Successful Steem Projects You Should Know #1: El Proyecto Witness Cervantes

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Integrity never goes out of style. - Jim George

El Proyecto Witness Cervantes is probably one of the most upright and integrated projects we have on the Steem blockchain.

More than 15,000 users are already following "el proyecto" (the project) on Steem, 7,000 are part of their discord channel, and since today @Cervantes is also a Top 20 Steem Witness. Congratulations chicos!!!

Everything happens for a reason, especially on Steem.

Cervantes which was brought to life in summer 2016 by the two brothers Manu @gargon and Pablo @pgarcgo is the embodiment of community building. It's the umbrella under which great Spanish quality content is created, discussed and rewarded, where new talents are discovered and celebrated, where the vision of Steem - giving value to those who create value - is lived in the best way possible.

What makes the project so admirable in the entire Steem community is the integrity, personal involvement and selflessness of its founders:

Even though it's not apparent, within the team of creators at Cervantes there's a lot of emotions going on, and reaching a certain type of pressure wanting to maintain the rhythm of curation and content creation in the best way possible (...) We're doing our best to keep providing our community with everything we promised. - Team Cervantes

In a world where bots are acquiring more and more influence in tokenized networks, where 'making a quick buck' seems to be the main driver to many, it's great to see and also comforting that projects like Cervantes exist and succeed on the Steem blockchain.

You don't need to be Spanish to love Cervantes :-)

Branding - If it looks like Cervantes, then it is Cervantes

You gotta like what they do

Cervantes was one of the first Steem projects I came in touch with after joining Steemit.

Manu and Pablo are like the fathers of the #Spanish movement.

I remember that they were some of the first ones in discovering my content on Steem, and when they featured me in one of their blog posts - even calling me nuestra surfera preferida (our favourite surfergirl) - it was like the highest accolade possible.

Besides their responsibility as a Steem Witness, Cervantes is a curation project - and being supported by their vote is a great honor for a content creator on Steem. They're currently hosting 8 different Steem accounts that contribute to the project with their Voting Power.

Within all our accounts and on a daily basis we manage to allocate around 100 upvotes. Only with the @Cervantes account we distribute about 550 SBD among the users of our community on a daily basis. - Team Cervantes

Their community spirit is outstanding, and of course not by accident the profile description in their account is: "Working for the Spanish speaking community".

Cervantes is seal of quality and approval everybody in the Spanish speaking community desires to be part of. They're excellent role models and inspirators.

1.2 million SBD in rewards have been distributed in the #Spanish tag so far. #Spanish and #Cervantes are the most used tags among Spanish speaking steemians. - [Source].


Cervantes is straightforward

They built this up from scratch.

Nothing worth having comes easy, and the fact that the Cervantes Witness is now at the top - assigned to produce a block in the Steem blockchain each 63 seconds - is the result of hard work and dedication.

If you visit the Steem account @cervantes you can appreciate at first sight what I mean by being straightforward. There's a clear path in their doings, their community projects are well organized and structured, they constantly invite the community to interact and engage, they have an appealing design and focus very much on writing style and creativity.

As the name implies, Cervantes = quality.

As a marketing manager by profession, I especially appreciate the high brand recognition translated into all of their labels.


If it looks like Cervantes, then it is Cervantes

Brand recognition is an important asset in the attention economy.

We're currently 52-58,000 active users on the Steem blockchain generating ~125,000 posts (blog posts and comments) per day. Being seen is everybody's no. 1 attempt, and it gets even more tricky every day, since more and more people are joining the platform, and everybody desires to have a piece of the cake.

Trustworthy filters are needed.

Community projects like Cervantes help content creators to stand out and curators to find them - an indispensable and extremely valuable service.

From an investor's perspetive, the focus on curation might not always be the most lucrative way to participate in the Steem eco-system, but definitely the most honorable.

That's why we should appreciate their commitment even more.

Time is a scarce and valuable good, and that is why it's fantastic to still have curation projects like Cervantes that curate manually and engage personally with their community.

The personal interaction is probably still the most valuable contribution in a tokenized social network like Steem.

I'm glad Manu and Pablo are keeping up their quality claim and community spirit no matter what since more than two years.

The makers: @pgarcgo and @gargon

Surprisingly Cervantes hasn't received a major delegation from Steemit Inc's @misterdelegation yet

Maybe that is something Steemit Inc's CEO Ned Scott @ned might consider in the near future.

