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There's a lot of stuff in life I don't have much time for. I won't get into the details... those who read these pages regularly already know that much of my world revolves around "financial survival," these days.

For the past couple of weeks — basically since I finished the sad process of powering down my Steemit account to below the knees — I have been spending more time writing than I have in a very long time.

The joy of writing... and I do it "longhand," as well

It reminds me of something — including my answer to many people's question "why do you spend so much time writing?" — I have been aware of for a really long time:

I just really enjoy exploring various thoughts and topics... in writing.

And writing rather more than usual reminds me that I miss writing, when I don't make time for it.

"Having" Time vs. "Making" Time

Let's face it, most of us lead really busy lives... and we can — with a great deal of sincerity — claim that we don't "have" time to do many of our favorite things.

About to bloom...

In a busy world... not so surprising.

But ultimately, it's about prioritizing. For example, I stopped watching TV, almost 100%... because I prefer to take my brain out and "play with it" while exploring topics with words... as opposed to "zoning out" and going slack in front of the TV for "entertainment."


I don't even find TV to be very entertaining. I much prefer to entertain myself over having my brain filled with the mindless drivel that passes for most programming on network TV. Seems like the world is broadly caught up in the mindlessness of it all... Somehow it seems some celebrity's butt is more worthy of attention than critical thinking about what we can do to make the world a better place.

No, I'm not so sheltered and naive as to be surprised. But it still makes me sad.

Anyway, I have recently come to remember just how much I enjoy the writing process... so I plan to make the time to keep up with it, to the best of my ability!

There's an important key there, that we often ignore: Many of the things we claim to not have time for are thinks we can make time for... by giving up something else we do — perhaps from old habits — that means very little. For me, for example, it was watching TV. How about YOU? What could you make time for? What would you have to give up?

Not Entirely Related: Do Something GOOD for the Community!

It has probably not escaped you that there's currently a major contest and poll going on among Steemit Community organizations to win a year-long 20,000SP delegation from @theycallmedan.

The various communities are rallying for votes.

Why should YOU vote? Because these organizations represent a major part of the "fabric" that holds the content and community end of the Steem ecosystem together.

Your vote *matters" because we can't sit around and complain about how "nobody does anything" to create and curate content...and then ignore the efforts of those who are out there busting their butts doing just that!



I happen to support @steemitbloggers aka "Power House Creatives," which is basically a small but very dedicated group with a HUGE community outreach. I believe they are worthy here, because their efforts aren't just about a circular "let's support each other" game of nepotism; it's about supporting the whole community, and helping to give promising newcomers here more of a voice. I hope you'll consider supporting their efforts, too!

You don't have to be a "member" of any of these organizations to vote... just go to the poll page on dPoll, log in via SteemConnect and cast your vote! If you choose @steemitbloggers, thanks in advance for the support!

Thanks for reading!

Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment-- share your experiences-- be part of the conversation!

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"why do you spend so much time writing?"

For me- this is my creativity and the way I release all the thoughts in my head. I am a very imaginative person, like to express myself through words and have always wanted to be a writer.

It's not a 9-to-5 job though... no rhyme or reason to when the mood strikes. You just have to go with it!

You know what? My dear friend @denmarkguy.

I'm very surprised and almost in shock that after 58 glorious years you haven't turn out yourself into a major legendary musician yet. };)

Yes! I have given up television because I don't have the time for everything and that is the weakest link.

I have always admired your writing and personally am glad that you are doing more, no matter how selfish that just sounded. Your writing is so well written, so thought-provoking and always so today. You are so knowledgable in so many areas.

I am in the same boat as @boxcarblues Get up earlier and go to bed later. There still isn't enough time because I am still unorganized in how I write. So, that is what I will concentrate on this year.

And yes! Steemitbloggers deserves it!


We are pretty much of the same mind. I like what you have to say and how you say it.

I too appreciate you and others in @steemitbloggers for reaching out to other members of Steemit for their support.

If anyone reading this has voted for @steemitbloggers thank you.

We know there are other good communities running, however, we feel can contribute even more to the community with this delegation.

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@denmarkguy, I also still write - with a pencil. I have a book next to the bed and that's where most of my long posts start. Last time I looked I had one probably two works in progress. The other "fluff" posts, I will do on my phone or directly on to whatever platform. People often forget or don't know about the recursive nature of writing for writers. I also like the process and need to do more. Like you, there are survival issues and while I have paying work (such as it is) writing takes a back seat.

Happy writing

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Sleeping in and staying up late. That’s what I give up, and TV too. I was just thinking about how I gave up my morning walks this year to journal more consistently and explore a new field of work. Now I miss the morning walks and have been thinking, I guess I better start getting up earlier, because that’s the only way for me to keep studying and journaling consistently while getting a morning walk in too.

Some of the ideas are not going to happen when we sleep or when we are walking or when we are in a daze. It is easily inferred word by word from the tip of the pen.

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