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I always was living (and still live) according to the motto "Social rules and conventions are there to be broken." Actually that doesn't mean that I break them intentionally as self purpose, no, but I just don't care much about these unwritten rules and try to do things in a way they are suitable and pleasant for me.

I prefer to work late ...

For example my ideas about work differ a lot from the views of most people in my surroundings. For instance I prefer to work very late, not starting before afternoon as I am a real night owl[1], whereas in society many people are still following their 'work-early-ethos'. @uwelang recently called me "early riser" because I released a STEEM article at 4 o'clock in the morning ... but the truth was that I had written it at night and was still awake at 4 a. m. :)

... at home ...

Of course I also prefer to work from home, whereas most employers in Germany still prefer to see their employees around them every day (I guess it gives them a feeling of having all under control). They say being present in the company increases communication processes within the team, but well, there are messenger solutions nowadays ...

... alone ...

And apropos 'team': new studies are pointing to the fact that humans are more creative, productive and concentrated when working alone,[2] because they are less distracted, more relaxed and don't tend to buck-pass responsibility on others. Therefore one could think that in German TEAM be the abbreviation of "Toll, Ein Anderer Macht's!"[3] I even found a book with that title.[4] (Concerning this topic I didn't find enough adequate sources in English - maybe in Germany are living more mavericks similar like me.)
Anyway, at home I can work much more effectively, focused and in a better mood. In addition it saves energy and reduces pollution and problems caused by traffic jam if people save their daily way to work.

... and in bed! :-)

Due to my characteristics mentioned above I may belong to a minority, but many other people may have the same preferences like me as well. However, I not only prefer to work from home whenever possible, and late, but what makes it even worse (in the eyes of all these normal people around me) is that while I am working, most of the time I neither sit nor stand, but I lie! Yes, you did read correctly. Let me show you my 'workplace':

When we let build our new home I told the electrician to position the sockets for the LAN cables in our sleeping room a little bit higher than the top edge of our bed (as you can see in the picture). In front of the headboard of the bed we put a bench for our laptops. That makes it possible to lie in a very comfortable position while working, placing my online bets or writing STEEM articles (obviously one can do many other nice things in bed as well, but that's not the topic of today). :) Of course I also don't need to stand up for switching off the light when work is finished ...

My paragons

Ok, I might be crazy, be that as it may, but at least I am not alone: according to an article[5] in "ZEIT Online" more and more young professionals in New York are doing the same, so actually it seems I am quite 'avant-garde' concerning this. :) In addition also many writers, artists and thinkers, like for example Marcel Proust, Mark Twain, William Wordsworth, Truman Capote and Gary Shteyngart were/are working in bed[6].

It's more healthy to lie than to sit or stand!

Nowadays experts are of the opinion that sitting too long (as most of us do) is very bad for our health. Several studies show that sedentary time seems to be associated with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and mortality.[7], [8], [9]
Of course some of the disadvantages of sitting also apply for lying, for example in both positions energy consumption is rather low. Not to gain weight and to prevent cardiovascular diseases, it is necessary to be active enough, do some sports, leave the house and make some walks in the beautiful nature. :)
Nevertheless, lying has some advantages compared to sitting. First of all (unlike when you stand or sit) the spine and the intervertebral discs are getting relieved. Moreover a physiotherapist explained me that there is a 'rule' that "Going and lying is better than standing and sitting." If you are sitting, hip and knee joints are bent that means blood vessels are constrained so that blood flow is restricted. As a consequence thromboses and edemas are more probable. If you stand too long though, gravity causes the blood flowing into legs and feet.

Have a comfortable evening! :-)

Chaise longue Venus Victrix (1800).

By shakko



Sorry for the delay in answering all your comments, but I had to leave bed for a while! :-)))

@jak01 surely bed is the best workplace - I am also of the same opinion :-)

Thanks for mentioning me - I used to be similar in early years - late worker, working in bed, from home - BUT since our daughter is with us these points are hard to realise anymore or more relevant not what I would push - the working alone vs. team is interesting - I would need to dive into that a bit more - I have a similar feeling - but spending on what the work task is whether a team or someone also would be better.

