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100 Years of Independence of Belarus and its Main Threat

2018 for Belarusians is saturated with various events. One such event is the recent elections of some of the most useless people in the government – deputies.

In addition, events will take place within a year which will affect the future of the country and its citizens.

Today I will tell you about events that deserve attention.

100 Years BPR (Belarusian of the People's Republic) – Freedom Day


The first symbols of independence of Belarus were A white-red-white flag and a coat of arms under the name "persecution". They were introduced exactly 100 years ago. Together with their adoption, the Belarusian People’s Republic declared independence from Russia. Soon after this, the Soviet Union was established. Belarus was a part of it. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Belarus regained its independence in 1991. But all this changed with the advent of Lukashenko's seizure of power in 1996.

He has made attempts to change the flag and the coat of arms of the country. In addition, he imposed a different ideology on people. It is very similar to the ideology of socialism. Lukashenko has let the people know that he doesn't recognize the history of the BPR and doesn't believe in the history of Belarus. If one goes deep into the history of his statements, then it is clear to see where he takes inspiration from. In one of his interviews, Lukashenko took an example of the ideology promoted by Adolf Hitler. He has been critized severely by the West. As a result, Lukashenka called the evidence of these events false.

Terrible fact: In a recent German television show, German viewers took Lukashenka for Hitler. The Germans saw Lukashenko at the parade and thought that this was a video clip of Hitler. A screen shot can be seen here.


Using a flag and the coat of arms of BPR is illegal. For the use of such historical symbols, people go to prison. «Жыве Беларусь!» (in translation - Long Live Belarus!). Unfortunately, it is unsafe to utter these words. For such words, you can get a fine or get thrown into jail. In the past, any celebration of Freedom Day was illegal. But the authorities gave permission this year to hold Freedom Day.

Why has the government allowed carrying out of this holiday?

Political scientists argue that in this way the authorities are trying to create a sense of stability in society. There are opinions that this is a cunning way to lower the "degree of popular discontent" before a new referendum.

We Do What We Want

  • Alexander Lukashenko - source

In general, the holiday has taken place perfectly. But, as always in Belarus – it wasn't without detentions. According to human rights activists about 120 people were detained.


Despite the danger of being detained by the police, about 50 thousand people celebrated the holiday. There were people of different ages and professions at the festival. Most likely, this is the last time the authorities will allow the public to celebrate Freedom Day.

Belarusians living in other countries also contributed to this holiday. For example, in the city of Warsaw (Poland), Freedom Day was celebrated with a festive rally and procession. Belarusians living in other countries do not forget their history.

What Did the International Media See of Freedom Day 2018?

State-run television channels did not report the celebration of the BPR's 100th anniversary and the events that took place on that day. What did the Russian and Western media report about Freedom Day?

The American newspaper The New York Times reported on Freedom Day - 2018 with the title "The Opposition Rally in Minsk Ended in Arrests." The article gathers information about police detention of people from the opposition.


Similar information was shared by the publication The Guardian, The Independent and ABC News. In their article, they focused on the detentions of activists. The Guardian noted that the authorities allowed a festive concert in order not to anger people and not to spoil relations with the West.

Euronews called Freedom Day "the most massive opposition speech of recent years". They made a small video "Freedom day with detentions". They also did a separate investigation. This is the investigation of the insider's program. It was shown live. I advise you to look.

Deutsche Welle released a big report entitled "Freedom day in Minsk was not perfect". They stressed that the rally-concert near the Opera Theater is the largest mass event in Belarus for the last 20 years.


Information resource "The Russian service of the BBC" has released a video, in which there are frames of detentions and celebration. Their answer to the question: "Why does Lukashenko allow the celebration of Freedom Day?" They answered, "He is afraid of the threat from Moscow."

Various Russian publications have written about the celebration of Freedom Day. For example, the newspaper Russia Today said its opinion was that the authorities support such rallies so as not to provoke the population.

According to the opinion of foreign media, the situation in Belarus remains unstable. Authorities distract the attention of the population to conceal what is happening in the country. Now Lukashenko needs a stable and peaceful society. He intends to hold another referendum.

