” He then left his room for the bathroom to clean up.

His mother shrugged it off as another playtime fantasy gone maybe a little too far. She wasn’t worried as he was apparently fine and was home in time for dinner.

Moments later Timothy returned to his room somewhat cleaner and noticed the Dragon Slayer book on the bed. Still reeling from his awesome adventure he went to pick it up and noticed it was no longer the 'Dragon Slayer' book. The cover now read ‘How To Hunt Down Werewolves’. “Awesome!” said Timothy as he smiled.

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The End

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