Lol. You must be from Montenegro. We are worldwide famous country for lazy and easy work. I guess when Steemit goes mainstream my country will be all on Steemit. haha

Looks amazing ♡ I cant share any pictures of my workplace due to stupid data protection acts xD (working in a call center )
Hopefully some day Il have the same working conditions as you
Cheers !

Good luck! ;-)

This is interesting @jaki01! I've never thought of working in bed, sometimes I will sit in bed with my laptop for a few, but never laying down to work. I would have to agree with the concern for the amount of sitting on a job, I've read plenty of articles that encourage getting up often and being active. I think lying down would be better than sitting, but still make an effort to be active!

You are completely right about being active ... therefore my last article was about a long forest walk. :)

If I would be working like that, in the bed, I would be dead !!!
a little rap I wrote =]
I need some movements !
But if it feets you, it is great !!!

Actually I do some push ups in the bed from time to time ... :)
But of course I am sure that working while lying is not for everybody.

Well, when I first saw your bedroom I was a little bit amused. But I bet I'm not the only one? ;-)
In fact, I could not work while lying in the bed because I'm not really able to lie on my front. Just find it uncomfortable. But hey, tastes are different.
Apart from that, if one can work at/from home (and in the bed as a special case from this) is of course depending on the kind of work that has to be done. Maybe in the future there are more jobs like monitoring and piloting robots which can be done at home?

Well, when I first saw your bedroom I was a little bit amused.

I thought you know me already long enough not to be surprised about anything anymore? :-)

But I bet I'm not the only one? ;-)

I would not bet against that ...

But hey, tastes are different.

That's it! As soon as people begin to accept that different ways of life are no reason to argue, world will be already a little bit better than now. :)

And yes, I am sure that more and more people will get the opportunity to work at home due to new technologies (and to work less due to digitalization and automation).

Very interesting!

I don't feel very comfortable with using my laptop while lying no matter where and no matter what way round, but I guess if you even like working like that it's really good and better than spending a lot of time sitting. :-)

Great article once again @jak01. Do I interpret it correctly that you are lying on your stomach? I'm currently lying on my back and that works quite fine but lying on the stomach somehow seems to be quite uncomfortable...

I can't imagine how to use the keyboard while lying on the bed (unless we're using a tablet computer).
Perhaps you meant to work on the bed half lying using pillows on the back for support?
I lie on my stomach and from time to time on the side, sometimes using a pillow for support to make it more comfortable.

Yes, supporting the back with pillows is exactly what I meant. Interesting to read that lying on the stomach works for you. It definitely wouldn't work for me.

Interesting that I actually just enjoy doing the same, especially because I never remember telling him that I'm as "lazy" as him when we haven't married yet LOL.
Logically speaking, "lazy" image is not something you want to show to your dating partner hahaha.
And it could have been a problem if he had married someone who can't sleep well while others are typing and working in bed.
Of course one can always make a compromisse by having 2 separate bedroom.
However that's not a condition that I'd be happy living with. ^_^
So ... Supposing we're both believer, then one could say that we're indeed destined aka born for each other hahahahaha.

Awwww.... that was cute. :-) What about @kobold-jaki? I guess she'll enjoy working like that as well in the future.

Hahaha, it's very likely to happen. ^_^
Especially because from my observation I recognised that she seems to have a deep sleep if she lies on the stomach.
I know that it's not recommended by the pediatrician because of SIDS-danger. But I let her do it in the day time as long as I'm nearby and always stay alert so that her nose is never covered by anything.

Love it - thanks for that article - I comment from chair in sitting mode, to bed now

Nice that I could enjoy you somewhat with my article, sitting friend. :)
Have a good night!

