¡For La Maga! an unusual Open ~~Mic~~ musical contest for all steemians.

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Hello ladies & gentlemen.

This post today is to announce an unusual musical contest. A worldwide call out for every musician across the entire Steem Universe. With an excellent chance to show to the world all your great skills and unique talents in your musician's muses arsenal.

As many of you already should know, I am an old melomaniac and an avid music lover from the beginnings of civilization. So bear with me about how much I may know of music.

And yeah, this is gonna be an unusual music contest. And probably a hard one to participate too since most of my contests generally use to not be so easy to win either. But don't worry, this time I'll do my best effort to launch this contest with bigger chances of get and award many winners.

Why this contest is unusual?

Well, because in almost three years that I've been in steemit, I've never seen someone launching a musical contest like this one. In a similar format and contest framework like this one that I'm gonna promote today.

Ok, tell me about it!

I have to admit that this musical contest is not for every musician within our platform. And that's exactly what I propose to find out and pinpoint today. This contest is aimed mainly to music composers, arrangers and true multi-instrumentalists kind of musicians within the steem blockchain.

Alright! shoot the description and rules.

For this contest I'm gonna provide you first with a melody with a piano only soundtrack uploaded here on DSound. And you will have to compose and perform at least a guitar (may as well be other musical instrument) arrangement as a coherent and fluid accompaniment to the original song played on the piano.

This arrangement and musical accompaniment can be executed in any genre and musical style you prefer. But obviously, trying to always maintain the same energetic harmony, sublime atmosphere and epic melody suggested by the original song.

"The Rules"

  • Click on the picture above to go to DSound and listen carefully the entire track.

  • If you think this contest is right for you and your musical skills, download the track.

  • Exert your musical genius and wizardry and surprise us all with your piece of art.

And then, make a post or drop a comment here about your entry on Steemit, DSound, DTube, Youtube, Vimeo, Choon, or any other place online where we all can listen the magic of your work in progress.

(You have seven days (7) to do it and let us know through a comment here that you are in. So that your participation in this contest can be officially registered before the period of payout)

At the end of the 7 days I will choose the two versions that I personally like the most. And also the three most voted by our audience in the comments. And just at that moment, I will create a new post in DPoll to initiate a public and transparent voting throughout the entire community to define the absolute winner of the contest by popular clamor. Therefore, you'll count with seven days more to promote freely your song version among your fans, followers and supporters with more chances to win the first prize. :)

"The Prizes"

The total amount of the first prize as well as the number of prizes to be awarded, is still to be defined. Since some conversations are taking place with wealthy influential users within the platform. As well as other veteran characters within the musical scene on steemit to obtain adequate and attractive donations for the prize bounty that will do justice to your outstanding work and participation in this contest.

"The Purpose"

The launch of this contest has been mainly inspired by three purposes:

  • To remove from the anonymity a large number of musicians composers, arrangers and multi-instrumentalists with what I have come across lately in the platform.

  • As a great gift for me in celebration of my XXX anniversary of life on this planet within a few days.

  • Because I would wish that your musical talent and astounding work be featured as the background soundtrack of my upcoming video in tribute to my baby sister La Maga.

Last but not least.

If you think you do not have the skills that are required to compete in this contest, even so, don't abstain to comment. Please, still drop a comment summoning, mentioning and launching a loud call out to any musician you may know that could be interested in this contest. And obviously, you can also try resteem this post to spread more awareness on its existence. :)

For my part, I'll start running the ball by mentioning some users that I think might be interested on this contest. @pedromrmourato, @lk666, @soundlegion, @silentscreamer, @jaybird, @steevc, @shookriya / @autobodhi, @nickyhavey, @bufinjer and my countrymen @dreamrafa, @juanmolina, @ylich, @ilazramusic, @abelfernandez @danieldedosd2, @nahupuku and the pals of @bicicleta & @sbproducciones.

Please, feel free to mention within your comments as many musicians as you recall. ¡Thank You!

On other hand, I will also mention to @luzcypher, @isaria, @pfunk, @ausbitbank, @lukestokes, @hendrikdegrote, @mariusfebruary, @majes.tytyty, @edprivat, @prc, @d-vine, @jeffleinwand and @inthenow among many others, to share a word or two with us here about this specific contest as veteran music lovers and promoters of outstanding musical competitions throughout this platform.

Yeah! let's do this together!!

