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Spoiler Warning! This is a short graphical story about Rex and his adventures. The subject matter within is meant for an immature audience with a good sense of humor (seriously, probably not suitable for kids under 13). These are real graphics from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and I have not edited them. The story below may or may not be related to the actual gameplay storyline.

Episode 1: Heads up, in the clouds

A Xenoblades Chronicles 2 Short Story by @creativetruth


Hi, my name is Rex. I have many nicknames though. Over time you'll get to know me and all of my quirks. We're going to be best friends.

I live in a tiny home. Tiny homes are super trendy right now. Come check out my crib.


My friend Archy builds skyscrapers. One day, Archy was looking down on me from his Ivory Tower and took pity on me when he found me living in a cardboard box. He said I could have this old junky storage container since he wasn't using it anymore.

I was so happy.

Right now I don't have a bed or bathroom or anything, but I don't really need those things, because you don't need those things when you live all by yourself up in the clouds like I do.

Everybody lives in the clouds.



Don't be ridiculous. That's not my home.


I built my home on the back of this old crusty dragon.

Everybody lives up in the clouds in my world. My father used to live with his feet firmly on the ground, but not me. I've got my head up in the clouds every day. One day I found this luck dragon swimming through the air, and we've been together ever since.

Right now I'm getting kind of hungry, so I think I'm going to go fishing. Let's see what I can find under the clouds.

Time to suit up!


This is my cloud suit. When I put it on, people call me Boba Fett.

See? I can shoot this nifty grappling hook out of my arm, and when I push this button, my voice changes.

To infinity and beyond!



I am your father.


Hey, looks like we caught something in the old crab trap. Let's haul it up.


All aboard!

Bring me up, Scotty.


Truthfully I don't really need this helmet, because I have an oxygen mask underneath. And if the oxygen runs out, I know how to hold my breath for a dramatically long pause.

I mean look at this thing. It has holes and gaps everywhere.

That's okay though, because it looks really badass when i put it on. #Steempunk is in style right now, and it really goes well with my blue lycra swim shorts. The women love it too.

Last time I posted my photo on Tinder, it exploded the internet, and they had to build a new one.


Watch out we got a live one here!

I better get my carving knife.


Get in my belly!


Next we add a dash of salt, some olive oil, and a hint of lemon.


If you don't have a gas burner, you can barbecue it over fiery hot coals until it looks done.

Don't worry about air pollution. Not like we have a planet to save. Am I right, or am I right?


And that's how roast lobster is made.



Make sure you get out all the juices with your tongue. It's so good.


Just like mom used to make.


That's a pretty big crab claw you got there, Kiddo. Smells good. Can I try some?


Did you say something Uncle Krusty?

I'll eat, you drive! Got it?

This isn't Uber. Not like I have to tip you, anyway.


Fine. Be that way.


Wow, would you look at that? Something is coming out of the clouds over there.


I think it's dying.

Did you know her?


Yes, that was Shiela the Whale.

We used to date back in college, but things didn't work out. She ended up marrying a soldier, and became pregnant, but he didn't come back from the war.

That was her son you just ate.


I'm not hungry any more.

You can have the rest.


Enough of that. It's time to water my plants.

Yucca, Pineapple, Pear, and Cherry.

One day I'm going to have the biggest trees in the world.

Oh wait, there is no world.

I want to have a tree as big as that one off in the distance.


If I had a tree that big, I could build a big house on top, invite a bunch of friends, and we could have a big party. Afterwards I would post all kinds of crazy photos on social media.

Hey, I could even make money off of it, like @ned did.


I could become the most valuable person on #Steemit.


I would be King of the World!


But before I do that...


I better dump this body. It's starting to draw flies.

Wouldn't want TSA to find this on my craft. There would be too many questions.

Thanks for reading my story. Please follow me if you want to read more about my adventures.


Join us next time as Rex explores The Godfather's warehouse, where all kinds of shady deals go on.



very nice game friend.i like your post friend

thats a good creativity

carry on your activity...best of luck✌✌😒

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