Steem Green Dreams [EP05 Short Story]

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Spoiler Warning! This is a short graphical story about Rex and his adventures. The subject matter within is meant for an immature audience with a good sense of humor (seriously, probably not suitable for kids under 13). These are real graphics from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and I have not edited them. The story below may or may not be related to the actual gameplay storyline.

Episode 5: Steem Green Dreams

A Xenoblades Chronicles 2 Short Story by @creativetruth


Ahh, this is the life.

Blue skies.

Green grass.

A tree?

Wait a min... where am I?


I think I see someone standing under that tree.


Why do I feel like I'm lost inside a dream?


It... it's a girl.




Hi... um. My name's Rex. What's your name?

Girl: Pyra

Rex: Do you come here often?


Pyra: Yes. I've been here for a long while actually. When I stand by this tree it helps me to not feel so alone.

Rex: Well yeah. I know how you feel. Even I get lonely sometimes. That's because I'm a very sensitive man.


Rex: Feeling just flow through me. It's a matter of the heart, right?


What the... why is there a big hole in my...




Why am I getting so emotional all o' the sudden?

My heart isn't even beating. Am I dead? This can't be real!


Oh my gosh I think I'm going to hurl.

That she-man, back in the jon totally punked me.


Pyra: Hey Rex? You doing okay over there? Can I get you something? Some water maybe?

Rex: No... just a moment.... uuuuckcckk.... there.


Rex: Damnit! Every time I see a hot chick I want to hook up with, something like this always happens. Hot chick, die, puke, and now I'm bending over like a jackass in the grass.

Pyra: (Ooh la la. He's kind of cute when he gets angry.)


Pyra: Rex? Would you come over here for a second. I would like to ask you something.


Pyra: Do you believe in second chances? I know it's a silly question. I just feel like I have failed in so many ways. Everyone who I once loved has abandoned me, because I let them down. Even you Rex, I tried to save you, but I couldn't even get that right. Now you are here, and you feel like half a man, don't you? It's all my fault.


Rex: ...

Pyra: Clearely I'm not making any sense, so let me explain.

A long time ago, in a land far, far away I was a part of the steemit blockchain. You see, I was a witness. I was the first witness, and also the most powerful. They called me the @Aegis.

Whenever I earned steem power, I would delegate it to others. Whenever I made a post, it would go viral. My upvotes sent shockwaves through the community. In only a few weeks, I had more followers than everyone else on the blockchain combined.

Pretty soon it became too much for me to handle. You see I made my living posting video montages of myself on the #cheapandtastlessoutfits tag. I would wear teddies, thongs, bras, and that kind of stuff. I thought people would appreciate me. Then when I went to look at the comments, they were filled with the most vile memes. I tried to flag them, but there was just too many of them. What is a girl supposed to do?

So I powered down. Everyone became angry with me. I lost my witness privileges. The world unfriended me. I had nothing left. Even the clothing I wore, I had to sell it all on Craigslist, a frightening website marketplace where dangerous predators can sell anything anonymously. This is literally everything I have left.

In my final act of desperation, when I saw you being attacked, I decided I would use my powers for good once more. To preserve your life Rex, I resteemed you.


Rex: Me? But why?

Pyra: Because I believe in you Rex. I think you have a purpose in the world. I want to help you reach your goals.

Rex: ...

Pyra: I know it sounds crazy, but I know what I'm talking about. I used to be the greatest force on steemit. With me by your side, I think I think I can help make you into one of the biggest whales on the blockchain.

But first, I have to ask you to do something...


Pyra: Rex? Are you listening to me? Rex? Give me your hand.

I want you to put it on my chest.


Rex: What?!! Aren't we moving a little fast here?


Pyra: You know what this is? This is my private key. My master key. Put your hand on my chest, it will be yours forever.


Rex: Are you sure?


Pyra: Yes. You are the only person I trust. I have been searching for someone like you for a long time, and you are the only person who I think will use my powers with the right intentions. Take my private key, and I will serve you faithfully. Once you do, there is no turning back--


--Once you are inside of me, we can never be separated.


Rex: Aye Caramba! This feels really freakin' weird. It's like you're inside of my pants.


Pyra: That is the power of the steem moving through your body. I know, I have lived with it all of my life. It burns within me like a living flame. You will learn to grow used to it, just as I have.


Rex: Something's growing alright! I... I... can't contain it! It's going everywhere!


Rex: Holy Smokes! She did it. She really did it. I'm back... and I'm alive.


Rex: And with this sword, filled with the power of the Aegis, I will become the most popular whale ever!

Thanks for reading my story. Please follow me if you want to read more about my adventures.


Join us next time as dashing Rex and his darling Pyra set out on a quest to save the blockchain from the forces of evil. Will they succeed in their quest, and rally the power of steem to the moon? Or will they just make another cheap meme for giggles on dmania?


You never know what can happen next in the Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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game is always enjoyble....
i like it.
it refresh our mind
thanks for sharing

Ep 5 Thats awesome ...I like it so much ...
This story is great ...
Already read it ...Some of funny ...
Carry on ..
Thanks for sharing

Thanks for reviewing.

You are most welcome dear @creativetruth....
Carry on your own way ...

And finally I will still wait for your next ep 06
I think you will provide it very soon

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