Claim Discounted Account website is up.

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First of all, shout out to @reazuliqbal for providing the open source code. My website will not be live without it. Thank you.

The Claim Discounted Account is the fast and easy to create account for friends and family using your existing resource credit (RC). This is one way of helping the STEEM blockchain to bring new users to the community.

1st step, claim a discounted account using your STEEM account (or HIVE).
Enter your username and ACTIVE key, click the STEEM button.

Next, is to enter the username you want to create.
REMINDER: Make sure you copy the password provided to you.
Enter your creator account (used from the 1st step).
Delegation (15 optional, it’s up to you)
Enter your ACTIVE key.
Lastly, click the STEEM Create Account button to finish.

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I'm still building another website ( to buy discounted account. I plan to charge 2 STEEM to buy a code and use it to create STEEM account so I can maintain the website and pay the monthly recurring fees of hosting. I barely produce a block as Witness.

Hopefully will be live this week.

Upvoting authors from different walks of life.

According to my Voting CSI is 93.6 ( 0.00 % self, 1136 upvotes, 692 accounts, last 7d ). That's not bad considering I'm only using my own investment to upvote authors with good content.

I applied for Community Curators by @steemitblog, but not good enough to be selected. No worries, I continue to upvote Authors with good contents, so keep steeming.

I will continue to build our infrastructure so when a good opportunity comes in we are ready to serve the community.

Not to bore you with my plans, here’s a brief summary.

  • Continue to create websites to help the STEEM blockchain growth. I managed website, another front-end website to interact with the blockchain. It has its own community token (PESOS) that I plan to use for a game project. When the SMT is ready, I will move the PESOS token.
  • I created a discord and purchased domain name to easily remember it. This is running for 3 years and counting. I need help, moderators, etc. so I can turn over the responsibility to anyone willing so I can concentrate on development projects.
  • With limited SP, I can only support 5-10 authors every 2 hours. They are selected by member moderators.
  • To help new members, tribes of STEEM regions/countries representatives to upvote their curation trails. Due to my SP limitations, this project HALTED indefinitely 'till I receive some SP delegation.
  • Maintain website to make it easier to create STEEM account to help grow the community.
  • Develop to create STEEM account and accept crypto currency for payment.
  • And I am a Witness 3 yrs and counting.

Vote @YEHEY as one of your Witness.

Go to URL address then scroll down, type "yehey" and Vote.

Thank you for reading.


Dear @yehey

Idea is definetly great. However reality is that majority of new users will visit and will try themselfs to create new account. They may never know about this website. They may not even know anyone from Steemit.

We would need to figure out solution for those potential users. I wonder why is it that difficult for STINC to solve this problem. Why creating new account must be so complicated. Any idea?

Why couldn't they charge those 2-3 steem or recomment to those people to visit sites like yours.

I applied for Community Curators by @steemitblog, but not good enough to be selected. No worries, I continue to upvote Authors with good contents, so keep steeming.

They are doing round 2. Try again :)

Yours, Piotr

I have big plan. This is just part of building my infrastructure. My project will run on top of this blockchain, they will be known using my project names.

I would love to learn more about your plan @yehey

Perhaps I could help somehow (together with guys from @project.hope). We've some decent resources - steem power, solid userbase and traffic.

Let me know if you would ever need some support to your project,
Yours, Piotr

thanks a lot for your support !!!
The most effective way to do it, is to do it.
*Amelia Earhart*

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Great idea. What do you have planned, good luck.

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by to my post. Glad to see you are still active here on steemit. Will try to check your process here instead of doing it on dlike for new accounts.

Thank you.

I'm busy at work, a week delayed till I finish the website.

Will be looking forward for it sir. Please enlighten me of what's going to happen with this upcoming hardfork that's spreading fast like a wildfire. Is it something that we should really get agitated? Thanks po.

Thanks alot for your upvote on one of my post, please still there is an opportunity i would love to support you with your project as a moderator to build the steemit community. Am always online 20 hours per on steem.