(An original story) Stories Mrs. Rose. The story of the difficult choices

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                                     **Stories Mrs. Rose.**

                                The story of the difficult choices

Rose could not meet for a long time. She wanted so much to look great today - a meeting of old friends. She stopped and thought ... God, how long they have not seen, all life has scattered in different cities and here comes the long-awaited meeting.

  • Harry, Harry - she was trying on different jewelry.
  • You look great - my husband said, without waiting for the question - I've been waiting forty minutes, I am glad that the outfits just run out soon and you will not be in that change.
  • You did not even look - she slammed the door and went outside to the car.
  • Forty years already I look - he joked - look great, though a little happiness?
    Cat, who from the time when the grandchildren have picked it on the street in the summer, has grown significantly. It was not the trembling kitten, but a real home the lion, which has become a full-fledged master of the house. Fluffy, playful, too fat cat stretched important.
  • We will soon house for you ..!
    They drove to a small coffee shop in half an hour. Fragrant pastries, hot mulled wine - what do you need a cool autumn.
    Three women sitting at a table near the fireplace. After seeing Rose, each on his face broke into a smile.
  • Oh, there you are! Why so long? - One asked - you live the closest! This is what we have come to you!
  • As usual - she looked at her husband.
  • Yeah, I got her to remeasure wardrobe of things - he grimaced - glad to see everyone, but I have friends in the bar, today we have an important game.
    Rose smile - well that's gone, even talk, so much to tell yet!
    She sat down at a table and called the waiter.
  • Lasagne, salad and mulled wine.
    Her friend has brought order, so all four of us immersed in the endless stories about life, family, memories of their youth, and now the grandchildren!
  • Katie, you said in the last conversation on the phone that something you experience, but not the phone conversation, what happened? - Rose asked one of her friends.
    The situation was not so fun, Facial Katie smile disappeared and she replied coldly.
  • You know, in this world, so everything has changed, I could not imagine that one day this will happen with me. How could I imagine that in my son's life may appear another woman who is more important to him than I am !!! Because he crosses out his mother Life ?!
  • Do not scare us, what happened?
  • My son, Edward .. - she paused, and tears appeared in his eyes, - decided to marry this stuff, which is not worth the little finger of my boy.
    Above the table, there was silence. No one knew what to say, how to react, what to soothe, tried to present themselves to respond to the emergence of the family "bad daughter".
    By Kathy cheeks tears flowed.
  • Your order - smiling waitress put food on the table.
    She has not been answered.
  • What did you say to him? - The beginning of one of her friends.
  • What he does not come to its senses is not to come - a trembling voice said Kathy, holding back tears - not of this girl in my house, she did not deserve such an honor. You should have seen her, ninny, all freckled, she will give my son ?!
  • Well, what to do, and if the situation does not change, that you will not see at all?
  • Yes, and maybe he really loved her and she him? Who cares who she is working and what have freckles? What people say - a man and a number of this uneducated girl and he a pilot - a respected man!
  • Katie, honey, - Rose hugged her shoulders - it's your son. Is love knows no boundaries, rules, we, the people, are trying to impose? We are with you the past generation that grew up on the dogma that we impose and social terms. Today, young people have removed the shackles and destroyed all the boundaries that inspired us so much. You do not have the blessing of his parents, he simply made his choice. All turned their head on Rose - calmed since calmed.
  • Yes, why?!! - Defiantly repeated it - I would take! This is my baby, and it's his choice. You say, "What will people say?", And who you are these people? That is, the child should not be wrong to go against his nature, his love, to live, dooming themselves to emotional pain that you could all proudly claim that your son is a pilot. And how is he? As his senses? You think about it, or about yourself ???
  • Just, I do not think that come across with. It also has an impact on him. He stopped to ask advice, and now she knows better than his own mother, and how to live, what to buy and what to do - he knows everything better!
  • You are what you experience: for the happiness of his son or lose credibility in his life?
  • You do not understand, I - a mother, I know better. you need my son!
  • And who knows that better than your husband? How best to Bill?
  • Of course it's me. We have so many years together. I know him better than myself, why? - There was a surprise in his voice.
  • Well, of course, it also has a mother, and she probably knows best what he needs? Have you forgotten how sobbed when you lived with her? How to complain that it does not give life, which climbs at all, and you're so eager to solve the most family matters. Do not you remember, how many tears you shed when it is not even allowed to serve food on the table, "because her son did not eat this."
  • Rose, do you want to compare me with that miser?
  • And what are you behaving wrong? Only this "miser" did not abandon her son and did not set conditions.
  • Yes, she slowly drove me crazy ...!
  • But I took, and now everyone in the family to lead the only you.
  • I deserved it for so many years!
  • So give it a chance and deserve. Who were you working then?
  • Time was different.
  • No, you were just on the other side.
    Katie stopped. Her face broke into a smile, and after a moment she laughed. Her friends looked at her with incomprehension.
  • Well, how can this be, I myself became a "miser" - it stifled laughter.
    At the table started laughing.
  • I did not see that turning into her mother in law, even say the same. Just my boy has grown so quickly. I remember him as a child, and now some girl pretend to be him.
  • He will always remain small for you - Sophia put her hand on her shoulder - just help him, and did not set out to do this.
  • You're right, there probably fight between my pride and the choice of his son. I choose a son.
    Again silence hung. Every woman thought about her.
  • You're right, Rose, you're right, I choose a son.
    More about that no one spoke again went talk about the past, again at the table began to be heard the laughter ...
    Katy went outside and punched his son.
  • Hello, Mom - was heard at the other end of the phone.
    It was her Eddie, Eddie the same as before, brave, kind, her boy. Nothing else it is not necessary. Her Eddie, who has made a choice and stood up to the last, defending his love. Perhaps only now Kathy realized that it was the act of a real man - stand up for your woman to the last. She found herself thinking that this is the "simpleton" made him a man.
  • I'll be home tomorrow, come to dinner, prepare your favorite pizza - back tears ran down her cheeks - do not come alone.
  • Of course, Mom, I was waiting for your call, I'm sorry to have kept ...
  • No, - she interrupted him - it's you I'm sorry, I'm always with you, what would you have not decided with whom you were not.
    She put the phone for the first time in a long time, she sighed and returned to her life as if ...
    Four women sat by the fireplace and chatted merrily. About everything. About all those difficult choices that they have been in life.

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