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I've been making upcycling instruments since 2010 or so. I got into it after reading about poor people in Africa making instruments from oilcans and other trash.
I didn't know about the existence of cigar box guitars back then but I liked the idea of upcycling instruments and decided to try making some of my own!

I did have some woodworking experience (due to working with my Dad, who is a carpenter/roofer) but I'm not a trained luthier and had to figure out my own way to make instruments, getting better at it over the years.
But enough of a background story for now, here is one of my latest builds and some pictures of how I made it: a six string oilcan guitar. I hope you'll enjoy it :) IMG_1077.jpg

Routed the trussrod channel on the CNC and cut the shape of the neck & headstock with a jigsaw

Cutting the f-holes with a dremelIMG_20170702_155054_516.jpg

I cut the fretslots on the CNC again and shaped the fretboard by hand, using one of my grandfathers easily 50+ years old tools that is still doing it's job! :)

Then glueing on the fretboard and shaping the neck:

Keeping in the "upcycling" spirit, I used a frying spatula as a tailpiece because the guy that I made the guitar for likes cooking

Spray painted the oilcan and head a nice, dark green and assembled the guitar. I was super happy with the result :) let me know what you think and feel free to ask any questions! I will also upload a short making of video and soundtest of the guitar here soon!


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Sehr geil, HOMIE!

danke :)

Man you got a steadier hand than me cutting those f holes with the dremel. Me and f holes still don't agree to this day.... I can never get them right..... But I keep trying.... When I do that one I will never

haha, thanks :)

These are so cool!

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Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!

Hey, thanks a lot for resteeming and adding to your Daily Sneak! I really appreciate it! :)
also followed you to see more quality content in the future!

such a beautiful and interesting post!

thank you! :)

Awesome!! Really love this, man!!
I've been wanting to build my own instrument for a while now. This is really great. I hop you keep posting more like these. This is definitely resteem worthy, really original, I hope you get some more followers.
I wish my upvote was worth more, but Im new here.

thanks, I appreciate it :) I will keep posting stuff like this and I suggest just go for it and try making sth, it's great fun! also, if you've got questions feel free to ask.

Do you know any musicians who play on these upcycled instruments or even your own maybe. (I would love to strum around on one of them if I manage to visit Berlin again somtime, great city!)
Do you have a link to the article you read about it? Im really interested in this.

one musician that comes to my mind playing similar instruments would be Seasick Steve, but there's many others as well I'm sure.
The most famous musician who once played any of my instruments was the australian guitarist John Butler, I might upload a video of that here at some point.
If you come to Berlin message me and you can play some of mine :)

Unfortunately I don't have a link to the article anymore, it's too long ago...

I will check out Seasick Steve and look forward to the John Butler video.
I will definitely message you next time I'm in Berlin!

That's awesome! I want to know how it sounds, do you have any videos?

thanks :) I do have a making of and soundtest video that I will upload here in a bit!

Freakin amazing! Now naturally all that is missing would be a small sample of how it sounds ;) Does it have body?

Thanks a mil for recommending it to The Daily Sneak! I'm happy you like it :)
I just uploaded my making of & soundtest video so you can hear what the guitar sounds like. I hope you enjoy it ->

I will also upload another video soon in which my brother and me play the guitar and another cookietin mandolin I made

You are very welcome.
I can't wait for that! This really broadened my horizon as to what guitar I need in life. <3


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Wow that is amazing, I'm so looking forward to the video.

EDIT: Oh, it's already on - going to watch it :)