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The new history is made in the World Cup final. Again, old history can also inspire many. It is a good idea to know some information before fighting this frame of history.

1. France will take part in the third World Cup finals in their football history today. This is Croatia for the first time in the final.

2.The nine-time World Cup final two teams in Europe

3.French coach Didier Desmond has the chance to sit next to the Brazilian Mario Jagallo and Franz Beckenbauer of Germany. Players and coaches - In both of these roles, the World Cup wins only Jagglo and Bekenbauwer.

4.The last time a new team has won in the final, they won the title. This information may be inspired by Croatia. In France and Spain in the final for the first time in the year 2010, France and Spain became champions.

5.Today's World Cup Final is 900th match of the Football World Cup History

6.Kylian Mbappé has chance to touch the record of football legent Pelé. Before the age of 20, only Brazilian Pele (1958) scored the World Cup finals.


ফ্রান্স তো জিতে গেলো ভাই বিশ্বকাপ।

Hmm, Je doler support kortam tara to age e vagce, Akhon je jituk!

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