The positive impact El Proyecto Witness Cervantes has both on the Steem community and the overall value of Steem would easily justify such a decision.

If you consider voting Cervantes as a Witness, then you can give them your vote HERE.

Remember: You don't need to be Spanish to love Cervantes.

Much love,
Marly -
Steem Ambassador

PS: 50% of my daily Voting Power (50%) is used for manual curation in the category #promo-steem.

Please consider supporting my charity project @dreamsoftheocean.

This blog was created in July 2016, aiming to provide thought-provoking content for open-minded people who go on adventure, step out of comfort zones and embrace the new.
Thanks for being part of the journey!


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You know we love you 😍.Thanks for this post, it was a nice surprise, ❤️


You guys deserve to be surprised from time to time 😍
Keep being awesome!

Oh my gosh. Im getting emotional. And computer nerds are not supose to. Un beso enorme!!


Haha, that's the Spanish heart beating out of the nerdy body :-))
Big kisses back, I really love this project and wanted to do this post for a while. Now with you being appointed Top 20 Witness the moment couldn't have any better.

¡¡¡SURFERA!!! Your post is awesome. It's a pleasure to be part of this amazing project, a project that helps the whole Spanish speaking community in Steemit, bigger and bigger everyday and with so many people behind to make it what it actually is. ¡¡Muchas gracias @surfermarly y STEEM ON!! 🤘😑


A qué si!!! Thank you @wartrapa. It's impressive to see how the project has grown and the impact it has on the community. I always remember the guy - I think he was from Venezuela - who won a competition and was invited to come to Steemfest², Cervantes paid for the flight to Lisbon and his accomodation. These type of stories are really unique and prove that this is real !

Steem on, colegui 😍


I know!!! I organized that contest and was soooo difficult to choose a winner... anyway was so amazing to give someone the chance of traveling to Portugal for free!!!! Un beso Surfera!!

There are a lot of spanish speaking users like me and many others who has been helped in many ways by the project Cervantes, like @taskmaster4450 said, there is no reason to not to help or delegate SP to a project like that.

The amount of rewards that are shared out through the Cervantes curatorship really makes a difference and benefits the Steem eco system, which is very necessary, especially today, a time when many people have preferred to use bid bots and other tools that do not benefit the community and blockchain in the long run...

Congratulations to Cervantes for being in the top 20 witnesses, now the voice of Spanish-speaking users will have more impact in the community, and why not? we are making it grow and doing awesome things too. :D


Great statement from a member of the #Spanish family on Steem! :-)
I like your way of thinking: it's a give and take. Not everybody is able to delegate SP, but everybody's able to interact and contribute time.

All for one and one for all :-)
Thanks for stopping by & enjoy your day @joedukeg!


You are absolutely right, everyone contributes a grain of sand within their possibilities, every hand is important. One of the things I admire about the Cervantes project is that it has improved over time, it has maintained a consistency and commitment, there is a responsibility of governance and that is very important.

I am a person who can be very critical, but if we compare the good things with the defects that Cervantes may have, the positive things stand out, and they deserve all the support they can get.

Being in the top 20 will allow them to increase the amount of support given to the spanish speaking community, it will also be up to us as users to make this happen, because one of the things that the project does is to create community, and that implies understanding and listening to the objectively based critics and suggestions of the users within the community, something that Cervantes has so far known how to do to improve as a project.

Thanks to you for your feedback and for responding to my comment, have a good time. ;)

I don't like what witnesses do!
I love it!!!!
they are the heart and soul of Steemit and just like the human heart are a driving force for the whole body - the steemit family.


Nicely said, @idiongo! If you havent' seen it yet, then this video published by the Witness @lukestokes may underline your heart and soul theory :-)


wow @surfermarly that was enlightening and refreshing to note that witness are united in their goal to see steemit succeed no matter what. once again, i must say thanks for sharing @lukestokes video with me. i did not understand why i kept getting an error 504, but now i do.


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i haven't, but will look it up right now

Steem will more greater than others

Thank you for sharing this with all of us. It is important for us to promote those projects we think are making an impact. It is obvious the effect this project had on your life as a Steemian and you are doing your part to return the favor.

This is why I love the STEEM community. In spite of a few bad apples, it is a wonderful place. Most people genuinely care and want to see the ecosystem grow.

I agree with your conclusion, this is a project that Steemit needs to delegate to. No reason not to help something with a track record and the ability to help so many.