Long Live the King! - A Change in the Constitution for the President


In early April 2018, the government announced the beginning of preparations for a general referendum. This referendum is a process in which voting is held in favor of changing individual paragraphs of the constitution. As there are no elections in Belarus, it becomes clear to everyone that this referendum is just an expensive show. The head of the Central Election Commission said that the preparation of the referendum will take no more than 70 days.

This is not the first referendum. Lukashenka used this method earlier to strengthen his power.


What are they going to change? This information is kept secret. According to old leaked information, they plan to strengthen the power of the president. In fact, he will increase his term of office and become a monarch. In reality, latent changes are possible. Thus, the dictatorship will become stronger at the legislative level.

Independent and forbidden resource "Belsat" believes that after the referendum Lukashenka will be a «super king». The country will become more like North Korea.

In the city of Minsk, a survey of ordinary citizens was conducted. Journalists learned the opinion of residents about the upcoming referendum. The view was unequivocal, people do not want Lukashenka to change the constitution. But the dictator is not interested in the people's opinions. He has his own interests.

This year promises to be interesting. We will follow the developments.

Authored by: Belarus Insider

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Quite an eye opening account of the state of events in Belarus, thank you for sharing. In general, if a single person is consolidating power, then that is unhealthy because he would likely greatly weaken accountability, letting him and his cronies, for example, take a lot of money for themselves without being challenged. So the situation sounds worrisome; indeed the survey of residents shows that they also don't want Lukashenka to change the constitution, but what can the average person do other than massive protests? And would an opposition leader rise to demand accountability and responsibility from Lukashenka, without having a sponsored "accident?"

Consolidation of power, I guess, does have advantages if the leader means well and decides he needs to do something that may be unpopular now for the future good of the country, but my impression is that Lukashenka might not have that in mind... What kinds of things is he advocating for? Hopefully something more than say "kick out dangerous immigrants!", but I guess I wouldn't be surprised if his overall platform is shallow.

Freedom is always something to celebrate, and hopefully this part of their culture is not taken away in the future. I look forward to your future reports, and hope that at least the people of Belarus do not face oppression and tyranny.


From the author:

Freedom of Belarusians has been violated for many years. This person who calls himself a president has high authority and does not appreciate the history of his country. He eliminated the opposition forces and now nothing to fear except one ... He is afraid of people. Therefore, the fate of Belarus is in the hands of Belarusians.

This was due to the growth of progress. People became more demanding and smarter. Therefore, the hunters need to follow the trend and create more value in order to meet the requirements of the middle class.

Nevertheless, I have reason to believe that a low class in society exists to intimidate the middle class. Thus, people from the middle class will continue to work and bring value to themselves and to people from the vigilant class.

I agree that many things have changed after the industrial revolution. The obfuscation of the trend and the requirements for work have changed. Many professions lost their relevance. At the same time there were other proffessions.

Here where I live is accepted to appreciate things that were produced in the Soviet Union. Why? Just because these things serve to the present day. Yes, exactly then the production created things and mechanisms that were calculated for a long period of work. Now the whole world has changed. Now the priority is money. And chtotneobhodimo that would make money? The answer is simple - sell more often. And what to sell more often - it is necessary that people need these things. Therefore, such a phenomenon as a programmed lifetime became relevant. You buy a thing and with a certain time period it comes out of standing. After that you have to buy this thing. You carry your money back. I do not support such a system....

I like this

Lukashenka is Super King now... The referendum is just theatre...:)...

Belarus is a slowly failing state that puts a country as whole and some population groups in particular at a disadvantage, which is a result of a dictatorship, but otherwise there are currently no active acts of horror, no blood running down the streets, etc.

First of all Happy Indepedence day.secondly i believe we are at an age where despotism isn't fashionable anymore and hardly last as the system always finds a way to purge or rid itself of such leaders moreso the people are more educated and won't stand for the kind of consolidation of power Mr Lukashenka is trying to accomplish.

The best part is, even if they wanted to control crypto, they cant. :)

such characters as Lukashenko, unfortunately for the countries of the former union are not single-handed. I'm very interested in how many generations of generations have to pass, so that in our countries there would be something reminding of Europe.

такие персонажи как Лукашенко, к сожалению для стран бывшего союза не одинственные. Мне очень интересно сколько должно пройти смен поколений, чтобы в наших странах было бы что-то напоменающее Европу.

