Poverty's Lessons in a Material World -

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Poverty... or, being less fortunate, should educate gratitude, instill appreciation, and provoke financial respect for budgeting.
It took my second visit to Povertyville to wake up.

I come from a privileged Canadian society of proprietary.
A society that bombards ideals that I'm only as good as the products I wear and use; products with other people's names attached to them.
Not my name

Buy…consume... become- somebody else.

As children, our parents wrote our names on our tags of clothing. In 1988, my tags had two names- a first and last. In 2005, my tags had two last names... initials actually: D&G. (Fashion designer, Dolce & Gabbana).

IMG Source

Not me.

Those are not my initials.

I surrounded myself with people whom I did not know:

  • Kennith Cole; he had a foot fetish
  • Gucci; but only the wanna-be
  • Guess; she left little to be guessed
  • And, I knew Victoria's secret very well.

I felt like a somebody with that circle of friends. I looked like a someone. My insecurities faded away.

Actually, it wasn't my insecurities that faded...
I lost my way
It was me who vanished- became jaded.

My life became consumed with being elite, and I was elite with those other empty elitist entities.

It was like when bullies congratulate one another for being a bully- they're a team of blind assholes who can't see how ridiculous they are.

I was the asshole wearing the D&G team jersey. It doesn't take long for the elite to become the bully. Or, as my friends and I proudly called ourselves, the mean girls.

I mean, what was she thinking by wearing those shoes with that dress anyway? And, omg I can see her panty line.

I mean, what was I thinking by becoming the very type of asshole that used to be mean towards me?

This is one of those scenarios where "if you can't beat them, join them" should not be practiced.

I still have that D&G shirt, and in my (slight) defence I only paid $25 for a $200 shirt on an out of season designer clothing site. But, this is about cost and discounts, it's about attitude, values, and perspective.

That shirt was only $25, but 25 x shopping addiction = personality suicide.

They were winning.
My human shrunk thinner with each shopping spree. I didn't cook my own meals- two takeout meals a day with no food in my home. Walk a SINGLE block to the store? You've got to be kidding, that's what cab delivery was for. If you invited me to your home and offered me tap water I'd have responded, "ew, I don't drink that".

IMG Source

I don't drink tap water? Could I not hear myself talking? Some of the cleanest water in the entire world magically travels to my house and out of a little metal pipe right into a glass and I'm too fancy FOR THAT?

Broken, jaded, ignorant, unappreciative, stuck up bitch would have been far more accurate than "fancy".

Now, don't get me wrong, I still like nice clothing and material things but I have been humbled into place with my newfound poverty. I know that I have been conditioned to behave like this. Each day I fight the battle of billboards, flyers, commercials, and most of all, peer influence.

I no longer spend 4-600$ on clothing PER WEEK, but I still feel like I'd look sooooo good in that dress!!!!

IMG Source

Thank you for reading my blog.

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To be rich? Ah honey, I am the richest person in the world. How did I get rich? I have some of the most amazing, talented, compassionate, understanding, giving human-beings who I call friends and confidants.

When I left active duty in the Marine Corps in 1992, I had liquid assets of $30,000 USD. Not too shabby. 10 years later I was homeless living on the streets of San Diego. Today I live in Pennsylvania and can truly say I am comfortable.

Would be nice to still have that $30,000 to invest, yet today I have found something better to invest in, people. To quote my daddy...

I never saw an u-haul hooked to a hearse headed to the cemetery.  —Stanley M. Reynolds (Dad)

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This was a truthful and much needed "anthem" to anyone out there wondering "what am I doing?" It would also fit quite nicely in my #thoughtfuldailypost initiative...

Something indeed to be thoughtful for my friend !tip

Thank you.

This is an old ramble that was collecting dust in my note pad. An hour or two of editing and she's as fresh as a wedding bouquet.

I feel that this applies to more now than even I wrote it. Initially, the revelation was due to the change in my life from being a free spirit to a Mother. What I financially prioritized as a parent was eye opening.


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actually every people has different insight about thing's like this. As for me I totally agree with your thoughts. Why we should wear a fancy dress if it will just fade the beauty in everyone's eyes. Maybe at first they won't but as time passed it will. Then what will happen to your money that bought expensive dresses? Well it's up to people who love spending too much money about this.

by the way nice thoughts

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Hi @mrnightmare89 thank you for reading and commenting on this article.

Yes, there are many different opinions.
Even my own opinion changes from one day to the next.

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I love the new wedding bouquet maybe i Need to go through some old notes myself I make beautiful wedding bouquets

By the way, I grew up in a trailer with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. There were times we didn't have power because dad gambled the money away. But I didn't always think that we were poor.