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YES!! You have just experienced "Steemit Privilage" ... the shameless manipulation of millions of Steemians to come view my daughters weekly interviews of FAMOUS Steemians. This week two more witnesses: @Patrice and @Lukestokes with more witnesses coming soon. There are brilliant Steemians coming to her show with incredible insights and inventions all designed to lift, sustain, encourage, and promote Steemians on their way to $UCCESS on Steemit.

Truly, you will love her show. And she kinda looks like Barbara Walters. Take a look at this link and see for yourself. I am hoping you will tune in for her show this afternoon and every Wednesday to get the latest on Steemit.
Many blessings. Love you.



Good job, I think it is important for family to support family. If a person can not support their family members every now and then, well why should any one expect them to show support for anyone else on steemit, or in real life. So my hats off to you for showing your support.

Thanks @bashadow. I appreciate that. I'm fortunate to have her here. She has been a great resource for me.

So the secret is finally out of the bag. Mister Mercury is actually Barbara Walters. No wonder you have such a way with words.

Ha! Ha! Ha! My daughter hopes to follow in her footsteps however.

You are blessed, indeed, to be able to share this space with family. And such a talented family. I do have one offspring on the platform. They are a no-show as of yet. But we shall see.

Indeed, we never would have imagined such a thing as getting together on Steemit. We all love to read and write. Runs in the family...even back several generations. So, yes, I'm very grateful.

Ha! I have two more of my offspring coming to Steemit soon. Both are way better writers than I... and more fun too. Blessings.

No way. You're a way better writer. Seriously. Love your stuff. We take after you...we gotta get sib #5 on here soon. I told her once the baby is born and she has a few moments to spare, we're getting her on here. she has no choice. Mwa ha ha haaaa!

Yeah, she may run in different circles however. Don't know if she'd feel comfortable with my disrespect of Millennials.

Is there a way to listen afterwards here on Steemit? I don't do the Discord but would enjoy listening.

Yes, actually. There is! I record all my shows and post them the next day. Here's a link to the last three I've done. Any week, if you don't make the show, I should have it posted up by Thursday.

Awesome, thank you. Was able to watch a little bit last night. I will keep an eye out for your future shows, thank you.

@mistermercury you are taking over Steemit.

Barbara Walters! LOL. That's funny. Well, I always did like BW. She knew how to handle herself, and got people to open up where they otherwise wouldn't. She is an icon. Thanks, Dad.

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