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Thank you to everyone who has submitted an application to become a Community Curator.

We are delighted to have received 49 applications by today’s deadline.

For anyone or any project that didn’t manage to get an application in there will be another opportunity to apply next month.

In recognition of the large number of applications we have increased the number of Community Curators from four to six!

The Community Curators Applications

We have received applications from the following accounts…

@acostaeladio, @apon6431, @arkmy, @aulia1993, @buttcoins, @canna-curate, @clixmoney, @cn-curation, @cryptokannon, @darlenys01, @darthnava, @dobartim, @edgarare1, @electrodo, @emp2-00com, @geeklania, @georgeboya, @greece-lover, @jack8831, @jacobyu, @josephsavage, @lanzjoseg, @leveuf, @levycore, @mariita52, @mehta, @mekkeyz, @mrviquez, @mykos, @muskman, @nextgen622, @nucleo-fse, @project.hope, @remlaps, @roadofrich, @roadstories, @siavach, @sportsncoffee, @steeminator3000, @stef1, @sumit71428, @surpassinggoogle, @symbionts, @team-mexico, @templo, @travelfeed, @wherein, @wira8788, @yehey

If you have submitted an application before today’s deadline and it is not on this list please let us know in the comments below as soon as possible.

We are not taking any more applications now for this first round.

Likewise if you want to add any additional information or even withdraw your application please comment below.

Members of the Steemit team will now be reviewing all the applications and the chosen accounts will be announced in the next few days.

They will then be given the posting key for one of the Community Curator accounts to use from 1 May to 31 May. The method for the transmission of the keys will be announced separately.

Usage of the Community Curator Accounts

The usage of the Curator accounts will be monitored closely and anyone found misusing them will have their access withdrawn. The accounts should not be used for downvoting.

We are looking for curators to vote for as wide a range of accounts as possible, rewarding quality posts, particularly those that are not cross-posted on other platforms. We also hope curators will do their best to encourage newcomers to Steem.

The account manager should ideally not vote their own personal accounts.

All votes should be accompanied by a curation comment that includes the line…

“This post has been rewarded by the Steem Community Curation Project. #communitycuration

Community Curators should post weekly reports on their curation activities - the format will be left to their own choice. This post should be made on the account manager’s own account. These weekly posts will be rewarded with a Steemit vote.

As this will be the first month of the Community Curators project there will likely be some refinements and adjustments as the project progresses.

We hope the Community Curators selected will demonstrate best practice in rewarding quality content, building communities and encouraging good creators to flourish on the Steem platform.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

SteemWorld Abuse Finder

Top witness and developer @steemchiller has added an ‘Abuse Finder’ tool to SteemWorld...

The World of Animals Competition

@xpilar and @sultan-aceh are about to launch a ‘World of Animals’ video competition in the WORLD OF XPILAR Community.

The competition will run over 8 weeks and there will be 2000 STEEM in prizes…


When does the application for next round open up ?

At the weekend - probably Sunday.


Well done to Steemians who made it to through the application process. I have a good feeling about this initiative since curation is a huge deal for steem. Although I'm not expecting a perfect outcome for the first month, I believe that it will still have a good impact to the platform. It's a work in progress and it's heading to the right direction.

So, thanks a lot to Steemit who are hardwork maintaining the motivation among the Steem users!

Thank you. As this is a new initiative we will be learning from the first month to refine and optimize.

But we hope it will benefit and encourage the community.

I totally understand. I saw the post for the selected curators and I must say that you made a good selection. The selected curators are reputable.

Excited to see them in action anytime soon. And I also hope that they improve the onboarding of new users and user retention.

Happy days!
Thanks a lot Steemit Team.

Thank you for your application. Sorry you were not successful in the first round, but do try again next month.

We have been very impressed by all the people who have made applications.

I am glad that this project is progressing !

I have also applied for our curator account @steem-bootcamp and would like to add some more points.

If we are selected then we will also get votes for contributions that are not so outstanding. It is simply important to motivate members and to show "we see that you are here".

