@ro-witness - Witness Update 7th of August 2018 (server relocation and weekly projects)

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Hello, fellow Steemians,

here is another witness update from @ro-witness. You can read about us in our introduction post.

Server maintaince and move to a better location

This week we do an upgrade to our server location. We experienced some problems at the end of last week due to the high temperatures where the electrical grid was overloaded and we decided to move the server to another location with an industrial electrical grid which has a higher priority than the one in the commercial are where we have been till now.
The move is taking place at the moment and we expect to be again online in the next 24-30 hours.
Please check https://steemian.info/witnesses to see the server in orange who are on maintenance compared to the ones in red who are no longer active or have not signed their first block yet.
We signed the contract for the location of the backup server which will be online starting with September. It will have the same specification as the one we have.

Weekly Freeroll on Lucksacks Poker League

We had a nw winner this week. Congratulations on the win, @millionaire!

Visit https://www.lucksacks.com and follow @tuck-fheman and @spl for the poker-related news.

Weekly Delegation Project

The winner this time is @spl! You have now 100 SP delegated! Use them wisely (we know you do)!

We did also a special delegation to @girlsfoundation in Africa. This was done outside the contest.

More details can be read here.

For this weeks contest we nominate following projects:

Feel free to nominate other projects for next week. We are happy to discover the ones that build up Steem and give it the special flair it aims to have.


At this moment of writing, we are on position 76 in the witness ranking. 74 for the active ones (we know we are on maintenance right now). We climbed two positions in rankings.

Thank you for the support given and helping us reach this spot on the witness ranking.

How to vote for @ro-witness

You can vote either via the Steemit witness page or via steemconnect. Both options are presented here.


Or insert our name in the box and press vote.

Vote via Steemconnect



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