World Wild Flora contest – week no. 2 – The winner and the participants

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The prize of the @worldwildflora weekly contest (3.122 SBD) go to @traciyork. Congratulations!

Starting with the next edition of the contest I decided to change the prize. Please read at the end of this article which will be the new awards.

Participants to the @worldwildflora contest nr. 2 and their plants

@artofwisdom Campanula rotundifolia
@roxy-cat Hypericum perforatum
@traciyork Monotropa uniflora
@laviniatherapist Convolvus arvensis
@camuel Polyporus squamosus

If you have participated in the contest and do not find yourself in the above table, you have not complied with at least one of the competition rules.

The contest continues so you can submit posts for the next edition.
Read carefully the rules and do not forget to vote on this article.
Good luck !

The prizes (updated)

1st prize – 2 SBD + 25% of @worldwildflora SBD author rewards in the week of the contest.
2nd prize – 1 SBD + 25% of @worldwildflora SBD author rewards in the week of the contest.
3rd prize – 25% of @worldwildflora SBD author rewards in the week of the contest.


The article in the contest must contain:

  • an original photography of a single wild plant, (you can add multiple photos but only from the same species)
  • the name of the plant in Latin, English and your native language.
  • a short scientific description
  • if the plant falls under the medicinal or edible category, you can describe how it is used
  • a minimal description of the photography (camera, lens, exposure, iso etc.)
  • references for the information presented in your article.
  • one of the hashtags used must be #worldwildflora.
  • vote for the last post of @worldwildflora (post with winner of the previous contest)
  • comment in the contest article with the link of your post

The winner will be announced each Sunday and the prize will be paid on Monday.


The contest is sponsored by @rbm and his friends.

Many thanks to the delegators and sponsors: @ade-greenwise, @alexdory, @alexvan, @laviniatherapist, @lishu, @mejustandrew, @photovitamin, @raoul.poenar, @sorin.cristescu, @unacomn, @vonaurolacu, @cristinaaa and @ruth-elise.

For those who want to sustain this project, you have some predefined delegation links below.
10 SP | 20 SP | 50 SP | 100 SP | 200 SP | 500 SP

I decided to not pay any reward to delegators and to use 75% of revenue for funding the prizes of the contest.
If you do not agree to delegate under these conditions, please withdraw the delegation.

WorldWildFlora Discord channel:


This is wicked awesomesauce! Thank you so much, @worldwildflora!


Congratulations! I hope you will continue to participate in the contest.

Most definitely! I have oodles of pictures already, and I'm forever taking new. I'm sure I can come up with another post or three... thousand... LOL!

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