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


"Follows, Comments, Resteems & Upvotes will be highly appreciated"

Cranky Gandalf

Cheers!! :)

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

Perhaps @organduo wants to get in on this somehow or knows someone who might :)

Thank you very much for your support my dear friend. :)

Yep, certainly I will take a peep over @organduo blog to check what's he's up before bother him. Thanks for the hint mate.

Salud!! :)

Good idea for a contest and I wish you luck. It will be interesting to hear what musicians come up with. However, this is not the first time I have heard or seen this idea on Steemit. I have been watching the music communities grow here since Steemit started and have seen contests like this about a dozen times. I do wish you the best and hope it grows into a large community. Upvoted and resteemed.

Hey @luzcypher. I'm very glad for your comment and support on this idea and also for the hints you've thrown here mate. I really do appreciate it!! :)

And yeah, we are both 33 mooners on steemit. As to have been able to witness the birth of many musical contests in multiple 'flavors' on the platform everywhere until these days. However, I never had the chance to stumble upon one similar to this one I am proposing. So, I guess that in your case, you indeed has seen them, because you've been more involved than me in the launching of these sort of contests. :)

It will be interesting to hear what musicians come up with.

🤔 Uhm, now that remark is kinda worrying. Because now I have the hunch that you are 'gently insinuating' that there will not be many musicians who come up to try this challenge. Hahahaha

Cheers!! :)

I'm sure there's enough talent here to give it a go.

Ojalá compadre!! because actually, I think that only with those I've already mentioned in the body of this post, there's enough talent here to give it a go.

Let the orgy of entries begin!! };)

¡Excelente hermano! :)

Impresionante interpretación @alfredmusic. Ya eres el primero en haber tenido el honor de cortar la cinta de la inauguración de éste concurso estando incluido y ya oficialmente registrado en ésta desafiante competencia. :)

Espero que tu entrada sirva de estímulo e inspiración para la participación de muchos otros y que tu versión sea una de las que reciba la mayor cantidad de votos como pionero y anfitrión del certamen.

Un muy fuerte abrazo!!

De nada! hermano participar en este concurso, fue bastante fresco, ya que es algo inusual que no había probado antes. Me emociona ser el inaugurador jajaja

Me alegra mucho que hayas encontrado la dinámica de éste concurso como algo atractivo e inusual que al igual que tú muchos otros músicos no han de haber visto ni probado antes. Ese era y es justamente el reto y desafío Jajajaja.

Sin embargo, por lo visto, no a muchos hasta ahora les resulta o les ha resultado 'bastante fresco' el participar y concursar. Ya sea porque a pesar de toda la difusión y promoción que se le ha hecho al concurso para atraer candidatos usando diversas estrategias, éstas probablemente no han llegado aún a la atención de todos los potenciales interesados o porque de hecho, puede que requieran de un poco más de tiempo para armar su propia versión y obra de arte.

Así que creo que lo más prudente será extender el concurso por una semana más en busca de obtener al menos un par de entradas y concursantes más y luego iniciar la competencia pública en DPoll para definir al ganador por votación popular.

Más tarde ésta misma noche o a más tardar mañana, redactaré y crearé un nuevo post anunciando los resultados de éste primer llamado a concurso que no alcanzó el quorum necesario como para establecer una justa competencia y utilizaré medios y procedimientos más directos y contundentes para convocar y reunir al menos un par más de aportes y entradas al concurso. :)

Me emociona ser el inaugurador jajaja

Y a mí también me emociona hermano querido. Tu destacada entrada ya me alegra nomás por haberme permitido verte emperifollado en tu elegante liquiliqui cortando la cinta de inauguración pa entrar pa éste bonche. Y ciertamente habré de utilizar el video de tu participación en mi próximo post como marquesina y carnada principal para estimular, animar e inspirar a participar a todos los demás potenciales concursantes pa que de una se den cuenta que mostrarnos sus destrezas musicales va a ser una vaina bien fresca y bien de pinga.

Un abrazo, muchos éxitos y seguimos en contacto. 👍

Hermano! cuéntame! como van esas entradas para tan maravilloso concurso! He quedado en incógnita!

Hola mi estimado @alfredmusic, muchas gracias por tu comentario.

Sí hermano, el concurso prosigue y va pa'lante. Creo que el nuevo post con el anuncio lo redactaré y publicaré mañana domingo. No quise lanzarlo antes porque con todo el peo del apagón general en nuestro país que nos dejó a todos los venezolanos sin energía electrica, ni internet, ni agua ni un carajo iba a poner a todos nuestros paisanos en desventaja para poder participar y concursar.

