Day-To-Day Steem's Communities Measure - Fri, 24 May 2024

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2D graphic meeting (Wikimedia)

On the basis of the recent one week blockchain's details (near 12142 discussions/2301 posters and 25851 answers/1123 posters), we derived some stat of Steem's Communities actions as the following.

Thriving Communities

Groups that are prospering.

CommunitySubscribersPending RewardsActive PostersWeekly Posts
WORLD OF XPILAR24,753$3,103294301
The Concept Behind SteemSilverRound
Pencil drawing, New Competition (No.32) You can win Steem. Congratulations to the winners from competition 31
Photo of the week #178 | contest post | street sport
Check my latest fight ! servelle vs The Goverment
Check my latest fight ! dalyaok vs yellowxbee
Check my latest fight ! white-bai vs The Goverment
Special plate of Fruit Chaat At Multani Fruit Chat...
Haciendo a...
Tron Fan Club3,147$1,31462219
NFT-ART : Premium Dog Victor art.
NFT-ART||Premium Old Women Art ️Tron Fan Club
NFT-ART: night scenery art
And never have I felt so
I feel like getting married
No, don't worry, they'll ring
Street Photography Challenge Week - 41 | "Capture, Click, Compete!"
Food Photography Challenge - Week 42 | "Capture, Click, Compete!"
Moment Of The Day Photography Challenge - Week 41 | Capture, Click, Compete!"
Hey ya all
New week
Good morning!
Steem For Pakistan2,754$686308163
Application for the community curators for June 2024 | Hope For the Best
Contest // Burnsteem25 Campaign Season-8.
Weekly Contest Best Diary Game Of The Week: Booming Vote For Winners
Steem For Bangladesh2,576$652197141
Contest : "Global warming"
Application For Community Curator June 2024| Team Wise Women
Application for the community curators for June, 2024 || TEAM DIAMOND
Beauty of Creativity10,330$1,13864129
Fascinating Tropical Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio xuthus)
Common Hibiscus flower photography || 10% for boc
Photography of unseasonal mango buds.
GLOBAL STEEM1,288$2751124
The Beauty of Pink Flowers in Photography
Saturday [18/5/2024] | Cooled fruit
Beautiful flower
Steem Kids & Parents7,477$775243119
SEC17 WK:#6: My Family, My Pride!
SEC-S17/W6 | My family, my pride!
SEC17 WK:#6: My Family, My Pride!
Hindwhale Community2,328$599160118
Contest!! "Time never comes back"| Prize Pool of Booming Votes
The diary game || Another Hot day in my town||
Application community curators, June 2024 - Team Tripod !
My Actifit Report Card: May 17 2024
My Actifit Report Card: May 18 2024
My Actifit Report Card: May 19 2024
STEEM AC-IN50$302598
Mother and beloved child kite
Happiness ; Live happily with your beloved children
Colorful Floral Decoration in Illustration
Application for the community curators for June 2024 | Steem Dream Team
Application community curators, June 2024 - Team P2I
New Contest Alert: Your Weekly Food Menu with Goodybest
Steem Alliance2,645$1,6187895
Weekly X Promotion Report : Steem For Lifestyle Community.
Twitter Promotion Weekly Report - Steem4Bloggers Community - Week 38

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