Adventures in Homesteading: The Tale of Three Tails Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: The End

The Three Tails slept late into the morning. Pudgy was the first awake. A jingling sound drifted in through the open garage door.

“Whastha?” said Pipsqueak blinking sleepily.

“Cheddar, swiss, muenster…”, Gomer muttered in his sleep.

“It’s the jingling sound Chipper told us about!” whispered Pudgy.

Slowly stretching and carefully crossing the floor, the three friends tip-toed to the door and peeked around the corner.

“Here’s a red one, Clara!” A little boy exclaimed as he plucked a juicy strawberry from the patch.

“I found a yellow one, Tommy!” The little girl popped the yellow strawberry into her mouth and made a face. “It’s sour!”

Tommy chuckled. “They’re not ripe til they're red, silly.”

The children continued to pick and eat strawberries by the handful until only a few pink and yellow, not-yet-ripe berries remained.

Pudgy looked back and Pipsqueak and Gomer. “I guess we found our thief.”

“Thieves you mean,” sighed Pipsqueak.

“What can we do to ‘em guys?” asked Gomer. “Tell them the secret of the garden? They’re pretty big, but they might be able to fit under the fence.”

Pipsqueak stared at Gomer. “For goodness sake Gomer, we can’t--”.

“Oh just leave it, Pipsqueak,” chuckled Pudgy. Pipsqueak gave an exasperated laugh and peeked back out at their two thieves.

“Guess what Mom told me, Clara.”

“What?” asked the little girl.

“Daddy’s bringing us a present today.”

“What is it?” asked Clara eagerly.

“Two kittens!”

The Three Tails turned to one another, terror on their faces.

“Maybe we can tell the cats the secret of the garden, Pudge?” Gomer asked hopefully.

“Oh Gomer, for goodness sake! Cats don’t eat vegetables, they eat--.”

“They’ll be outdoor cats though,” said Tommy. “Mom wants to catch those mice.”


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Hey there, @apinchofhome! :) It turned out that the Pay It Forward Contest has its first anniversary. For this special occasion, everyone could nominate two of their favorite past nominees. I really like your funny stories and the way you introduce us to the incredible world of the homestead. That's why I've decided to nominate you for PIFC's anniversary. Keep steeming just the way you do! You can see my post here.

Wow! Thank you @insight-out! What an awesome compliment! Thanks for the nomination!

:) It's a pleasure :)

Fun story. I haven't run into you before, but I love all homesteading stories, so I hope I run into you again soon.
I came here today because @insight-out featured you in this week's Pay it Forward Curation contest. Keep up the great work!

Thank you @viking-ventures! I'm glad you are enjoying my stories.

Enjoyed your post, and will be sure to read 8 - 1 lol got through the first two I know I know im going backwards.

I only found out about your Homesteading series from @insight-out and her @pifc nomination of the week.

Awesome! Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to put one post with links to all the chapters in my next post.

Very cool. Sorry for the late reply... but I had this bookmarked and the time went by like a flash.

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