eSteem Surfer 1.0.6 brings voters info, image URLs and style tweaks

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Fresh update just came out but probably you already got it via autoupdate feature if you were on 1.0.5. We are in the process of polishing app with different changes continuously and here is the most significant improvements we've just made.

Voters info popup

Just hove the mouse cursor on the voters icon or number and you will see an informative popup with top 10 voters for this particular post.


Get image URL menu

Sometimes it's handy to open image from a post, comment or feed right in the browser or to quickly copy image link. Thanks for request from @andablackwidow for that
User created a ticket on our github writing this:

Many people, especially when their post is about presenting photos they made, attach pictures that are in much bigger resolution then presented in regular post view. On all that is needed to look at the pic in full resolution is to right-click on it and "show image". It would be nice if something similar was possible in Surfer (opening picture in browser would suffice).

So here it is done.


What is eSteem Surfer

It's a desktop client you can use on Windows, Mac or Linux to surf your steem friends feed/trending/hot/etc pages, upvote, comment, read replies, do all the other major Steem related stuff in your daily social surfing as well as wallet actions and of course few extras: search, discover different tags etc.


What's New in Surfer 1.0.6 Release

  • New Quit Menu item added (quit hotkeys are working now)
  • New Voters info popup
  • New Get image URL right-click menu
  • New Steem connect token expire control implemented (Should logout the user or ask to re-login if access token is expired now)
  • New Changelog post implemented, after each update app redirects user to announcement post about release changes, for example 1.0.6 release will open this post
  • New added phishy css
  • Improved Added new tag Pre to html-sanitizer of markdown2html filter for correct post rendering
  • Improved CSS modifications for H4, H5 and HR
  • Improved Synchronous feed pages refresh
  • Fixed Post editing disabled for post-comment pages
  • Fixed Navigation interface corruption after logging out
  • Fixed CSS for voting buttons
  • Fixed CSS code for smaller screens to prevent hiding UI elements in Wallet window
  • Fixed Passing options to server while updating disabled

Download Now

exe file for Windows users
dmg file for Mac users
deb and rpm files for Linux users

Source code:
Report bugs:


Looking for mobile experience?

Check eSteem Mobile for iOS and Android with push notifications, bookmarks, favorites and other handy functions synced with desktop version.

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Great to see the development going forward, will test it all out soon. I also still have to test out the IOS app

that is very awesome @good-karma
I am a loyal user of eSteem Surfer and I really admire this latest development :)
good job
Steem On!

I see Fil's artwork all over it.. really cool ! :-)
i love it.jpg

Yes, he is the best! :) And our designer and product lead on user interfaces...

It’s great that you mentioned the whole team :).

Seriously great work folks - I didn't know you had a Desktop version also, will be checking it out soon thanks!

Sir,@esteem Link a good link I got a lot of help from this link. Posting from this link could also help you with your ID. But for some days there is no help available from here. Can you tell what causes the problem?

Last night i have download and install it, but i have some problem when im running that app. What is problem i think?? Ouh im comfused... so an hour later i can fixed, my internet is not connected, that is problem.

Thanks @good-karma that good app #esteem surfer and easy to use

Esteem surfer 1.0.6 is awesome

This posting ia important for me, thank you to @good-karma

Thank you for doing STEEM - better. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше. Удачи Вам и Любви.

I like this app...
I am always use this app dear @good-karma
thanks for working hard for this..

I also like this new surfer dear @good-karma
@esteemapp is is my favourite app

Saya sangat senang berada dalam komunitas #esteem terima kasih @good-karma

well done, it create a great revolution in esteem...

Great. Thanks for sharing the experience with all.

All the good improvements.

Hellow dear I not upvote from esteem ..

You could work more on the quality of your posts to have more chances but anyway there is no guarantees.

I am one of the many loyal users of eSteem, unfortunately I can only make posts via eStem mobile, because that's all I have.
Thank you.

I am rediscovering the eSteem app after not using it for quite a while and I love it ! Very easy to use, especially for posting!
Just one question, I don't seem to be able to use the slider for vote weight. I do have over 500SP available and can use slider on desktop site. Thank you.

on eSteem Mobile you can tap and hold voting button to get slider, on eSteem Surfer you can hover over voting button to see slider.

Daaamn, it works! Wanted to give you 100% here but only have you 99.5%. Awesome, thanks!

thanks @good-karma has provided the latest apps esteem, hopefully esteem can be the number 1 application for steemit users.

I downloaded latest version and it looks perfect.
I think only one thing remain to add = emoji 👍😃

Homeboy is doing pop shuvits on a skimboard, while riding a wake with no rope like it ain't shit. All after a very impressive running drop-in? Fuck I don't even know what to call half this shit.

This posting is important for me, thank you to @good-karma

Esteem surface 1.0.6 is awesome, thank you to @good-karma

give me pleasure to see wonderful development in esteem..

thank you for the information kawan.polong help me friend

Postingan yang saya tunggu-tunggu

Great news, I love it 💙

saya sangat senang dengan perkembangan yang ada di esteem, sukses terus esteem

You can do with the purpose of developing this application to be the best and easy in use.

As a full time esteem user almost about 80 to 90% of my Steem it days, it is always makes a great feeling while seeing each and every update and development.

Thanks and happy to recieve support and motivation through up votes.

