How to Slay A Dragon - A Story (Part 2 of 3)

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Calamantu approached and greeted Timmy with a formal bow. "Greetings and welcome young slayer!" he said jovial in his commanding voice.

Timmy, still a little perplexed at his new surroundings, was yet in awe over the conditions in which he was abruptly propelled. This would take a bit of getting used to but it was so spectacularly bright and colorful. "This is awesome!" he remarked as he spun around and drank-in the scenery.

The Slayer stood patient and allowed Timmy his moment. Then the moment was over. "Come my young one. We must begin for your time here is short," he said as he prompted Timmy by leading the way to the training grounds.

They approached the training grounds and yet more wonders for him to behold. It was just like the book—but real!

He broke stride and headed for the unexplained apparatus. Being there he could now see what their purpose was. It helped a little to see others using the devices as well.

“You have much training young one,” said Calamantu observing Timmy’s interest.

Up to this point Timmy never gave much thought to why he was here and what would be involved. He gradually became apprehensive. "I-I'm not sure how to do all this stuff. And I don't know anything about dragons either," he offered with trepidation and a sense of insecurity.

Calamantu looked him in the eyes and smiled a kind and reassuring smile. "Worry not my young apprentice. I, Calamantu, will show you all you need to know about slaying your first dragon!" he said with overflowing confidence. Timmy did believe him and did feel reassured. His worrisome attitude lifted and magically dispersed.

The great Dragon Slayer stood directly before Timmy. "The first thing you need to do is learn your battle cry!" Calamantu took a step back and summoned his battle cry—"Calamantu!" he cried with force and certainty in a thunderous voice that echoed through the forest. He looked at Timmy. "Now you," he prompted.

Timmy looked serious and braced himself. "Calamantu!" he shouted as best he could.

The Slayer telegraphed a less-than-impressed expression. "Try again my young Timmy" he said then paused and continued, "You must say it with vigor and pride! Shout it to the heavens! Calamantu!" he roared.

Timmy concentrated and summoned all his will "Calamantu!" he bellowed and instinctively raised a victorious arm, fist clenched tight.

"Yes—ha ha! Now you have it my young apprentice!" said Calamantu with assurance. He led Timmy around the grounds and explained all that he need learn to successfully slay a dragon.

For many days and nights did Timmy train and learn all there was to slaying the ferocious beast. He used many weapons but the one he preferred was the sword. With a natural aptitude for the weapon, Calamantu encouraged its use.

Calamantu explained the anatomy of the dragon and all its vulnerable spots, which surprisingly, were many. But most important, and the one that would surely slay a dragon, was the path of the essence of life. This needed to be severed. Timmy listened to him explaining the path of the essence of life and then showed where it was on himself. He soon learned the 'essence' of life was the dragons blood and the severing of it would be cutting the carotid artery in the neck. He also learned that dragons were tough and could be injured yet still fight a ferocious fight and, when hurt, were even more unpredictable.

The day came when Timmy needed to see a dragon for himself—up close. Or as close as they could get. They were going to the den of the dragons.

Miles they traveled by horse then climbed for hours through treacherous mountains. They soon reached a small enclave in the side of the mountain but it would soon be dark so they bed down for the night and waited for first light.

Upon first light Timmy awoke and found Calamantu gone—he wasn't there! He was alone in the mountains in the den of the dragons! In a panic he looked over the rise and saw there were several dragons amongst the ridges and cliffs! Scanning the area he noticed something out of place along one of the cliffs. Focusing his attention he saw it was Calamantu! He was there just above a dragon and was moving closer! Calamantu carried a braided leather cord in his hand and he was wearing his thick leathers.

The experienced Slayer cautiously crept up on the dragon. It was a little difficult as he was wearing his spiked boots that allowed him to dig into the back of the dragon for traction. Closer he came. The dragon was sleeping, which was the preferred time to sneak up on a dragon. He positioned himself directly in line with the center of the dragon's back. Pausing to collect himself, he then jumped down on the dragon's back and just before he landed swung the cord around the dragon's neck. As soon as his spiked boots dug-in he pulled the cord tight and back. The dragon awoke in a frenzy and thrashed about. Calamantu held tight. It was like watching a bull rider on a bucking bronco, but this bronco was a dragon! The dragon took flight and turned and twisted in the air trying to dismount its rider. Timmy was utterly amazed at the sight of a man riding a dragon. "Calamantu!" he heard echo between the cliffs.

Timmy soon had a horrible thought: How was Calamantu going to get away from the dragon—alive?

The screeching from the dragon and other dragons was intense. It reverberated throughout the walls of the canyon and amongst all the commotion—"Calamantu!" he heard again.

With each pass the dragon came closer and closer to the cliff face. Calamantu was steering him there. Pass after pass the two challenged the cliffs. One last pass the dragon was so close Timmy could swear he saw a wing touch the rock. This was Calamantu's chance. At the closest point he leapt from the dragons back and onto a wide ledge near the top of the cliff. Calamantu rolled to a stop then quickly scurried up the cliff face before the dragon circled back and decided to have Calamantu for breakfast. He reached the edge and lifted himself up and broke into a full run toward the wood just a few yards away. The dragon skimmed the ground heading straight for Calamantu. At a full run he narrowly reached the tree line and safety because everyone knows dragons don't go into the wood.

Timmy's heart was pounding with excitement and fear for Calamantu. He collapsed and rest against a boulder once the Slayer’s safety was assured.

A short while later Calamantu appeared from the forest invigorated and with a spring in his step. Timmy was peering over the ledge observing the flock of dragons in the enclave. "I see you study the nemesis," said Calamantu as he approached.

Timmy turned a little startled. "That was amazing what you did!" he said impressed.

"All in a day's work my young one. Did you learn anything Timmy?" he inquired with anticipation.

Gathering his thoughts, Timmy attempted an answer. "Well, I learned dragons don't like to be ridden. And that they live together," he paused brief in thought then with a look of realization said, "And they can be controlled and are not as scary as believed."

"That's a pretty good observation. Dragons are not scary and can be controlled. Yes, Timmy, you are correct!" he confirmed and chuckled.

The two packed their gear and began their long quest home.

It was late upon their arrival home and Calamantu bid Timmy goodnight and they retired for the night.

Timmy awoke to men yelling and commotion on the grounds. He grabbed his sword, opened the door and saw the dragon Calamantu had ridden was now circling the area. It was diving and spraying the area with streams of flames. Its wings creating huge drafts that fanned the flames. The men took cover in the forest. All that remained were Timmy, Calamantu and the ferocious dragon!

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(to be continued)

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