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My #womancrushwednesday is the most soft spoken woman I have met. She is @mosunomotunde.


Ever seen a woman and wondered how she does all the She does???

Have you ever seen a woman and the next thing you do is crush over her???

If you haven't, wait till you see @mosunomotunde. She will make you do that for the first time.


My crush is a wife to an amazing man. A mother of two biologically, but a mother to many others,the old,young,white, black.

She is a lover of God and man. She writes wonderfully well, you might want to run to her blog like now!!!


Our first encounter was online in the Steemitibadan group. Her introductory post was the bomb. I was wowed. It was so detailed. It had this "c'mon let me take you on a ride" tone.

First impression they say matters, the introductory post showed me there was a lot in this great woman. And Viola!!! Here we are. I have been crushing ever after.

I even met her mentally in Ghana before meeting her online. I met her through @adejoke16. She spoke so well of her. She said she had a very sweet mentor who would join steemit soon and since then, I have been anticipating 😁😁😁.

I got to meet her physically in the Steemitibadan meet up. She is all shades of awesomeness.

Image Source: My phone


•She's really soft spoken: You could even feel it in the way she writes.

Raising our voices at people isn't what makes us strong, what makes us strong is our ability to influence a lot even with a low tone.

•She's Beautiful: A beautiful woman with so much stuffs upstairs is my crush any day.

•She's overly humble and too respectful: Remember that saying,

Respect is Reciprocal.

It can come from anyone. From the old to the young and vice versa. Mama @mosunomotunde is too respectful. I doff my hat for her.

I remember the first day she chatted me up, with so much courtesy, so much respect in her voice. Great job momma

•She is the best "commenter" I have seen: She drops the most engaging comments.

• She's a wonderful writer: Little wonder I have been loving her since her introductory post.

•She is a Lover: I love Love and I am attracted to anyone that does. She is a lover of God and man.

•She is gracious: My name is Grace and I am always happy when I see people living out my name in character.

•She is supportive: I remember @tojukaka telling me how she and many others assisted greatly in the planning of Steem Ibadan meet up. She was always willing to stand in for anyone and go the extra mile.

I could go on and on and on about my sweet crush @mosunomotunde, but let me stop here. My crush is an epitome of the Proverbs 31 woman in the Bible. There's still a lot about her you should know. Just meet her yourself. To the @omotundegirls, you have an amazing mom. She is a perfect role model.

To my Crush, I love you a lot. If you never knew, now you know I love you to the moon and back. You are an amazing woman.


Here's my #womancrushwednesday post, I will love to see yours.

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THIS IS NOT A CONTEST but I will be sending a little token to the first 5 people that participated last week and followed the above rules.


Just do a #womancrushwednesday post following the above rules.

Let's Get the full package on steemit... Let's have some healthy fun💃💃💃💃
Tell us your story.

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Shout out to @thundercurator and @dynamicgreentk

Thank you for reading and participating.

I am @gee1.

I am the Steem Evangelist!


Oh lawd! Grace!!! I read this and was lost for words! I actually had to close the page, close my eye, breath in and out slowly for a minute, before coming back here. You have absolutely no idea how you just made me feel! I almost can't even explain it but I'm gonna try my darndest.

There I was as at Dec last year, a broken woman; I had lost a few millions to a business I trusted implicitly, the betrayal was total as it was all I had. I was down and out and even my heartbeat seemed to slow down of its own accord. I was just existing not living. Fast forward to the 1st week in Jan 2018; I joined up on Steemit through @adejoke16 & was wowed at the amount of freedom, life and love on the platform. In the 2nd week of Feb, I watched videos of your trip to Ghana featuring you, @tojukaka, @ejemai @fisteganos, @ewuoso, @adejoke16, @ibukun and I promptly fell in love with y'all!

You all were so free, so full of life, so giving and so quick to share. I made up my mind irrevocably then. I told myself: "babe this is the kind of family you should be a part of", and I jumped in with both

I haven't regretted a single minute since that decision and I swear I have felt and received so much love since then as well. It's made my previously lazy heart sit up and step up her game! I mean, she reads stuff and begins to beat like the Saharan Jungle Drums. However, this post takes the trophy from all the others and I honestly didn't think that was even possible!