Stay Blessed

need right of copy of post link

Hello Syed, thank you for using eSteem. There is a left side menu in every post. You can copy post link from there.

I personally see that the price of the future becomes more advanced, newly made updates make a moving benchmark and self-esteem progress, and I also see that you @ good-karma always help us in facilitating all these activities, with this information we have also going forward. Thank you @ good-karma. 👍👍👍

Truly a perfect innovation, if you look at the future of this esteem will progress, lucky we are in this community, thank you @ good-karma who has appreciated us all, greeting us for you ....

Truly a perfect innovation, if you look at the future of this self-esteem going forward, lucky we are in this community, thank you @ good-karma who appreciate us all, greet us for you ....

Information that is very important to be received and implemented by the user esteem, thank you @ good-karma for sharing.

Keep up the good work man! You rock!

  ·  last year (edited)

It does not work on my phone (2016) at all. Lags, few second freezes and non-responsive UI controls excludes me from active users community. According to your tech stack - it seem my issues won't be ever fixed.

But it's great to see active PR & development of the project.
I appreciate your work, even though I can't enjoy it directly.

EDIT: IS there any alternative for iOS?

Very good and very nice

Excellent application friend. I am using the mobile application for the phone and the application for the PC. Receives an affectionate hug.

It's great exellent for aplication... and I really happy for use the esteem...
Good job and success is always for esteem...
I love it esteem...

Steemit will continue creating better platform to meet the needs of its users. am happy for that

Great news. I'm increasingly liking writing through the eSteem Surfer.

That's good news about improvement of esteem surfer

informasi esteem yang ditunggu-tunggu

This is awesome!

amazing developments. the hard work and dedication is very admirable !!

  ·  last year (edited)

As usual one more nice feature.. as soon as notification will appear i will updae it..

I like the new modifications

Much more related development enhancing the process of esteem app greatly informative and precise looking to have more light on this.

Thanks for the update. I use the mobile ESteem, nice feature where you can see what % upvote’s and quickly find who upvoted your comments. It’s still a little buggy, crashes a lot but keep on inproving this is much needed 😀

there will update for mobile soon, sorry for the inconvenience

No worries, i am going to download the desktop version for now :)

Good improvement

Auto-updated to 1.0.6 just now. Wonderful!

Are there the same Terms & Service agreements with Esteem like with
Thanks for the good work and development.

  ·  last year (edited)

I really liked the new features. After installation it landed me to this post. This is really creative. You guys are definitely making it better day by day.

Thanks for the update its very helpful.

Good one

Extremely outward application can be @good-karma hopefully all the steemians in the world using eSteem Surfer It's easy to write in this great blockchain media thank you very much @good-karma .

Because in steemit there is no feature to send a secret message then Encryption feature like this is very interesting, this becomes a good breakthrough.
Hopefully later can be applied by other applications, so it can be used for all users steemit and not only limited to the application of esteem surfer.

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Thanks for sharing information. Like ..

This is a good app,i have used it already,thanks @good-karma for this.

I haven't even downloaded the 1.0.5 and you guys are already releasing the 1.0.6! Impressive :-)

It's great to see how you respond to the wishes from the community!
Surf on!

Loved and resteemed

  ·  last year (edited)

I'm a loyal user on eSteem, but I'm not appreciated like anyone else, but I never blame him. But no problem, keep moving forward eSteem. Thanks @good-karma

Updated to the latest version and commenting from it! Hurray!

@good-karma sir good to see that you exploring the improvement in app. I am installing it

Sudah lama menunggu postingan-postingan saudaraku @good-karma, esteem adalah aplikasi yang sangat bagus dan sangat banyak informasi penting di aplikasi esteem ini, terima kasih @good-karma telah menyediakan aplikasi esteem berguna ini...

I like this esteemapp and @good-karma.

This is a great development. hopefully #esteem more triumphant @good-karma

Repairs were very effective in order to progress steem and steemit, ok” Salam unity of @ fauzan11

I love Steem!

thanks boss for suggestions and information. hope we can use as possible.

I Loved the esteem mobile but was having a hard time typing because of my big finges. Now I love the desktop version. Hope they will have a spell-check soon unless they already did just opened and updated.

Interesting submissions, warm greetings from the heights.

Thank you for posting well, I read and liked your writing

I hope you like it

O wow it has amazing features.I will update it now :) I started posting through esteem surfer .I want to promote it..How can i write about them at the end of my article?

Success in brightly lit threads @good-karma

Great work guys

how about the update for iOS?
is it coming soon?

That 's great!! @good-karma Thank you for your creative.

For quite a long time I am using esteem on mobile and today for the first time I installed this in my laptop...Looks lovely, feels more personal and intimate...I will post one of my new blog later today...

Thanks for the timely information and this awesome product...ejmr7pkhle.jpg

But I would like to know one there any option to open multiple tags as in Windows.

Hi! Thank you for using eSteem and for your question! What do you mean by multiple tags as in Windows?

I was referring "open in new tab'' option after right click!

Saya resteem.

I want to resteem this post @good-karma.


well done! i like eSteem Surfer & esteemapp

When will it be on mobile on @esteemapp? 😊😊

maravillosa informacion @good-karma

  ·  last year Reveal Comment
  ·  last year Reveal Comment