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Did you know that it's World Earth Day on Friday, March 22, 2019? How many of you celebrate that? What do you do to celebrate it?

This is specially posted for that day. Below is a letter from one member of Gaia's clan. Find it too long to read? Click that video below to just watch and listen.

Dear Human

We are ever grateful that you've given us a place to grow. We are ever grateful for each time you have pillared our branches against the tantrums of the mighty gushing wind. We are ever grateful that you have trimmed and pruned us to help us save our energy before we begin to slumber into dormancy during winter days...

but haven't we paid you back enough, serving as shadows from the scorching summer heat these days? Haven't we paid you back enough serving as a place to hang out and perch to your singing and chirping friends? Haven't you cut enough of our branches to keep your fireplace lit on cold winter nights? Haven't we sipped enough rain water on weeks the heavens just won't stop wailing?

So why, human .. why ... just when we are at our brightest and at our healthiest state, you decided to cut us down?

We wanted to run at the sight of the sharp teeth of your saw but we were rooted deep, we stood there,helplessly awaiting the start of horror. You couldn't hear our scream at every inch your saw pierced through our trunks. You couldn't our cries while you count the rings on what's left of us slowly dying, still rooted deep in the ground. You called them our stumps. You couldn't see the sap of tears we've shed for the excruciating pain we felt while your saw went through all of us. We couldn't bear every scream of every tree around us while you cut us one by one ... while we wait for our turn to come to be severed by your mighty saw.

The last tree that was standing next to me, he was begging to be put down because he was rotting inside. He wanted to slumber forever. He was worried that a very strong wind would blow and break him down and that he might fall on a car, or a child or anyone on a bike so he was happy to be brought down ...

but we, the healthy ones, my friends and I, we were healthy, so why human, why did you cut us down?

You know what's worse? We felt back stabbed because we were just waking up from dormancy when you came with your saw. Did you even notice the buds that we've started growing on our twigs? We were all looking forward to sunshine and the singing of our chirping friends in the morrow, the day you came to bring us all down. We were all looking forward to shine the brightest in summer, adorned by the colorful leaves we were gifted with and some of us, we were even awaiting our flower bearing days.

There was nothing wrong with us .. so why? We had hoped for more years of growing and showing off our beautiful leaf-filled branches on warm days and serve as shadows for all of you. We thought you wanted the same for us. We do not understand so please tell us,

What did we do wrong? We were all healthy when you cut us down ... what did we do wrong? We suppose at some point in time, you all forget ... we, have a life. WE ARE ALIVE. Why is it that when .. just when we are at our healthiest state you decided to take us down?

Sixty five rings? That is nothing to a tree. That's a very, very young tree.

Sincerely asking,
(once a mighty healthy looking tree)


This content's 100% mine . I took the pic with my Nikon D3400 and the video clips with my Samsung Galaxy A3 2017.

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Nice writing... but made me sad. Human beings are indeed the most selfish on Earth.


Unfortunately, we are .. well, there's still more good than just greedy among us .. and so there is much hope.

Wow. To be sincere I do not know before, now I do. Thanks for the information. Knowledge is earned.

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it's not given much attention compared to other occasions

@englishtchrivy, Earth gave us opportunity to live so everyday it's Earth Day. Enjoy your time ahead.

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Nice writing...made me sad. Human beings are selfish..