New members are also given special support. These are very important for the system. They usually first have to recognize in which area they become active. Also these receive vote.

Of course, these are not 100% votes because we only give them to really very good contributions!

We also have virtual events where 5-50 cent votes are always given on comments. This should then be considered in the evaluation. Because someone who comments diligently can have received 20 votes in 7 days. But it concerns thereby evenly only a few cent.

We also keep it so that our daily statistics receive a 100 % vote. This income is important to strengthen our curator account. These earnings remain at 100 % on the account. They are used to claim new accounts and of course to provide them with a small delegation. With this action Steemit gets the 50% curation and you should really consider whether it is better to delegate the stake.

I have applied and leave a comment in the main post ... My name does not appear here ... I will leave the data again ... Thank you ...

Dejo por acá mi propuesta de participación en este proyecto @steemitblog


Discordia: elgranpoeta # 3559

Gracias !!!

Thank you for your application to become a Community Curator.

Sorry we missed your application. We will add it to the list.

The Steemit Team

Great to see this moving forward

Thanks for the opportunity! I’m seeing lots of negativity, but any chance to help build the community is a great thing. Yes there are many things that are not ideal, but with time I fell we can overcome these obstacles. But communication and hard work is what is required.

We will be in touch shortly about the key for the Curator account.

Great news! Thank you

Thank you for your application to become a Community Curator.

Look out for more news coming soon.

The Steemit Team

ahh- that chat button in steem.com is still there -- maybe have a look and click there ..

the updated link should have been like this in the post i made


Thank you for this. We will take a look.

Yes, please add this back into the hamburger menu. It provides much needed retention for Steem , which is much needed. Right, this is the most important thing for Steem is retention or you'll bleed out there. Here is my post.

Thank you @steemitqa - will take a look.

We are not much of a posting peoples , dunno how to apply for delegation for curation , but if you see thevoting pattern for @steem-keeper ,we would really love dome delegation , i have some great things in mind ,

Please join http://steemchat.online ,, we can talk about it there


Unfortunately you have just missed this month's deadline for delegation applications.

There will be another round next month. Follow @steemitblog for more news on that.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Dear @steemitblog

In recognition of the large number of applications we have increased the number of Community Curators from four to six!

Lovely :) I'm glad to see so many interesting users and valuable projects here.

We are looking for curators to vote for as wide a range of accounts as possible, rewarding quality posts, particularly those that are not cross-posted on other platforms.

fair enough.

Community Curators should post weekly reports on their curation activities - the format will be left to their own choice. This post should be made on the account manager’s own account. These weekly posts will be rewarded with a Steemit vote.

This part is very unclear to me. And I can imagine it's being unclear for many others.

Yours, @crypto.piotr

Thank you for the feedback. We will expand on your last point in our next post on the project.

I hope you do your due diligence and choose wisely. Looking forward to see your selection.

We will be looking at all the applications and applicants carefully.

Are there any particular concerns you have?

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Resteemed :-)

Hey @steemcurator01,

Hindi translation is ready for day-19 for Indian community:-
100 दिन STEEM : दिन- 19 - Community Curators Project सुचना

Good luck to @canna-curate as well as those who applied and are still building in the steem world. Thanks for the initiative @steemitblog .

It's an excellent initiative, I'm sure it will bring good things. Whoever is elected will do very well because these are limited positions, I think it is a very good decision when establishing the methodology.

I recommend a close follow-up to keep any details with the use of the curator accounts. In short, success for all those who are here with good intentions.

Maximum distribution of rewards and languages :)

Thank you for your support.

  • Make responsible use of the Community Curator account.
  • Don´t downvote anything.
  • Vote a wide range of accounts, rewarding quality post, specially steemit´s post.
  • Curators should encourage newcomers.
  • Community Accounts managers shouldn´t vote for their personal account(s)
  • Curator votes should be accompanied by a curation comment that includes this line: “This post has been rewarded by the Steem Community Curation Project. #communitycuration
  • Community Curators should make weekly reports with their curation activities on their own account. Those reports will be rewarded with a Steemit vote.
  • This guidelines can change because it´s only the first month and it might improve.
  • Do the best to reward quality content, building communities and encourage good content creators.