I apologize for gushing, I can't help it. Thanks @gee1, you have made me so happy and fulfilled this morning. To be so highly thought of, by such a beautiful, intelligent, innovative, loving and extraordinary young woman/Steemit evangelist is absolutely mind blowing. I feel very honored and very blessed to be so loved. Thank you baby. I promise to do my best to not let you down, ever. I love you!

You see what I'm saying when I said you write the best comment?

I mean, she reads stuff and begins to beat like the Saharan Jungle Drums.

There is so much love in here!!! Even the hearts that didn't know what love was can learn it in full here.

this post takes the trophy from all the others and I honestly didn't think that was even possible!

Awwwwwwwww... And now I'm dancing 💃 💃 💃

I love you always ma. Keep being awesome!!!

Even if I don't know you in person, you have displayed a Back up speech in supporting the Testimonies of people.....
Oh my... I don't really know the right words to gather as a response to this....

Oh no, All these testimonies are

Please don't change from being you.... And I wish to know you more....

Steemit Rocks 💃 💃 💃

See one of the reasons, I can't even explain why I love you so much, mehn!
You display of love and affection is second to non.
Meeting and connecting with you is the best thing that ever happened to me.
I love you helplessly @mosunomotunde

Nice gif bro

Thanks bro


You did not clear throat here..

This is...wait for it LEGEND...A...R...Y!!!.

You dey alright

@mosunomotunde is a wonderful person. She's one of the best people i met in Ibadan..

Yeah she is hun

If is the same Mosunmola Omotunde(nee Fawehinmi) that I know is the one you just wrote all these things about then I will join you to say you are 100% on point. She is a good mother and wife and also a wonderful friend. Proud of you girl.
@gee1; you are just on point with this crush you've chosen today. Nice one and see you all tomorrow.
I just love the throwback thing. Lol

Awwwwwwwwwww.... Thanks bro

@gee1, your write-ups are just so amazing. I don't know how you manage to do it consistently.thumbs-up.png

This is the caption that got my hairs twisted: "She's Beautiful: A beautiful woman with so much stuffs upstairs is my crush any day."
I have not met her but crushing on her already. Why? You explained her person totally, therefore @gee1 is my crush of the day.

You're the bomb.

Awwwwwwwww.... Thanks dear

How did you bolden that smiley?

I will send it to u

She is a steem mother and proper identity for the AFRICAN WOMAN poem i wrote.
Keep being you ma,you are simply awesome

You can say it again hun

You can say it again hun

@mosunomotunde is really a mother to all. She is so humble, caring and loving. I was opportuned to see her for the first time during #SteemibadanMeetup. One could actually argue she's has not given birth before, cos she is so beautiful and young😃🤗

yeah she is

You stole my woman crush. Now i have to look for words to say about her. Hahaha. She's phenomenal. I love her.

Lmao. Epic!!!

🙈🙈🙈 brotherly. 😆

I'm crushing on your crush ooo. You picked the best person to crush on.

I know right 💃 💃 💃
Thanks hun

Awwwwwn my maama is your crush dancing

Here is my own entry

#WomanCrushWednessday have been amazing, and I've been enjoying the fun of it.... Thanks so much to @gee1 for making Steemit a better community.... Keep up the good work Dear.... God is ur strength...
Here is my entry for today :

Call the Crusher. We've got an amazing woman to crush on.

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oh @gee1, why did you do this to me now I am crying because you have written what I have in mind, I guess I will still go on to write about her because she deserves it. I hope I am permitted?

Very permitted darling 😘😘😘


I love her already...

Thanks for the token @gee1

The way you celebrate people @gee1, is just too good dearie. Am just speechless and this got me thinking who to make my woman crush today cos I must participate ooo. Lemme come and be going first


LMAO. Me I yam waiting to see yours oh.

Wow she's really a great woman with all this attributes.

Cheers to her!!!.

Lol.... Yessssssssssoooo!!!
You can say it again.

Yaaaaay!. Ain't you so adorable!!!.

I like your post @gee1. There's so many interesting individuals, but we dont learn anything about them unless something bad happens to them.. nice that you guys are acknowledging people now, when they are alive and healthy and can we appreciate our gratitude.

In this way the voices of the silent can be heard especially women...

Keep up the good work 👍🏾

Thanks dearie. That was the whole idea behind #womancrushwednesday, and #mancrushmonday. I am glad it is playing out now. Good to have you around dear.

So cute

Thanks boo

I had to read this again 😊😊😊

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