Nice photo. Also a very awesome comment. I want to learn it to finish.

I resteem your excellent independent post @adsactly

No country is devoid of challenges. Those challenges come to make a stronger nation.
Very nice post.

This year Belarusians throughout the world celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence of the Belarusian Democratic Republic (BNR), the first independent Belarusian state that was proclaimed in March 1918 after more than 150 years of occupation by the Russian Empire. While short-lived, it nevertheless represented the political expression of the Belarusian national consciousness that had grown through the 19th century. The Proclamation of Independence of BNR of March 25th became the most significant date of Belarusian history in the 20th century and symbolizes the resolve of the Belarusian people to have Freedom and Independence. @adsactly

Lo apoyo

Why won't citizens be allowed to celebrate freedom day without fear;
Happy freedom day Belarus

Like many other countries in its axis, isn't Belarus' biggest threat Russia?

Many watchers have attributed quite a junk of instability in Belarus to Russian influences.

There might be an exaggeration but there sure seems an element of truth. Many think so.

I've learnt a lot about Belarus from this post than I have ever known, I had no idea that they gained their Independence from Russia and about the different problems associated with socialism.
Mammoth flow of information, I find this post quite informative and educative

Wish all Belarusian for "100 Years BPR (Belarusian of the People's Republic) – Freedom Day".

Belarus is the "Silicon Valley" of the former Soviet Union. Under the rule of the Soviet Union, Belarus was considered the "Silicon Valley", as it was used to make 50% of computers and computer parts of the Soviet Union. Since the 1960s, Belarus has also become a software development center and is responsible for creating the term "programmnoe obespechenie" or "software" in Russian.
happy 100th anniversary of independence

Great politics my dear friend @adsactly
I like it this Post. I appreciate your valuable Post.. best of luck 👍👍

It sounds like the power mad are in control of Belarus as well. Very informative, thank you for sharing it.

What an beautiful post .Anyway, great work @adsactly


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Thank You! ⚜

one of the most beautiful countries in europe

I like this amazing world news

Nice photo. Also a very awesome comment. I want to learn it to finish.

People are who were once part of the Soviet Union, they will somehow got affect by the Russia. Since, Russia is the one of the world super power. We what will happen to the people of this country, if current president got more power in his hand.Before that, they should decide for themselves what they want. Is it OK with them or not. If not, they should stand strong against it. People are power, If they can unite themselves.

A very moving story of Belarus. What a problem with socialism. God keep you from following Hitler's philosophy. I congratulate you for continuing to celebrate the day of your freedom.

Hi@adsactly i resteemed your nice post.

What is lived is a false democracy, with choices drawn with results conceived, to my mind I believe that one day the population should go out to celebrate their independence day en masse, without caring about the oppression of that government, the only way is to leave all in mass and without backing

wonderful independence post. thanks for @adsactly

Thanks to your country's Independence Day, you know how much a nation is free through pain, thank you so much for sharing a nice post in us

Nice post about 100 years of Independence of Belarus and its Main Threat. Nice information good post I like it.
Have a nice day.

Very nice post my dear @adsactly..
I like it this post..
Thanks for sharing valuable post..
I appreciate your system... best of luck
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Where do we have to push this country to carry it forward? I do not know what's happening to the world, instead of the country better with the years, it's as if they were challenging.
I live in a country so big that everything is far away: education, food, housing.

The best and excellent independent post @adsactly

Wish all Belarusian for "100 Years BPR (Belarusian of the People's Republic) – Freedom Day

So many voice an opinion and so peacefully. To not take notice, and at least some action, is not a crime of this world, but of the soul that lasts beyond it.

Amazing, very informative. Love the world news

Nice history

Lukashenko stands against the western globalists, and that seems to be his great crime. I know who demonizes him, and therefor, I give him the benefit of the doubt.

If it is true, and later can be shown, that his goal is to benefit himself and to further centralize power around himself, then I will join the nearly ubiquitous chorus against him. Until then, as there is no violence, little crime, and no starvation (so far as we know) I am willing to entertain the idea he is so widely hated outside of Belarus, because he does not play the globalists' game and truly believes in the sovereignty of Belrus..

Up voted follow back...