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Hello everyone! I have recently set up a Steem witness server and would like to ask for a few minutes of your time to tell you about myself and why I feel that I will be a great steward of the Steem platform.

If you don’t know what a witness is, why they are so important, or how to vote, please see the Witness Voting Guide by top witness @timcliff.

About Myself

My name is Matt and I live in Philadelphia, PA in the US. You may know me here by my Steem account name, @yabapmatt. As a little bonus contest, I will give a 100% upvote to the first person who can figure out where I got the name “yabapmatt” from and post it in the comments (hint: remove the last “t”)!

I started learning computer programming when I was about 10 years old because I wanted to make my own video games. Despite my parents fighting with me to get off the computer and go outside, it turned into a successful career in software and game development. 

Although I’ve moved into the management side of software development over the past few years I’ve recently jumped back into coding in order to work on some exciting projects using the Steem platform!

I have a wife, and a son, and a dog, and a cat, and I hope that my investment of time and money in the Steem platform will help secure a good future for all of them. Although I should mention that my wife thinks that I’ve joined a cult :-)

The Future of Steem

With the price of STEEM falling under $0.90 at the time of writing, it’s important to step back and take a long-term view of the Steem platform and where it is headed. As a witness I feel that it is part of my responsibility to have a clear view of how the platform can grow and become more successful, and to do whatever I can to help it achieve those goals. 

For the platform to grow, it will need to open up to new markets that can bring large groups of new users and also large amounts of money into Steem. I believe that @ned and SteemIt, Inc understand and agree with this, and that goal is influencing their development efforts - particularly around SMTs. Allowing companies and brands to create their own Token powered by the Steem blockchain will open up huge opportunities for advertising and marketing dollars to come into the platform.

The most important thing to remember is that all of that money effectively goes to us, the holders of STEEM, rather than to Facebook, Reddit, or even SteemIt, Inc themselves! @ned has described the Steem platform as “the world’s advertising network”, and I agree that that’s where the real future of this platform will lie.

My goal as a member, investor, and now a witness in the Steem community is to do whatever I can to help the Steem platform achieve those goals and become the world’s greatest decentralized content publishing and advertising network where the community - not any one company - reaps the rewards.

My Investment and Contributions

I currently hold approximately 15k STEEM POWER and plan to increase that significantly in the near future. I regrettably do not have any huge gains from early investments in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, so all of my SP was purchased directly with money that I have earned through working and have saved over the years.

I have a lot to lose, so you can be assured that I am fully committed long term to the platform and making it into a huge success.

Over the past couple of months I have spent nearly all of my very little free time learning about and contributing to Steem, both through posting and development. I’ve posted a short series aimed at helping new users have realistic expectations and guide them on how to be successful blogging on SteemIt:

How To Steem - Part 1 - Learn, Learn, Learn
How To Steem - Part 2 - Create Value
How To Steem - Part 3 - Promote Your Posts
Stay tuned for part 4!

In addition I’ve built the Steem Bot Tracker tool to help users promote their posts in a smart and profitable way. Initially I built the bot tracker tool so that I could use it myself to have an edge over others who weren’t as tech savvy. I realized, however, that contributing to the community and helping others, rather than trying to gain an advantage, would ultimately lead to a better outcome for everyone.

As I mentioned above, I believe the future of the Steem platform lies in opening it up to new markets, so I have been a supporter of third-party sites and services that seek to push Steem into new areas. I was one of the very first contributors and sponsors of Utopian.io because I believe that open source development is very important and should be supported, and I also think it’s a great way to get more developers involved in Steem.

I have also recently spent time updating the documentation for the SteemConnect V2 JavaScript SDK to try to help others have an easier time figuring out how to use it than I did. Having good tools and documentation for developers to create projects on Steem is of vital importance to expanding its footprint, and I hope to continue to help support that going forward.

Last, but not least, I am currently working on what I think is a fun and exciting new project which will integrate with Steem - but it’s not quite ready yet! Hopefully it will be ready to show in the next week or two. If you’re really curious, everything on the blockchain is public, so you can probably figure out what I’m up to!

My Witness Server

Even though I will probably only be creating one or two blocks a week, I’ve provisioned enough hardware to show that I am serious about being a witness and can handle a larger block load when or if enough people choose to vote for me.

I have used @someguy123’s company privex.io to host my witness server so I want to give a big thank you to him. Even though it’s only been a day I have to say they have been great so far and I definitely feel like I made the right choice!

My server stats are:

2x240 SSD HD
8 Core Xeon E3

I want to thank @drakos, @yehey, @mahdiyari, and @suggeelson for their help with getting the server up and running in the #witness chat channel and I have also enlisted the help of a friend who is a very experienced sys-ops developer to make sure my server continues to run safely and securely.

I have no illusions of getting in the top 50 or even top 100 witnesses, but I will still keep running my witness nonetheless - even though I will likely take a loss on the server hosting costs. I expect it to be well worth the expense in the long run.

So there you have it! If you happen to agree with my vision for the platform and would like to support me in helping to make it happen, I would very much appreciate your vote!

