Why I Need A Why

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I was in a different neighbourhood this morning for a meeting. In between said meeting I got a chance to take a walk in a local park. The lake in the centre of the park was partially frozen, which made me think of my post from yesterday.

👉🏿 3 Places To Visit In Banff National Park

frozen lake.jpg

Something about a brisk walk in nature on a freezing cold day that gets the mental juices flowing. I've been thinking about this platform a lot and what I'm doing here. I've been a content creator for a while now. In fact, I don't quite remember why I started creating content; i.e., blogging/vlogging. Many people can point to a certain reason why thy started doing it, but I can't.

Having a why is quite important. Those people that have that clarity often do better than those that don't as they're seldom affected by external factors and naysayers.

At some point though, it became an avenue to make extra income. I remember blogging about topics that were 'popular' in order to get the traffic, which then translated to money. I did make a few pennies, but I soon lost interest because I was blogging outside my passion.

Then came the video making, which quickly became centred around a passionate hobby of mine. I stuck with that one even though it was costing me money. I still do it today, and it does derive income, but it's still a net loss because the videos cost more to make than how much revenue they bring in. Having said that, I would still be doing the hobby regardless, so at least the videos help halve the cost.

So, Steem. What am I doing here?

I discovered this platform from someone I'm subscribed to on YouTube. I'm not going to lie, I was sucked in by the large dollar figures I saw next to posts. It was during the all time high period that I joined Steem, so you can imagine how things were. Of course, I didn't make a single dime for weeks, so I was just here to see other people make thousands of dollars, and the price of Steem slowly slide down to today's levels. Of course, eventually, I started making money here, but that took a lot of networking and fiat investment on my part.

So, going forward, my why here is evolving. I'm looking to leverage Steem as the backbone of my online presence. I mentioned yesterday about looking for ideas in terms of website. I have decided to give @engrave a good go, just to see if it's a viable thing. What I'm after is a presentable public face that is more flexible and adaptable than Steemit or Busy, but powered by Steem. My original thought was to go to a Wordpress based website with a Steempress plugin.

However if Engrave can give me what I need, then I'd be supporting a pretty cool project that actually has the potential to bring users unto the platform in a big way. Imagine if Engrave started to compete with the likes of Squarespace and Wix with the advantage of having an inbuilt monetisation system. That could be something!

That really could be something!

Shoutout to Anja (@connecteconomy) for reminding me about @engrave


Peace and Love ✌🏿

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Oh, cool you’re giving @engrave a try! Please keep us posted and document the process - I’m keeping it in the back of my mind for a little side project of my own, too, but not sure when yet.
Would be great to know how easy it is, how it works, and what the general differences are to Wordpress or Squarespace etc (good or bad).

PS are you in Canada or is that an old post you linked to?? I looooove Lake Louise!! Been there about 10 years ago..

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PS are you in Canada or is that an old post you linked to??

That's the post I published yesterday :) but no, I'm not in Canada now. You'd have to be superhuman to be in Canada now at those temperatures :D

I was going to point to that yesterday-- engrave, I mean, but someone had done that already. But I still have an issue with the fact that non-steemians cannot comment on my post if I engrave host my website. I rather update my WordPress plan, which I would soon and cross post. I need that feedback. For me that's the only true measure of my impact or the impact of my content. Although I have reached out to the team on discord and they promise to do this some time in the future, I cannot bank on it.

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Ah that's a great point! People need a Steem account to engage on your content on Engrave. Hmm... the way it is now, people can comment on Wordpress with just their email account. You can also set it to anonymous, so can just leave a comment.

I will say your own why can be link to my own why on steemit. I mainly joined steemit when I heard that you can make money on it and that people are turning into millionaire through it e.g jerrybanfield. But as I begin to use steemit more ad the more I begin to stay and stay, my motives begin to change totally and now my why joining steemit of a year back has evolved and changed to a new why

My journey and experience here started exactly the same and while I haven’t achieved what I had hoped in terms of rewards I have found myself enjoying the engagement in consuming the content. I also think that this is only still beginning and experiencing how the ecosystem has expanded to much more has me excited from an investment perspective although it will certainly take time!

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What a nice way to express yourself in how you start blogging and your steemit journey, I joined steemit I think July last year, and since then every cryptos start to dip and I haven't made enough here, the only things that's still making me remain here is the interaction, I've got to know a lot of great peoole through this platform and that's what makes me still remain here and I know with time I'll also enjoy steemit money @adettorent

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If we stick around, the market will eventually go back up to even higher than the all time high. It may take time, but it will happen.

It is certainly about the money am here because I need the money, but what really makes me active on this platform is fact that I really want to see cryptocurrency become an alternative for fiat.

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