Además que como has visto ultimamente, hasta facebook, twitter e instagram tuvieron su propia versión de apagón el miércoles. Y pa más ñapa hasta a steemit.com lo pusieron contra las cuerdas con un ataque DDoS. Jajajaja

Así que consideré que no valía la pena anunciarlo de nuevo hasta tanto no se disipara la tormenta y asegurarme ésta vez de si poder convocar y conseguir aunque sea un par de concursantes más para una justa competencia.

De todas maneras si se te ocurre zumbarte otra versión de la canción original en otro estilo o inclusive la misma con la que ya estás participando en una versión 2.0 más pulida, eres bienvenido a hacerlo. :)

Un fuerte abrazo y corre la voz. Que conmigo no hay incógnitas. 👌

Brother, you are great!
How many times have I told you? I do not know, it does not matter either.

The true truth here is that this time your creativity overflowed.

"Me volaste los tapones" you understand me?

Sé que sí...

I wish you the greatest success with this initiative.
I see it perfect with the survey and everything.

Magnificent from its initial idea.

How did you come up "mano"?

Nobody had thought of something so "de pinga".

How did you come up "mano"?

Well, as I already said in "The Purpose" section... "As older I get, more afraid I am of missing to watch & hear from the first row the greatest things that are still to come" ;)

Nobody had thought of something so "de pinga".

¡SHOCKING! right? :)

So, can we count with your participation and support in this contest?
And yeah, corre.. corre.. corre la voz con todos tus panas músicos y todos aquellos que creas que les pueda interesar participar en ésta competencia.

You can mention as many musicians as you want. And also tell and ask to your good friend @crypto.piotr if he's willing to lend us a hand promoting this contest through his effective marketing arts.

Y si te da mucha ladilla ir jodiendo por ahí a tus panas con la vaina, también puedes solo resteemar éste post y dejar que se maten ellos solitos. Jajajaja

Un fuerte abrazo!! :)

You can count on my support Broder!

Pues echémosle pichón desde ya hermano. That we only count until next Saturday to recruit as many anonymous stars on this platform as we can. };)

Le notifiqué a 120 personas.
Tuve como prioridad que fueran cuentas afines a la música.
Dentro de las próximas horas deberías tener unas cuantas visitas.

Tu pana... Juan.

Estupendo carnal!! :)

Esperemos entonces a ver si tenemos quorum y armamos la bacanal enseguida en el transcurso de ésta misma semana. Yo por si acaso, ya me voy a ir quitando las medias. }:)

Debemos atacar todos los frentes de batalla hermano. Así es como se gana la guerra.

Thank you very much for your support @whatsontrend. :)

Yeah babe, let's make a trend of this contest everywhere!!


Hey! I wasn't able to participate in the contest because of a very busy scedule but I found the idea really good so I came here to revisit and look up what came out of it? Who are the winners and are there gonna be more contests like this?

Hi @melavie!! :)

Thank you very much for your interest in this contest and your lovely comment and support dear. Yeah, there is no winner yet since we only got a lonesome entry after the first announcement. Therefore, the contest has been postponed for a second announcement that I will publish tomorrow (Sunday) through a new post.

We'll need at least two more valid contestants and officially registered entries to launch the second phase of the contest through a post published on DPoll to initiate a public and transparent voting throughout the entire community to define the absolute winner of the contest by popular clamor.

So, you are still in time and very welcome to participate on this contest with your entry. And by the way, tell about this contest to your friend @ingridkornelia or anyone else who you think may be interested in participate. :)

Kisses!! 😘

Wow. High level @por500bolos .
(Thanks for the invitation @juanmolina.)
my total support; When commenting, vote, resteem.
I will also share it on Twitter. Where massive things happen through the presence of Steemit.
Greetings from Venezuela.

Muchas gracias @mariita52 por tu muy apreciado apoyo y enorme entusiasmo. :)

Ya hemos todos dado el primer paso para convertir éste ambicioso proyecto y propuesta de concurso en una realidad. Ahora solo nos queda esperar la afluencia de participantes que deseen concursar y muestren así al mundo de lo que son capaces bajo éste nuevo formato de competencia.