Roger that! Let´s do it!

Too bad I didn't read this publication. I'm @marcybetancourt, I applied and I'm not listed. It will be for next month. Greetings @steemitblog

Very sorry we missed your application Marcy. Applications for the next round open at the weekend so please do apply again.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Hi @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

Good, a range of opportunities opens up. I am very happy that many users are participating, that will give the opportunity to support more people. Which are not currently valued.

Looking forward to this. Will the curators have stipulations on how they are supposed to vote?

I had applied to be a curator in the comments section of the original post itself. Probably I was the first one. However my name does not feature here :(

I spend most of time on Steem. Creating contend and rest of time reading others content. One would have felt curating would have been a natural skill !

Anyways best wishes.

Sorry missed that. Can you post the link here for your application post please.

daumen nach oben.png

I'm thrilled. This really moves Steem forward. When I read the participants, I am glad that there are good, well-known Steemians who know what they are doing and who promote Steem.

Thanks a lot! For this really worthwhile action.

Thank you for your support.

Congratulations to all Steemians who have applied to this great initiative! We are all trying to find the better and more positive ways to engage, create good content and promote growing in this formidable platform. My best wishes for all the efforts of the Steemit Team and my fellow steemians willing to help!!

Best Regards!!

Thank you for your support.

Sorry we missed your application.

Please do apply for the next round. Applications will open again at the weekend.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Ok. I will.

Thanks :)

Hello good team @steemitblog, many people of great human quality, well throughout the platform.

Eine automatisierte deutsche Übersetzung. Fragen und Diskussionen in deutsch unter dem übersetzen Beitrag.


Jeder deutschsprechende ist auch auf unseren Discord Willkommen. Dort findet ihr die Mitglieder die auch weiterhin fest hinter Steem stehen !

An automated German translation. Questions and discussions in German under the translated post.
Every winner from the german speaking community will get an extra bonus of 10 Steem from me. Please confirm your participation under the link



Thank you for the translation.

This is one of the worst translations I have ever read in my life. Do you really want someone to publish false information in a translation that was done automatically? You should be really careful when choosing curators and make sure that you support professional community work and don't choose people who always support the same people. Take a good look at who votes for whom and keep in mind that this will also be published and fall back on steemit and its " community work". Take a close look at who the bootcamp votes for.


With a newly created account criticize ? Someone who still wants to see changes in Steem ?

The translation is sufficient to inform yourself briefly. Do you really think someone from the german community is not able to read this original text ?

Also the published statistics say nothing. Here the number of the vote is shown. Every Sunday we have a virtual inn where every participant can also get a vote of 2-3-4-5 cents on his comments. Those who comment a lot will also get a lot of votes which are not worth anything in total.

But what I write here, they know exactly. They try to damage our good reputation but that will not work.

Why so cowardly, we know who is behind this account. Members from the German community who are afraid to face an open discussion. I am always happy about the stupidity of people to bring it to the public. So everyone can see how fearful and resentful some are. It's a good thing that not everyone is like that.



The Curator Reward does not interest those who receive a vote. It has been said that the curators receive an extra reward, I am happy that there is now the possibility to reward other members, especially new ones, so the Reward is not important.

Don't always criticize everything, there is movement and cooperation with the community. Can I also not see Hive. But I can see old structures and power relations. I also see that only a few get a vote and many only get a few crumbs. That has become much better with Steem.

@pfunk are you so afraid to read here that Steem is taking many steps forward, but HIVE is at a standstill? You can continue to provide me with Downvotes I do not mind. It just shows that many know how wrong the hard fork is. You also know that if the course of HIVE is soon under a cent you will have lost a lot of money.


Lost money for something he got for free?

It is a place that has finally been freed from old power relations. It's probably the best thing that could have happened that Steem was purged.

Why did you run another witness node when you were against Steem? Please be consistent.

You still don't know what you're using or talking about.

Let's wait and see. The course will show...