Happy Woman's Day

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Hey Sunshines,

International Woman's Day is celebrated on March the 8th every year so being march the 8th wishing every woman, lady, girl a wonderful day celebrating you...

Just going about twenty years ago, I was introduced to woman's day Russian style, I hadn't heard of it before.
In the last few years, I've been seeing it more and more via social media.

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Doing some research on it which you can find some information Here where it started in North America and Soviet Russia with more a political side of celebrating Woman's achievement's in the political area.
Basically it took off in Soviet Russian where it is as big as Mothers day, Russians celebrate all woman, girls on this day some with lavish gifts of cars, flowers and chocolates.

The way it was explained to me was Mothers day is to celebrate mothers, Woman's day is to celebrate all females.
My take on it is that there maybe lavish gifts involved at times of these celebrations, but what male weather it be a father, Grandfather, a son, a bother want there special females that look after family members, or themselves to be safe in the likes of lavish gifts of cars and to be comfortable not having to struggle or add stress to their lives.
There's many ways to look at it but celebrating other human beings should be every day but we do take others for granted so on these days we can also reflect on how we can add appreciation to people we don't even know and to our love ones also.

Things from the heart go along way like picking a flower from a garden, just make surer you don't pick from an elderly persons garden and they chase you down the street for picking from their rose bush - have heard story's like this, may want to ask permission first. Bake something, write a song or poem or just spend time with the girls - weather they are your sisters, or daughters, the woman - your mum, girlfriend, friends, sister, grandma, etc.
Enjoy them and celebrate them by just listening and being there.

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What does Woman's day mean to you?

Thank you for stopping by really appreciate it, have a fabulous Day/Evening!

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All the shopkeepers will soon climb on board, they start "hot cross buns" in Feb, Christmas in June, when will they start advertising Women's day?
Why have a special day for women?, wouldn't you like a surprise bunch of flowers, a night out, or whatever? why wait until a certain day?
When is men's day?


Shopkeepers probably will, surprise they haven't already, but it's a a shame most won't see the real value of gifting to their staff and/or the customers by even something like a chocolate, just to make them feel special.
Sorry Len no men's day as you have woman that's a man's gift to have a helper.

It could be said for all the day's why have them, as it should be everyday, but in reality we have lost site of the meaning of compassion, helping others out without reward, thinking of others, spending time with others etc etc.


The first day I gave away was Birthday, that way I won't get older, just more doddery.
The meaning of a lot of the days has also been forgotten, what has a bunny got to do with Easter?
I feel sorry that you don't support a Man's Day, you are supposed to share you know, not keep everything to yourselves. :-)

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