En la unión está la fuerza para promover el gran talento de toda índole que se encuentra todavía un poco oculto en la plataforma bajo un sutil velo de anonimato por no existir de momento muchas vías para hacerlas flotar a la superficie de éste vasto y profundo océano repleto de exóticas y hermosas perlas en el Steem blockchain. Pero que ya iremos dragando poco a poco su fondo y escarbando entre los sedimentos para encontrarlas y exponerlas al mundo para nuestro deleite.

Saludos desde Cydonia. :)

awesome contest. Im not musical ( still havent found any tallent but thats besides the point lol) but this is for sure worth a resteem for some extra visibility

¡Awesome! ...your support @paulag!! :)

I am very happy that you've found this contest had worth your upvote and also a resteem for extra visibility and further support babe.

Oh! and don't worry if you feel like you are not so musical yourself. You can always simply use a pair of good maracas & still be able to play a superb solo concert for us. :)


Esta publicación ha sido seleccionada para el reporte de Curación Diaria.

final de post.png¡¡¡Felicidades!!!

Muchas gracias por vuestro estimulante apoyo @mayvileros. :)

Esperemos que dentro de vuestra gran comunidad existan también muchísimos talentos interesados en participar en éste singular concurso.

Un fuerte abrazo a toda la tribu!!

que brutal bro, estaré pendiente de hacerlo! y que bonita causa

Excellent brother!! :)

Yeah! go ahead y date con todo mi pana. ¡Show us your magic! that the winner of this contest will be defined by popular vote in DPoll and not just by my personal taste. ¡You can make it! ;)

Great musical contest.
When I was studying,
Had join a band that in my school,
Later left because of the pressure of the entrance exam.
Now become a listener,
So I look forward to your creation!!
Listen to music is very good,
My favorite song, (very old song)
I bought many tapes about Western songs.
Maybe it is more likely let I to catch it.
So Ilike Listen Yesday!
This is found on the internet

Oh yes, Beatles's Yesterday. The obligatory traditional song that every beginner guitarist had to learn before trying any other. Hahaha

I still remember back in the days, when I was trying to learn and master this song along with Rolling Stones's Sympathy For the Devil being a noob with the guitar trying to amuse the dinosaurs in my garden with my progress. };)

So, ¿Do you think you could try a shot for this contest or do you prefer just to stay as a good listener @cloudblade?

Thank you very much for your comment and support. :)

Espectacular amigo, en verdad me parece genial, voy a revisar. Además estoy muy contento de ver mi nombre entre tantos buenos músicos de la plataforma. Felicidades por esta innovadora idea!!!

Fabuloso @danieldedosd2. :)

Mucho más contento yo de saber que a unos músicos con tanto talento como el vuestro les parezca genial e innovadora ésta propuesta de competencia y que la misma esté a su vez dentro de vuestras destrezas como para considerar participar.

Y por supuesto, ¿Como no iban a estar ustedes reseñados entre los tantos buenos músicos de la plataforma que previamente ya he nombrado? ¡Eso está de anteojito y se cae solito de la mata! ;)

Didn't know about this. Thanks for sharing.

Bueno, pues ahora ya lo sabes mi paisano @cristiancaicedo.

Así que ahora a compartirlo y 'restimetearlo' para que a los demás no les pase como a tí. Jajajaja

Thank YOU for your upvote & comment!! };)

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Muchas gracias por vuestro apoyo @repollo y @beberepollo... ?¿? ¡Coño! si es que hasta ha salido en rima!! Jajajaja

Veamos a ver como nos va con la promoción y participación en el concurso como para acumular 'quorum' y así adquirir todos una membresía en vuestra iniciativa y retornarles la cortesía. :)

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Thank you for the heads up @partiko. :)

I will claim those 3000 Partiko Points when I have a decent smartphone handy to do so.

Btw, out of curiosity. ¿Did you forget to upvote this post before drop here your friendly reminder?

Now that you requested for it, happy to upvote!

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Hahahaha ¡Thank you mate! :)

Because as you know... "He who doesn't cry doesn't breast" LoL

Happy to help!

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Sheez! marvellous @steemitboard. :)

And this has taken me only three long years to accumulate 3000 replies. ¡Holy crap! 2.73972602739726 replies per day ¿Huh?

¿How cute is that? ;)

How can i Download dsounds tracks?

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Hey! Hi @felix.herrmann. :)

¿Are you also a musician? ¿Are you interested in participating and competing in this contest?

If it's so, just tell me and I can surely help you showing you how you can download DSound's tracks. };)

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