Adventures in Homesteading: A Tale of Three Tails Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: The Plan

Pudgy lounged in the back corner of their little house while Pipsqueak cleaned her face with delicate paws. Gomer lay on his back snoring loudly. They’d all had a rather horrible day and they were tired and a little discouraged.

“After all that work,” Pudgy grumbled. “We are no closer to catching our thief and now we have the hawk to worry about.”

Pipsqueak gave a tiny squeak and a Gomer rumbled louder.

“Does a hawk have any predators?” asked Pipsqueak as she turned round and round to get comfortable.

Pudgy stared into space, thinking hard. “I know I’ve heard something before. The owner, talking about how to protect her chickens from the hawks. Now what was it…”.

SSH SSH SSH SSH...WOOOOO. Ssh, Ssh, Ssh, Ssh...Whoooo.

“Gomer!” Pipsqueak shouted. “Stop snoring so loud! You sound just like an--”.

“Owl!” Pudgy yelled. “He sounds just like an owl.”

“I was going to say a pig,” Pipsqueak mumbled.

“Owls and hawk’s compete for food.”

Pipsqueak looked puzzled.

“Soo...if we can show the hawk that the homestead is full of owls, maybe it will fly off to hunt somewhere else!”

“But Pudgy, we’d be trading one problem for another. Owls also hunt mice, moles, chipmunks--rodents.”

“I didn’t say the owls would be real.” Pudgy sat back, satisfied with the solution he’d come up with and ready for a long overdue nap.

Next chapter coming soon!!!

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Hmmm... I thought I was going mad. But no, you actually posted this chapter twice. Oops.

Yes, and I can't delete it apparently. LOL

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