Thanks for your positive feedback @taskmaster4450! I'm you stopped by and enjoyed the message in such way. Let's keep supporting the good apples ;-)

I appreciate you for that you gave honor @Cervantes. I mean that person is honorable.

@sufermarly You provide an interesting topic .

actually @surfermarly I feel so sad that I don't know spanish but am very keen after reading your posts I think now I would download the app dulingo and then start learning it.

I like your post!!! You are very talented!!!!!!1

I like it. And thank´s, on behalf of the Spanish speaking community. First, sorry for my awful english.

I like it because I like @cervantes every day more and don´t say it to flatter.

I must admit that at the beginning, I was a distrustful person of them. Even. It is possible that it still is. Because I do not like everything that resembles an oligopoly.

More, with the passage of time. Everyday. I appreciate the importance of that all users with a common point being united. The language is that point and they make the platform possible, for people like me. A horrible speaker of English.

Everyday, I try to get to know them a little better. Everyday,
I'm believing a little more in them and in his project.

This is very nice. See my confidence grow in them from less to more. And seeing your opinion, it confirm my thoughts. : D

There are other smaller projects in the Hispanic community..
@castellano @mosqueteros @radiosteemit @provenezuela @minotaurototal @familia-hispana @reveur @engranate @theunion @SrCianuro @Codebyte @cooperacion @inteligentzia @aliento and some more of which I can not remember now, sure.

I would like to see them grow around of Cervantes without seeing them lose importance (because most of them somehow, they already are) as a community of communities (you can see, that my point of view about the "oligopoly" has changed completely).

¡Strength in Numbers!

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Interesting share thanks

I never knew about this @surfermarly. Seems like one of the most engaging communities on the Blockchain! Spanish content is widely accepted by many folks as the language is used in many countries all over the world. I think there are 20+ countries that speak the language so no wonder this is such a big community. And those are some insane numbers! Wow. So many posts, so many rewards. :-D


Yeah, that's right! Spanish is the second most important language in the world, so not surprisingly Cervantes has built such an active community around them.

If you considered to vote for their witness, now you'd know where to hit the button :-)

Thank you my friend your blog is such an awesome

hello surfermarly sir,I have upvote your blog, your blog is very good, your blog has been explained very well by trike in detail which is very good. Please help me .


Let's help each other: you'd do me a great favor not calling me sir for a start :-D

Good luck. Very interesting information thank you so much

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It gives a lot of emotion projects so excellent work congratulations greetings and many successes

Es genial que existan este tipo de iniciativas, les felicito por crear algo tan grande, tan especial y (en este momento) tan popular en Steemit como la comunidad de @cervantes
No lo se, pero presiento que posiblemente uds no hayan pensado cuanto iba a crecer su comunidad y el impacto que tiene en la comunidad de habla hispana, sin embargo en este momento que ya conocemos a Steemit, podemos suponer que solo es el comienzo para un gran y provechoso futuro. Felicidades Manu @gargon and Pablo @pgarcgo por tan brillante idea, que en la actualidad apoya tantas personas que (como yo) estamos dando los primeros pasos en esta exitosa plataforma.
Gracias a @surfermarly por crear este tipo de post presentando y difundiendo a quienes tienen la dura tarea de ver, votar y comentar (apoyar curando) nuestros artículos.
It's great that there are such initiatives, I congratulate you for creating something so big, so special and (at this moment) so popular in Steemit as the @cervantes community
I don't know, but I feel that you may not have thought about how much your community will grow and the impact it has on the Spanish-speaking community, but at this moment we already know Steemit, we can assume that it is only the beginning for a great and profitable future. Congratulations Manu @gargon and Pablo @pgarcgo for such a brilliant idea, which is currently supported by so many people who (like me) are taking the first steps on this successful platform.
Thanks to @surfermarly for creating this type of post by presenting and spreading the word to those who have the hard task of viewing, voting and commenting on (supporting and healing) our articles.


@cervantes has been a Huge factor on Steemit for the Spanish Speaking Users in the platform. They've helped my content grow and reach more audience for almost 2 years now. It's good to read this post from the anglo community.

Cervantes was one of the first discord servers I was invited to. When I joined and asked a question in English I was told only Spanish is spoken here. So even though I live in a Spanish speaking country my Spanish is not that good that I can converse a fast and well as they so I thought it best to leave. I felt very disappointed and so I left the server! Sad really.

@surfermarly, I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes and comment!

Thank you in advance!