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You are most welcome to my blog today. Doris, who has gained admission into tertiary institution with high hopes for herself has found herself sliding quickly onto the opposite side of her dreams. Read on and find out what happens.

Doris and Great walked to the road, they were headed to Peter's house where they will all leave together for the movie. The last time she went out with Peter and his friends, there were much to eat and drink.

Soon, they spotted a taxi and flagged down the taxi, and the taxi came to an abrupt halt. She quickly gave the driver their address and stepped into the taxi, Doris entering to sit beside a man dressed in all black, while Great sat next to her. Doris and Great chatted away, Great telling her how much fun they would have. Few minutes down the road, the taxi slowed down to carry two men standing by the roadside.


"Sir, we are already three back here", Great told the driver, looking at the man at the other end as if seeking for affirmation.

"Please, let one of them sit beside you, the man seated with you will alight in the next two junctions", the driver pleaded.

"Great and Doris looked at each other and could not protest anymore. The adjusted to accommodate the man, who sat beside Great while the other sat in front with the driver.

"Driver, where are you taking us?", Great asked as the driver immediately swerved into a street.

The two men beside them looked at them with hard eyes and their hands clamped round their neck, forcing them to lie on the car floor. They struggled but they were no match for these hefty men who obviously didn't flinch. Doris looked at her assailant with bloodshot eyes and the last thing she saw were his brown boots as her head hit the floor.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Episode Seven Loading....

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nice post :) @floxycool

The way you write really inspire me, @floxycool.

I am glad to know this @foramb

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Nice story

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