Adventures in Homesteading: The Tale of Three Tails Epilogue

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Dear Pudgy, Pipsqueak and Gomer,

It is with sadness I write this letter to you, my dear friends. I can hardly hold this crayon due to my shaking paws.

The plan you had so carefully put into place to reclaim the garage and your rightful place as keepers of the homestead is for naught. We will not be able to defeat Boots and Echo, those horrible and heartless beasts.

Last night, a new family of mice moved into the garage. I believe it was the Pesterson’s, you know too well how jealous they were of your position as chief caretakers.

Just as they were moving into your box to settle in for the night, those ferocious felines pounced out from under the van and attacked. It was a massacre, a flurry of claws and teeth, the likes of which I had never before witnessed.

Stay away dear friends. Be glad you escaped in time from this fate that could have been yours.

The funeral is Friday, but I beg you not to attend. The homestead is too dangerous for all rodents.

Yours in sadness,
Leo the Chipmunk

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Hey @apinchofhome I see you're syndicating your stories from your wordpress site, i highly recommend you install @steempress on your site it will allow you to automatically cross post so when you push an article live on your site, its pushed to your steemit blog so no need to do double the work, also you'll get some great rewards from the steem press team and account :)

Awesome! Thank you for the info!

Stopping by to support your post @apinchofhome, after @insight-out featured it in her entry in our (@pifc’s) 🎂 one year anniversary 🎂 contest.

Enjoyed learning a bit more about you and your account. Clever name! We also were a homeschooling family. “Empty nesters” now …

All the best to you and yours, for an even better tomorrow! 👍

P.S. To be clear, I came back to see if you had posted anything, as before you had neither comments nor a post inside the payout deadline ... 😊

Thank you for stopping by! I am determined to post on here more moving forward. :)

What a sad conclusion to the story... poor little mice.

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