Building a Rolling Workbench for the Table Saw

in woodworking •  4 months ago 

In this video I show you how I built a DIY rolling #workbench with #outfeed table and tool storage.

I have an old Craftsman #tablesaw (model 113) that was sitting in the middle of my garage workshop on it's own dedicated cart. I had been wanting a new rolling workbench for some time so I decided to combine the two into one functional workbench, table saw stand and outfeed table. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the build in the comment section below!

Video here:

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That looks impressive and really creative. Your workshop area looks very busy, I believe you love to do everything yourself with your own hands :) I see how the bicycles are parked under the ceiling and they do not take much place then. Your little looks so cute, also wants to be involved, I think he had much fun but of course to have such a curious kid you have to be also very careful with safety. The rolling workbench is a great idea like it . It is so important when I see when my hubby needs to do some wood works too. Nice video!

Thanks for your thoughts. Yes indeed the garage/workshop is a busy place but I love it!

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Wooooaw..... Indeed you have a great craft skill. As I watched the video, i noticed that you are the type that loves to work alone. You love to be in the creation mood by doing everything by you, yourself and you again.

I really enjoyed reading and watching every second of your video and I say thumbs up for the good work done.
I know many will watch your video and even be more excited than I am here. I hope to try them out.... 😁
Great work and keep the creation spirit up

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Good morning @ccssonsworkshop. It's so nice to see people building what they need from scratch. You need certain skills but you're doing great, judging from the video, which turned out fantastic. I love what you are doing and special thanks for the tutorial video, which is much needed. I'm hoping people are going to learn from it. I know this is an exact science ans there's no room for errors, but with time and practice a lot can be done.
Your little helper is so cute 😀 I hope he's going to be as talented with tools as you are.
Keep up the good work and steem on! Have a nice weekend!

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