You can cast your vote at https://steemit.com/~witnesses and since I’m not anywhere close to the top 50 you can write “yabapmatt” in the vote box at the bottom of the page!

I’m looking forward to doing my part to help keep the platform running and moving forward for years to come! Thank you for your support! 

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I have voted you as a witness.
I have a post ready to publish discussing about your steem bot tracker tool.
Now i will prompt each follower of mine to vote you as a witness.
I feel, developers like you deserve witness vote more then marketters and self-made steem tycoons.


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This is great. Congrats! You're one of the few selflessly helping steemians, thinking of how best to benefit the community. I have tried your Steem Bot Tracker, currently I'm trying to search for bugs and let you know through Utopian :)

I really appreciate the good work you're doing.

I’ll gladly give you a witness vote. I too have invested my own money into the platform and I didn’t get into cryptos early either. I’ve made a bit scalping btc and eth in the past few months but only a few hundred dollars worth. The rest is money I’ve earned at my day job.

Like others here have mentioned in their comments, it is nice to see people who genuinely want to help others and make this grow into something incredible in the coming years. It’s not gonna build itself and it’s up to each user to contribute what they can.

I really wish I had learned to program when I was younger like you did. I’ve worked with MATLAB some in college and a little bit of mechatronics control software that’s used in automating machinery (robot controller programming, machine vision systems, ) but that’s the extent of my programming experience. I’m a mechanical engineer and a machine designer. At some point I would like to learn more about programming if I can ever get enough time away from work. So many hobbies and so little time.

I will cast my witness vote for you when I get home to my pc this evening as I’m not sure if it can be done via the esteem app. See ya around!


Thanks @cryptokeepr, very much appreciated! I will do my best to ensure that you make a good return on your investment.

So many hobbies and so little time.

So true...so true...

Tampa Bay :)

I enjoyed reading this post, just like all your posts it represents the kind of honest @OriginalWorks that will help steemit to thrive and prosper as a platform of valuable and stimulating content.


You win the contest! Sorry my vote isn't worth more...why Tampa Bay? I don't know, I just have a weird habit of reading things backwards and I was watching a football game between the Giants and the Bucs and realized Tampa Bay backwards ended with "mat".

This was back when AOL first was coming onto the scene and I needed to pick a username that no one had chosen before (since I didn't want to use numbers at the end) so I picked "yabapmatt", and that's been me ever since!


And why not? I had wondered about it but the additional 't' made me wonder, was it an initial? A location in TB?

I often make names from obscure technical references like zero ring or synack, sometimes I just like some permutation of a pop culture trope. And I enjoy discovering hidden meanings in handles, I've seen plenty here on steemit.

Your vote is your vote, and very gratefully received, you also have my vote for witness, steemit needs ethical mentors :)

PS: Hey look at your payout for this post, go you good thing!


The additional "t" is just because my name is "matt" with two "t"s. Nothing too exciting there unfortunately :-)

The post has such a high payout because I paid for it using the @buildawhale voting bot. It is run by @themarkymark and he puts up a lot of his own money to lease the huge amount of steem power it has. It's by far the best voting bot and he never uses it to promote his own posts like some others do.


Thanks for the mention, @yabapmatt.

It is very important to me everyone has a fair shake, I can't guarantee the results, but I can guarantee we won't manipulate it. I also try to go further than that.

Our daily Curation Digest is something we spend a lot of time on going through 400+ articles a day to find our five favorites.

We reward an awesome author a few times a week with over $100 trail of votes with our Author of the Day.

We have a PreVote Club where we give our bidders additional votes for free and offer members the ability to share in curation rewards of a guaranteed vote incoming.

These services cost us a lot more time and money and are completely free with the use of @buildawhale. We are also looking at more community building projects we can offer.


Thank you for offering the service! Thank you for mentioning the curation digest since I think that is a really important part of what you're doing as well. I'm sorry that I didn't mention it!


I was very confused about the swarm of minnow votes that came by the first time I used your service. When it happened again, I remember your PreVote club and was able to put two and two together. Thanks for all your hard work!


:) We hope to grow it to hundreds of users, but it's fairly small right now.


When I first saw your name is when I notice TB & wondered about the 't' until this post.

Good to know how BAW operates, I've seen them before but never used. I wish I had more time to write on steemit.

Good luck with your witness campaign, I think you'll do well over time.




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Thank you for the tracker, is really useful. My daughter @elisablogs and I have voted you as a witness.


Thank you so much! I really appreciate the support!

You are definitely a good developer, I liked your cool bot tracker. Steem blockchain can be benefited from your skill, dedication and investment. I and my family voted for you :)

I like and appreciate your work and I have decided to give you my vote for witness. Still going on, you give a very good value to Steemit community. I am telling to my friends about your bot Tracker web and they all love it! I will sitill promoting you all I can. I am a mennow now if you can give me some support I would thank you a lot too ;)

My Favorite, I love your bot tracker. I will add you as my witness. Also, I am looking for some sponsorship for my caption contest, if you want to contribute.


