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I've been volunteering in a hostel in the Mexican Caribbean for the past month. During the first weeks I was the "Beer pong and poker dude", then I did some maintenance work during the evening and now, I'm in charge of getting the breakfast ready - waking up at 6:30 am. I know, I'm also impressed I'm waking up so early, you're not the only one amazed.

If you don't know what volunteering in a hostel is, it's pretty much working for a few hours a day in exchange for accommodation, sometimes with meals included. As you can see, it fits perfectly to a low budget travel style kind of person.

I've been laying low here waiting for a sign about what my next move should be.

One of my life mottos (probably the most important one right now, above "remember, be here now") is "If you have a goal, you should focus in getting it, but not too much, otherwise, if you are fixated on it you´ll miss any other opportunity that may present to you".

So, I'm open to any and every sign from anyone and everyone, to point me in the right direction.

So now you know, if you have control over the sun or a shooting star, signal me.

Also, I have 378 direct messages on discord, today will be about replying to each and every one of them. Read you over discord, my friends.

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Oh this is a good game! Is it complete the sentence?

One of my...

favourite things to do is chat up the hot back-packers over a game of beer pong and take money from the guys over a few games of poker.

Close? :D

Edit: Either you finished the post or it didn't load properly the first time :)

Good to hear you are keeping busy man, and yes, I am astounded you are up before noon!


That would be a good game, to make a post and let other people finish some of the sentences. We should start such a trend brother haha

I finished the post but somehow busy saved a previous draft and when I clicked post, it went out half of it only :( but no biggie, I was able to remember some of the things I wrote (cons of freewriting all the time, can't do it twice about the same subject, the subject drains out)

Seems like the bandwidth cut you short my friend! A great way to continue your nomad ways while sharing the experience with the community!

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Yeah man, the draft was saved til half, had to rewrite the last half but hey, was a good memory test! Thanks for the vote man!

Holy cow, that is a crazy number of direct messages. Good luck with that. I get a little freaked out when I have 10 unread messages. Actually the only time I ever have that many alerts is Discord is when I have just gotten upvoted by a trail.


Yeah mate, and I used to have way more back when I had my delegation haha, I still haven't got through all of them as of today :( I have those voting and commenting alerts disabled though

If you're not feeling bored and dead-ended then you can probably continue chilling for a bit more XD if you're starting to feel restless then something will probably happen soon (probably unexpectedly despite your best efforts to be on the lookout for it XD).


It's like a double edge kind of behaviour. On one end I want to stay as open as possible but at the same time, I want the signal to catch me off guard... It's gonna be a tricky one don't you think? Hahaha

Well you are not far away from me at lake Atitlan in Guatemala.
I run a lake side hostel that accepts steem. We have about 8 volunteers at all times. So if you meander south... look me up.

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Oh man that sounds awesome! I was already in Guatemala, went to Tikal, Flores, semuc, Atitlán and Xela, it was amazing! I might take your word on that offer, I loved Atitlán, I stayed in San Marcos, San Pedro and San Juan and Santiago de Atitlán. Where exactly is your hostel?

Man, having a hostel, that's my ultimate dream :)


I’m in San Marcos. hostel Del Lago. I’ve been here 9 years now.

When were you in Atitlan?

live here in the moment... focus
and keep an eye out for what's next!


Right on mate, words to live by, don't you think?




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Hello from a nomad in Seoul, Korea ^^
Wondering where to you're going next~

I did not actually the last time i usually wake up 6:30am maybe becausd i am always free in the morning not doing any work