So I Wrote a Book Called The Virus Of Life and some other plans for 2020

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Hello Friends!

So finally I am proud to say that I wrote another book called :The Virus of Life

The Virus Of Life is a book with elements of sci fi, adventure society and the occult.
I say elements because the idea for the book came to me in 2000 after the solar eclipse of 1999 in Romania.
This first part (yes there are 3 more in the making) of The Virus of Life has parts of my life and some of my friends that I meet .
Some of the events actually happen and you will be very surprised to find out witch one...

The book is in 2 languages Romanian and English too.Romanian versions are eBook format and paperback and the English version is in eBook format and soon paperback will be print on demand.

You can buy this book on this stores:

Barnes and Noble

So if you are an old reader of mine you will feel that you know this title....and that is because I actually published it in 2011 but on that year it was in Romanian language.

Here is the post that I made here on Steemit about the subject:

It took a very long time for me to properly publish the book but now I believe that I have all the necessary things to continue.

I also made an official author site were I will post updates and talk about my future and past works:

Now It is in its early stage but bit by bit I will optimize it and of course update it with news about my works .

As for my plans for this year....

In this video I basically tell about my new hobby: looking up on my walls ...

  • the books that I wrote
  • little bit about the current state of YouTube (One of my older channels got a strike for talking about bitcoin)
  • fooling around with my guitar
  • Tik Tok

So for the last one I started to test little bit Tik Tok and looks nice, I will upload the videos from there to YouTube.
Tell me if you liked the book or if you encountered problems when buying the book and I will do my best to fix them.

I wrote also a poem book called Forgotten Roots and you can find it on Kindle as paperback and ebook as well:

cynetyc 3 years on steemit photo.jpg

So that was it for today! I am Cynetyc and thank you for reading my post!


This is a good post and good for you on the book. I am only downvoting this because of the volume of paid for votes and the fact that you were previously advised of this on your last post. As it was stated there, things have changed on Steemit in order to enable better content discovery and curation.

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Hi @meesterboom !
Can you give me a link to a post see these rules?
At least to be informed...I there are many articles or posts it is ok just please put them in a comment here and I will read them.
I returned ...from the sea and I lost touch with many of steemit news and updates it will be a great help to see what happened here.
Thank you in advance!


Sorry for the late reply. I don't think I can add to what @steevc has mentioned.

I completely understand given your absence prior to this. Your post is great and it is solely because of the vote buying which is now somewhat frowned upon almost that it was downvoted. I says with steevec in that you should go for it without vote buying and I am sure you will do well

Thanks @meesterboom for your reply !
No problem I will just not use any bid vote in the future...
I read many articles today and yeah it is -frowned- upon , I went to the @steemflagrewards, then to steemit blog and finally I went to steemit youtube channel where I saw that even the engineers were not agreeing with the bid bots.Also I went back to double check my post and saw the comment @acidyo, I dunno how I forgot about that....
Overall I think I have a clear picture now thank you for advice.

No worries at all. Glad to have been of some help at least!!

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Qué bien, lo felicito amigo @cynetyc espero sea todo un éxito su publicación…

This new cover I like very much ...I still have the cover from 2011.
Well done @cynetyc!

Thank you @fevronia ! I worked with a good illustrator for the cover....I had some photos and then I edit them in davinci resolve and send to my guy and he added his magic to the photos as well. I am very happy with the result.


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Cool thank you very much @goldcoin! I see they have a lot of tokens there I will have a look.

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Thank you for the information and kind thanks to @goldcoin as well!

Well done @cynetyc this book looks very nice even better then "Forgotten Roots".
How are things ? I saw that this voyage took a lot from you...I hope you are OK.

Thank you @mindlock I am glad you liked it .. and yeah ...I had some bad days after my voyage , but I had one or 2 days slightly tolerable.

Great, congratulations. It should be very interesting, I like to read about something mysterious and inexplicable. You are well done.

Thank you very much @magnata this book is a long time project of mine that started when I was a teenager.