Thanks @sanmi, I've been very happy to see how many people like the bot tracker. Send me a link to your contest and I will check it out.


I have sent you a link.

Good work @yabapmatt! I like the contributions you've been making to the steem environment. You have my vote.


Thanks @miniature-tiger, I love your posts on the happenings with the voting bots as well!

I didn't really know what a witness was till now! Glad you're taking the initiative! I enjoyed reading this post! I started coding a few years back looking at shows about hackers haha! Now That I've gotten into it, I love everything about it. Very informative post! Good work :D


Thanks! Very glad to have helped spread the word about witnesses. It's very important that everyone is aware of the witness system and how to cast their vote.

You sir, have my vote. I believe in you and I believe in this platform and I believe in this community.

Hope that , we, the community members will get help from another witness, you. Way to go. Wish you success as witness.

you have definitely my vote. I have learned so much from you and keep learning everytime I read one of your posts. wish you the best, keep up the good work!

I have voted you as a witness. A friend of mine told me you deserve it, and I agree. I love everything you do, especially the bot tracker ^^ so keep going! As you put it in your description, you are Invested and fully committed to the long term growth of Steem! See you soon!

Good continuation, @zonguin


Thank you so much!

Great post. I am voting :)

We are happy to have you here and I just added you to my witness votes!


Thank you @jerrybanfield! Your vote is a very big deal for me and will be a great help to support my future projects! If you ever feel like I'm not doing my part to further the Steem platform please let me know.

Good to see your intention .. just now I voted you as a witness.

I too started an upvote service.. if you feel it good, please mention it in your steem bot traker.. details of the same is https://steemit.com/system/@benilda/new-paid-upvote-system-with-the-best-valued-upvotes

your suggestion are invited please


Thank you for your support @benilda! Regarding your bot, I'm a little confused, the bot is @earningbot but money should be sent to you? If you can add some info about it to the profile of @earningbot i can add it to the "Other Bots" section of the site.

It automatically pulls the profile info for the bot account to display so it would be good to explain how the bot works there.


To clarify your confusion, i have updated the post with little bit changes. Please check the post and suggestion if there is any thing more confusion.

Congratulations @yabapmatt!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

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Thanks @arcange! BTW I have been using Steem.NET for a new project I'm working on. I've had to make a few changes to get it to work with the new https://api.steemit.com node. Would you be ok with me submitting a pull request with the changes so others can use it as well?

Great story. I enjoyed reading it. And Wow you learned programming at your age 10! That's amazing! You have a great family. Your son is precious. I wish you and your family all the best. God bless and keep steeming! You rock!


Welcome to the party

Welcome to the witness league and good luck with your projects.


Thank you @drakos! You were one of the first witnesses I voted for!

Good to see you are giving it a go as witness. You have my vote.


Thank you! Very much appreciated!


You're welcome. I saw your Steem Bot Tracker and I was very impressed by that. Keep up the good work.

Bro I will upvote you as a witness .


Thank you!



I really appreciate your Steem Bot tracker, and I have linked to it in one of my recent posts.

Do you have a way for people to submit additional bots that they come across? I have a few in my tracking sheet that don't show in your bot tracker and have spotted a few more in passing that I didn't mark down because I was on my phone at the time, not on my computer.


Thanks, glad you are liking it! You can always submit new bots to me here or contact me on steemit.chat - @yabapmatt


Voted for and followed you. Thank you for sharing your intentions and future plans for if you become a witness. I've never used the Bot Tracker, so I'll have to check it out.


Thank you @binkyprod, very much appreciated!


Well I've taken a look at it and used it's "advice" and how it works to find a suitable bot for my $1 SBD that I could afford to use and got a few SBD from it. I noticed that it changes, because the site let's you know the best bot for at that time, which makes it quite accurate. It's well worth using. I've bookmarked it :)

I appreciate yout work, you can count with my vote!

Hi all?? I like you .. if there is time please see my blog ok .. thank you.

Yea not a problem done : )

Appreciate your commitment to the steemit platform.

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It is our hope to see steem get higher with the worlds attraction..thanks for this..you are followed

Upvoted you as a witnesss.!

This was such a nice blog post, this deserve to resteem it

Nice picuture.. when your take this photo


You can see this post for more info about the picture: My Son Representin' Steem

Great work @yabapmatt I believe in the power of Steem. It is based creating and sharing values to the world. It has a great future.

Awesome photo man i just loved it....😘😘

Good luck!!!


Saludos!! espero lo logres

Cute pic....

Pict are so cute.. 😍😍😍

Thanks for share this and share some info

thank you for your knowledge and experience @yabapmatt

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I enjoyed reading this post.i like it


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After reading ur post i just give upvote for ur post @yabapmatt

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
Nice, you got a 4.0% @minnowbooster upgoat, thanks to @yabapmatt
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Hello, I am imrul hasan. I am a new steemin. I think it is a helpful article for newcomer. As i am new i want your help. Thanks.