Should I Write About Jerry Banfield

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Hello dear steemians! I am back with another blog and today I need your help. First of all thank you for stopping your universe of business and business to read this blog. When you get to the end aka having reddit drop your thoughts in a thing called the comments please. Yeah I kinda had to write that out loud (WOL) becaussssse you keep your thoughts in your HEAD!! and not in the COMMENTS!!


Okay Pewdiepie fans and non-fans this is the big question to youii all!!

Should I or should I not create a piece of work covering the witness himself @jerrybanfield? 😩

Time is going peeps. So let me help you decide. ⌛

Some random dude from around steemit has gotten popular in this year. He has a small youtube channel and actively spreads the word about steemit to over 32k ppl on facebook. [MUSIC STOPS]

@aggroed: Umm dude do you even know the guy you are talking about?

@thelifestyler : yeah bro sure I do!

@cryptodrive : how long has he been here on steemit?

@thelifestyler : pshh anyine can answer that! One month and three weeks

@abit: no one year and four months. How many followers does he have on youtube and facebook?

@thelifestyler: around 24k bruh ye-eah!!

At this point in time @aggroed knew @thelifestyler fucked up

@aggroed: @thelifestyler you need to check the facts again. Multiply what you said by 100 and you'll get the number for facebook and youtube.

Okay steemians enough of that roleplay which kinda sucked! This dude @jerrybanfield is a good witness to steemit who really teaches hundreds of thousands of people alot. And if you want me to feature him on a new series of "Steemit Super Stars" (official release date to be announced) comment "feature" in the comments section. If there are more than ten comments he gets featured in my first episode of "Steemit Super Stars"!

Chow! 🏂


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Alright @tristan1

I like Jerry, so yeah! Write him for superstar. He deserves it.

Sounds like you have some more homework to do. If you are really interested in banfield start with reading what others have already written about him, there is a lot of that, some of it well written. @lexiconical for instance has written about banfield.

Maybe you just think he's a good person to write about because he's popular... It might be better to start smaller with steemians who you are close with. write about your friends here. That is a super idea!

Ahh that was just a roleplay about jerry

I don't understand. you asked a question. I answered it, and your response doesn't relate very well to what I said.

I be confused...

This is also good advice.

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I would much rather see a post where he's critiqued to shreds

That would be interesting as well.
Even though I think he is fantastic he is far from perfect. I still stick with his Super Nova status though.
If nothing else he makes an awesome STEEM evangelist. And we know almost all preachers have their skeletons.

Well right now pal I ain't about to shread nobody. I have few if any reason to be shredding anyone.

I am all in.
@Jerrybanfield is why I am at Steemit now. I found his youtube channel. Watched all the steem videos and then created my account. He is my self appointed STEEMmentor for myself and now I point to his video's as toots when I am trying to spawn new minnows in the steemit pond.

I would go so far as to say at this point @Jerrybanfield has more influence over the course and growth of STEEM and STEEMit than anyone else in the community.

Super Star? Hell Jerry is a Super Nova!

Just my two STEEMS Worth.


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