O.o finally ...The Virus of Life is back I am waiting for the second part.
Any info on that? I mean will appear this year or maybe the next one?

Hello @xardas! I will do my very best to publish the second part also this you already know the first it will be in Romanian version and soon after in English too. I will be very happy to announce it here on Steemit.

I like to read and always curious about sci fi and adventure related topics. I will try to collect "The Virus of Life". And best wishes for 2020 a happy new year.

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Thank you very much @msena!

Por lo que se puede apreciar en el enlace es bastante interesante, me gusta eso de ir dejando expectativas en cada párrafo, lo hace curioso… Gracias por compartirlo.

This is a great work. I am always fascinated by the occult practices and have seen many strange events in front of me. What types of black magic we will find in your book? In India, occult practice is very dangerous and life threatening.

Exact it is dangerous and the kids from this book tried to obtain knowledge and power...but something went terrible wrong and things got dark very fast.
Now ... I am from Romania and my country still holds a strong position in the belief and practice of witchcraft...the belief is so strong that some events from the past actually inspired a documentary to be done...and then more and more....
Historically speaking it is rooted in the gypsy clans of Romania...but the practice, superstitions and curses were in the Romanian tradition way before gypsy arrived.
Maybe I will write little bit about this subject in a future post.

That's really a dark side of the occult. In India , we have special temples and living body's sacrifices on the name of black magic and many extinct species of birds are being killed in it. Indian government has put the ban of their killing and doing so can put the people behind the bars. Even at some places and tribes, new born babies are killed and their blood is used in it. What are your thoughts about it? I think you should really spread the awareness about it through your book.

I have been in India few times ...unfortunately only with work ...and I did not have time to visit a temple , but yes it is a losing battle with the animals and birds.
Places, animals , insects are threatened by us and our constant need to build and expand our industry and for that specific place they are using rare animals for their rituals.
I hope that your government will find a good solution.

congratulations to you what a great journey you had will be checking it out :)

Thank you @blazing I hope you will love it!

Hi friend @cynetyc, my congratulations for this achievement, every time we set our mind to something and reach the goal it feels good, thanks for the links I will visit them.

Hola amigo @cynetyc, mis felicitaciones por ese logro, cada vez que nos proponemos algo y llegamos a la meta sí que se siente bien, gracias por los enlaces los visitare.

Thank you very much @sekhet!

How about @cynetyc, those are topics of high interest both for those of us who like them and their critics and even more so when it is known that the author is a participant in one of those events no matter if they are simple or significant. I'll go through the links you left us.

Que tal @cynetyc, esos son temas de alto interés tanto para los que nos gusta como también para sus críticos y más aún cuando se sabe que el autor es participe de alguno de esos eventos no importando si estos son simples o significativos. Pasare por los enlaces que nos dejaste.

Thank you very much @sonder-an for sure you will love the book!

Great post

Genial amigo @cynetyc, las historias misteriosas son increíbles, pero debemos contarlas de noche así las disfrutamos más… Espero tengas mucho éxito con este nuevo libro.
Great friend @cynetyc, the mysterious stories are incredible, but we must tell them at night so we can enjoy them more... I hope you have a lot of success with this new book.

Thank you @elmundodexao . I wrote this book few years ago and now I am happy that I can share it in a language that everybody can understand .If the book will be read by many people I plan to translate it in other languages such as Spanish, Russian, Greek and German.

Thank God my
,,,,,,,,Dair. ,, Nice,,, picture 👍,

Hola @cynetyc, comenzaste el 2020 con buen pie mis mejores deseos en todos tus proyectos para este año, esos temas me encantan lo oculto, lo mágico, creo que todos tenemos algo de eso…

Hello @cynetyc, you started the 2020 with a good foot my best wishes in all your projects for this year, those topics I love the hidden, the magic, I think we all have something of that ...

Thank you @leynedayana for appreciating my work and I have many more stories to tell.

Great, congratulations. It should be very interesting, I like to read about something mysterious and inexplicable. You are well done..