Benefits of Clear Quartz Yoni Eggs

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Crystal eggs are unique gems of the earth that provide an array of healing and energetic balances. Clear cyrstal quartz is associated as the master balancer, as it works with all the chakras. This powerful gemstone is referred as the "anything-stone" as it can be programmed for any use. Clear Quartz enhances and stimulates positive thinking, harmonizes our inner energy, and purifes our mental, spiritual, and physical bodies.

As a protective stone, it can be utilized in the healing and restoring of the immunse system and harmonizing of the organs, nervous and reproductive systems. It is best to use during the day since its energy can be too energizing and highly activating for night time use.

The properties of this crystal is light body amplication, Clarity, Self Acceptance, Goals, and Purification. This cyrstal is often associated with the Dove, as a messenger cyrstal of higher thoughts.

Benefits of adding this stone to your Yoni Practice
This egg is powerful for creating and manifesting goals that are aligned with your life purpose It offers clarity and acceptance by aligning your mental and emotional bodies together It removes blockages such as constipation, congestion, and stagnation in the physical body.

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