The state of the world economy - From a Northman's point of view.

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This is a shipyard with brand new ships that is currently not having any contracts and has become a liability to the owners who have several more ships on the assembly-line ready to be delivered... to a dead market.

The world is not trading like before, we are not building like before, nothing new is being made and people in the west who used to work on these ships are on welfare now, and those who are not from the commonwealth... well, they have seen better days.

The shipyard in the image above is just one of thousands around the world, the capacity to hold large ships is reaching an all time high as you read this steemit-article and it is only a matter of time before the ship-owners have to declare bankruptcy or accept to be bought up by investors for pennies on the dollar.

At the same time - Winter is coming in the North, and Immigrants are still flooding into Europe and USA from South and East, driven North for the fear of their life, someone for the dream of a better life, and in the mix - vicious charlatans who have planned to destroy the commonwealth - the remnants of the British and American empire and their continents of taxpayers/slaves.

The only time there was peace on the earth was when Solomon was King of Jerusalem

Solomon was a clever ruler who instigated the largest building-project in written royal history - Solomon's Temple. It was so large and so detailed that it required materials and specialists from all over the world, and while they were building it - people had no time for war, because they all had a common interest in supplying Solomon with the materials he needed to accomplish the Temple in Jerusalem (a ruin today).

I have been to Israel and Jerusalem many times, spent many weeks trailing the ruins, doing some ancient history research as a philanthropist and building a larger picture and a very large timeline that I will share with you here:

What state is the world in right now?

The war in Afghanistan, The war in Iraq, Boko Haram in Nigeria VS Cameroon VS Niger VS Chad, The Syria Dual War, Turkey VS Syria & Iraq/kurds, Civil War Somalia VS Kenya, Communal Conflicts in Nigeria, The War in Darfur Sudan and the South Kordofan Coflict in Sudan, The War of North-West Pakistan, Mexico Drug War, The Libya & Civil War, The Yemen Crisis VS Saudi-Arabia in Civil war right now, The Sinai Insurgency in Egypt and the South-Sudan VS Ethiopia in the Ethnic Violence/clensing in the ongoing South Sudanese Civil war while NATO and RUSSIA is showing muscles over the War in Donbass in Ukraine.

Let me also mention that India and Pakistan is at war still since 1947, and Pakistan and Iran has been at war since 1948 people are still dying over the Kashmir conflict/unrest as you read this post.

Myanmar, Thailand, Israel, Palestine, Colombia, Phillipines has multiple conflicts going on, so does Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Congo, Algeria, Tunisia, Burundi, The Central African Republic, Mali, Mozambique & Burundi.

The World is in a state of apathy, anarchy, helplessness. The ships are not sailing, the economy is not working - so what is about to happen?

Trump is going to build the largest financial bubble in history - it will be YUGE - and then it will pop!

The fundamentals in all trading is that the real world really moves, that cargo is picked up and delivered to keep people busy, and if you remember George W. Bush - after the 9/11 attacks he sent the American People on a spending-spree that ended up in the financial crisis of 2008 when the Clinton/Bush-Bubble bursted and wiped out the middle class and destroyed the lower class completely while the rich whales like George Soros and others made Billions.

The new Wall - The new Infrastructure - The Wars - The Rumors

There is no secret that George Soros is short on the S&P500 and he is losing more and more money as the broad index is trending higher and higher, and big capitalists are not just going to sit idle by and watch their fortune disappear in a Trump-Bubble, unless of course they get margin-called first and end up penniless without freedom or power.

There are two charts that interests me for the time being, the first one is the copper-chart, let me show you how it looks like right now from my desk:

This is the largest index in the world and it is showing enormous optimism in the market as US Stocks are broad and clearly going up in value after Trump got elected, but it is not only the S&P500 that has reacted positive.

