How to be a Good and Effective Writer? Tips for Writing and Speaking better

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What are the Qualities of a Good Writer? What are the principles of persuasive writing? What makes an accomplished freelance writer? How to write better articles that people would appreciate and love to read?
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Nobody becomes a brilliant writer overnight. Good writing is a science as well as an art. It takes time, perseverance and practice to develop the skills and techniques of a good writer. Everyone who writes on the internet or elsewhere aspires to be a better and successful writer that people would love to read. Whether you are writing a Guest Post for a Blog, an article for a magazine, a hub or composing a press release, your main goal is to influence the readers. Good Writing is much more than correct writing. It does not just imply writing with no errors of grammar, punctuation or spelling. It is the writing that influences the readers. With a lot of people turning into Bloggers and eBook publishers, it is extremely vital for one to stand out in the crowd by being a better writer. How to accomplish that? If you look at the writing style of recognized writers, you would see that they use three techniques of persuasion. The Greek philosopher Aristotle has summed up Rhetoric (the art of speaking or writing effectively) using three words-Ethos, Pathos and Logos.

Art of Persuasion using Ethos, Pathos and Logos

There are many ways to appeal to readers. Among them are the usage of ethos, pathos and logos. This secret to being a persuasive speaker given by Aristotle over 2300 years ago can be applied by authors also to influence readers.

What is Ethos? Ethos is a Greek word which stands for Credibility or Authority. If you want your audience/readers to listen to you, it is extremely vital to establish your trustworthiness or character in front of them. It is easy to establish credibility when you write on things you are an expert on than when you write on topics you are not knowledgeable about. We tend to believe people whom we respect. If a trusted Doctor gives you advice regarding a medical condition, would you not follow his instructions even though you don’t know much about the subject? It’s the same with writers too. When you are an expert in the niche you are writing it is quite easy to convince your readers that you are an authority on what you are talking about and that you are worth listening to. Ethos can be developed by:

  • Choosing the correct language and topic to connect with the readers
  • By being fair and unbiased in your writing
  • Correct usage of grammar
  • Appropriate level of vocabulary

What is Pathos? Pathos stands for emotional appeal. If your writing appeals to the emotions of your readers and make them feel exactly as you feel, then you are using pathos in your writing. Effective usage of pathos can not only help to evoke an emotional response from the readers like sympathy, anger, love, guilt, fear, patriotism etc but also can compel them to take the next step. Pathos can be developed by:

  • Using a meaningful language
  • Using an emotional tone
  • Using emotional examples of stories or events
  • Vivid descriptions

What is Logos? Logos refer to logical argument. It is an attempt to appeal to the intellect of the reader. When you use logic or reason to persuade your readers that you are right, then you are using logos. The author should give a persuasive reason to back up his/her claims by citing facts and statistics, historical and literal analogies and quoting on authorities on the subject etc. Logos can be developed by:

  • Theoretical, abstract language
  • Literal and historical analogies
  • Usage of definitions
  • Using Quotations of experts
  • Usage of facts, statistics and evidence

My family and friends tell me i suck as a writer, but Steemit has altered my lazy approach to Authoring.

I like people and love helping others, I feel if I am going to ask steemians to consider my posts then I need to be as respectful to them as I can be. Sure we all have rants and informal brief talks, but when posting most comments for mass consumption I now try to be the best writer I can be...

Steemland is awesome and I am creating a college level education course ( posts in my blog ) to get better at it, so your writing tips will be invaluable; thank you for taking the time and effort . . .

See you out in the steemuniverse : )

/ hugz ; )

Most of us are not native English speakers so it's possible that we make mistakes. But as we keep writing, we will learn and get better. Never be afraid to express even when you know that you may not be grammatically correct. It will give the opportunity for someone to correct our mistakes and the chances are that we won't make the same mistakes again. All the Best for your Course!

What I would like is for others to consider and evaluate my posts and place a comment about what they liked and disliked about the presentation and content arrangement.

Currently I am following and being followed by other steemians and once we start working out regular faces I plan on offering such a suggestion to readers of my steemit college level education course subjects...

Please understand I use this term to describe hints and tips of titbits of nice to know features surrounding all things relating to the steemuniverse. I am no expert; but I use that term to try and educate people they cannot come to steemland and expect to make tonnes of gold unless they are already experienced writers.

Any serious level of professionalism or competence takes at least two years of formal study, electrician, mechanic, bricklayer, dentist, teacher, journalist, musician as examples. It is my feeling those who have monetized steemit and realised huge wallets are most likely professional authors, skilled presenters and bloggers of the old school; all who have spent years learning their craft...

Regardless I love steemit and enjoy chasing steem, again thank you for your writing school class : )

/ hugz ; )

In addition if others have other useful skills like another language they should consider publishing in that language; after all how many of your potential understand English ? 99% so you must compete with all the other English steemians posting.

Whereas if your audience speaks for example Croatian you will capture 99 % of that available audience if your the only one posting to that readership group; always assuming of course you research what other languages are marketable...

I am considering Authoring in Braille, but just having a few issues with technical issues as to how to achieve that at a publishing level.
[ DISCLAIMER: - That was an attempt at humour; it was never meant to be considered disrespectful ].

C U on the B C ( BlockChain ) : )

/hugz ; )

Anamika. I see you also publish your work on Hub Pages.
The community needs to verify that you are the same author. I'll contact you on Facebook. Thanks

Yes, I do! HubPages is the first Platform I started to write. I have been a part of the HubPages Community for more than 8 years now. Though HubPages is no more the same in terms of revenue or traffic because of the Google algorithms, it is still a place where content creators are paid promptly. In fact, This article was originally published on 20/11/2011. I have deleted the article from HubPages as it was not performing well and published it here.

I look forward to you reaching out to me on Facebook, to confirm this.

Thanks for reaching out to me! I have responded to you.

Hello so; your a real sort of like professional writer ; umm , I would love to follow your opinions on the types of writings that would be appropriate here in steemland.

Of course since your already in the business again anything of your thoughts on how to impact the steemuniverse would be most welcome...

Oh; by the way ! ! !
Welcome to Steemit : )

/ hugz ; )

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