Really made my day :) also your tuxedo is cool as fuck

i beleved i show betfair markets in your screen?:)

Haha, colors look very similar, indeed - but to be honest: I really hate Betfair these days, they have become incredible greedy! :)
On the screen you see part of my odds calculation program. :)

I work from home too, and I typically have my laptop in my bed with me also, so you are not alone, and I will jump on that crazy bus with you for doing the same.

You have a new follower. :)

Thank you. I enjoyed your post and hope there are many more insightful thoughts posted.

I will do my best ... in the meanwhile you may check my older articles. :)

I intend to do just that. Thanks

When i work from home i eat too much - fridge is the devil.

Bed is the most beautiful place in the world...

Nice and interesting article, sometimes i also do work from home but i used feel lazy on bed ;))

bed is the best place haha

good info

Living the dream ;)

Great, you can also check my photos @pikto

I learned recently that doing things in bed effects the way you do them because we associate beds with sleep. But good for you doing your own thing

Maybe the trick is to associate it with work instead, haha. :)

i'll upvote you ;)

Thanks. :)

great post, followed ;)

Thanks, followed, too. :)

Pretty much how I trade in the morning :D

Cool! :)

aber immer auf dem Bauch liegen zum schreiben ist nicht gut!!! ich nehme es als Abschreckung mal mit!!

Tulisan nya lucu, tapi inspirasi

Terima kasih! :)

good one -- Kim Dotcom once said he had a workbed too!

In fact, we actually could be the almost ideal pair. I also have been working at home for almost 20 years - but never in bed. I usually get up, when you prepareing yourself for the night rest. At lunchtime, when I left my desk and you the bed for a short time, we could meet at the table and arrange an appointment for the next meeting. Because my evening belongs to the books and the bed. A quarrel between us should so be excluded. Except, you like to eat things like lungs, tripe, brain or pig's feet. I can also fill up a washing machine. And something else - I would possibly bring a wife into our future relationship.


And something else - I would possibly bring a wife into our future relationship.

Same here ...

Dann passt es ja. Nun ist nur noch die Frage: Du zu mir oder ich zu dir?

Hehe working in bed.. hmm think nothing would ever get finished! The moment I go to bed I'm fast asleep in a matter of seconds!

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Okay der Post ist zwar schon über ein Jahr alt, aber er lässt sich trotzdem gut lesen :)

Es ist wirklich ziemlich ungewöhnlich im liegen zu arbeiten, aber ausprobieren würde ich es auf jeden Fall auch gerne einmal :)

Das mit dem allein arbeiten kann ich gut nachvollziehen, ich arbeite auch lieber für mich. Meist bringt mich eine zweite oder sogar dritte Person aus dem Konzept 🙈

Schöner Post ;)

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Okay der Post ist zwar schon über ein Jahr alt, aber er lässt sich trotzdem gut lesen :)

Soweit kommt's noch, dass meine wertvollen alten Artikel irgendwann nicht mehr lesbar sind! :-)

Schöner Post ;)

Danke! Bist du auch dem anderen Link gefolgt? Dort gehe ich auf viele der von @lianaakobian aufgeworfenen Fragen ein.

Nein ich habe es leider Zeitlich noch nicht geschafft den anderen Beitrag von dir zu lesen, aber ich werde das dann noch nachholen ;)

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Dass du diesen alten Artikel kommentiertest, inspirierte mich gerade, ihn selbst noch einmal zu lesen, wodurch ich ein paar kleinere Fehler fand und verbessern konnte (das Editieren auch älterer Posts ist ja mittlerweile möglich). :)

Es freut mich sehr, dass ich dich dazu inspirieren konnte ;)

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liked it ...


stop nagging all people with "follow for follow", otherwise I will flag all your posts.

oh wow !! That is beautiful !! You are very talented , I love it ! Thanks for up voting one of posts , on the chat chanel ! Upped yours back !!
I will also resteem it so it gets more views , if you want to resteem this post for me !? Thanks , heres the link !

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