Finding Happiness In The Little Things

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A recent study was conducted by the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council and it sought to investigate what the perfect day looks like for many Americans.

Researchers surveyed roughly 2,000 people and asked them to report on what their ideal day looked like and they analyzed what sort of activities could easily take someone's day from being average to great. They wanted to investigate the top mood boosters and their results suggest that sometimes it's the most trivial things that could bring us the most happiness.

Some of the most popular responses?

  • finding unexpected money in your pocket
  • being able to sleep in without any arm having to be set
  • petting a dog
  • enjoying a long hot shower
  • the first sip of coffee for the day
  • listening to the rain while you're in bed
  • walking into an area that has air-conditioning on a very hot day
  • listening to your favorite music or album
  • purchasing new clothing
  • waking up to birds chirping outside
  • getting a new haircut

These simple moments are what many reported as being something that could quickly boost their mood and bring them more happiness.

And as far as mood-boosting music goes, the same study also suggests that Michael Jackson, The Eagles, and The Beatles, take the top spots for artists with tunes that could quickly turn your day around for the better.

What Does The Perfect Day Look Like?

Many of those who were surveyed had reported that they would ideally like to include time for socializing with at least 2 friends (in their ideal day), several hours spent relaxing and socializing, spending time with family, and going to bed by 11pm.

According to the study, they suggest that the average person would be happiest if they had to wake up at 8:15am in the morning.

It was also found that on average, study participants reported experiencing at least 15 perfect days per year.

Whether it's having a glass of wine or beer after a long day at work, ordering pizza on a Friday night, or taking an aimless and relaxing drive on the weekend to somewhere new, there are a variety of activities that people report might easily boost their mood.

One of the most popular answers turned out to be finding unexpected funds in your pocket.


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@doitvoluntarily I like to add that Bliss are essential for your wellbeing and well-being.The more you give, the more you in the end get.


thanks for that add✌

@doitvoluntarily since some time ago I realized that happiness lies in the small things of life, how I shared time with loved ones, satisfy the wishes of my grandchildren, something as simple as that, of course, that you have to be satisfied with the basic needs to live with dignity.
Excellent inrome dear friend, grace spor publish I wish you a great day

Having too much grief, there is definitely a feeling of happiness. We should continue to do something, only then we can get happiness. When the time comes out, he takes everything with us, then we are sure that whatever we have done in time, we should have done something in that time to find happiness

I’d definitely submit petting a cat. Few things are greater than an adorable kitten.

Its truly the little things that make to world go around @doitvoluntarily ! and finding unexpected money in the bottom of the washing machine, or pocket, always makes day Lol! Upped earlier nos resteemed😀😂👍✌💕


always much appreciated ✌


Thanks 😊

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Perhaps the reason why little things are so important to feel happy is that when you are in peace it's the very moment when you can feel confortable and are able to appreciate the smallest, more silent and lonliest things you meet. Thanks for this interesting article.


Happiness does occur from the little things in life. A simpler life is a happier life. Although happiness is often confused with joy. Happiness comes from a happening that comes to you and is caused from the external. Joy comes from the internal - inside you and often caused from you giving and creating that happening.

My happiness is literally sitting by the water and feeling that my worries are so small


not a bad place to be!

It's always been the small things for me. When I was a kid, there were nine kids and you didn't ask for anything big, Growing older, I found I was happiest with the little surprises, because how many big things can you have in a day?

Small surprises can come all day long, and they do. I have such a grateful heart. I am so blessed.

"finding unexpected money in your pocket".....infact experiencing this miracle today will give me unending joy to last me for this week..😁😁😁..great post bro💪💪 resteeming this.🤓😁

Yep, listening to the Eagles or the Beatles certainly brightens my day (amongst many other awesome artists). Not so much MJ.....

many and different ways for one can get happiness, actually to get the happiness is very simple and not to be expensive, for me the happiness is when doing silly things with friends.

How about you?

Incluso podrian existir cosas muchas más sencillas que nos brindán una Felicidad más completa @doitvoluntarily

I much prefer bluegrass and old-time over Michael Jackson, although the Eagles and the Beatles aren't bad. I find contentment in making stuff, whether it's jewelry or war game miniatures.