Copper is showing accumulation and demand - the main ingredient in everything electronics, in everything that is construction - it is being bought up at spot low prices, a very strong indicator that we are standing before a new economic regime. Because when the USA will build a wall from the East Coast to the West Coast that is one extraordinary large project that will require cement and sand from all around the world and truckers from all over America and Mexico to supply the thousands of men that will be working on both sides of the wall until it is finished, and on top of the wall - a lightning fast coast to coast train according to this video:

The worst thing that can happen to the human world, is idle hands and nothing to do

As a trader/investor I am looking forward to see if the world can correct itself and make the ships move again, because if nothing is being built on a grand scale in the current economy anymore - it is a clear sign that the current economy has failed and will be replaced by a new economy that will buy up all the foreclosures and take monopoly after all the wars have run out of ammunition and men has been replaced with little children standing with an AK-47 without bullets.

And while people are idling or fighting in wars - #pizzagate is going viral, but where is Julian Assange?

I do not know the answer to the last question, but I do hope Julian Assange is safe in his office at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, I would like to see him alive and well live on the Internet soon, there is rumors that he has been kidnapped by a SWAT-Team, but I have no confirmations nor do I believe that, but after seeing what the George Soros/Hillary/BillChelsea Clinton/Bush house of Cards crumble with all their #skeletons coming out of the closet, I would not be surprised if the rumors have some truth to them.

Thank you for reading, I would love to see your comment below and discuss with you guys later tonight or today or whatever the timezone will be in the future :)


"Yuge, Yuge I tell"

Quote from just a regular day on Steem Speak ;)

hehe, steemspeak-addict :D

Nicely written, you're a great storyteller.

If Trump hadn't won we'd be the new Janissaries ;-)

And then nothing but freedom would matter.

I'm glad he's doing an FDR. I'm glad he's doing a Solomon. I think he'll also do a Cyrus the Great.

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I have been following the world economy for a long time and in my opinion, at least in my country, Sweden we have asset bubbles and enormous amount of private debt. People are using their houses as a private bank thinking that the house prices will always go up.

To me it is a fraud that money is for free. You can´t invest in bonds since there is no revenue, you can´t buy property since it is overvalued. Because of this all the money goes in to the stock market. It is ridiculous the P/E ratios with some companies. The offical numbers regarding inflation, GDP and job statistics in US is a fraud. The FED is privately owned. Can you imagine having a central bank with shareholders. Wonder who owns the bank, hmmm. China and Russia are buying every ounce of physical gold they can. Wonder why. They are also trading without the dollar and use their own payment system CIPS instead of SWIFT. The dollar is loosing it´s power in the world economy. China is selling bonds denominated in USD. The IMF took in the YUAN in their SDR-basket and US lost their Veto in IMF. I think we are in for a currency crisis and the only one with a balance sheet that is ok is the IMF so they will have to bail out the central banks. Sorry to be a pessimist but it doesn´t look good. The good thing is that a real crisis might wake people up and maybe, maybe we can build a world that is a little bit better than the one we have today.

I love charts. Here is one for Shipping - only goes back to 2011. it is a fund that tracks Shipping stocks - just as you said = beaten down.

You make so many good points, I will will build them into my series of "What did they (the media) mean?" posts, if i may. Thanks.

yeah, a clear sign of how bad it is right now. Thanks for that chart @carrinm, awesome!

The wall's getting built?

Not unless they plan to fund it with traffic tickets.

time will show, I have no idea if it will actually get built - budget is 1 trillion dollars.

Yes Boss , RNS Going to make them YUGES!!!!
WE called them, The NUg YUGE Project!!!!! Coming Soon iN MeLt DoWn!!!!

Great Article. Interesting take on Trump's bubble. I think you will be correct.

time will show, so far so good at least - and he is not yet in office.

The aftermath of the US Election has been a thriller for sure.

Yes the NWO is here - Trump, brexit, bricks... but its good for us, in 20 years time we will rememeber those days as history - im sure

that would be awesome, but let us not underestimate all the current wars going on right now as I summed up in the OP. There can come many unexpected mega-crisis/false flags etc.

George Soros is not dead yet.

Awesome post @fyrstikken. Solomon was the wisest man that ever lived, but was jacked on women and idols. I'm imagining the temple being built by the man that was given everything. Steem On Friend.

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