@ro-witness, the newest witness on the Steem Blockchain

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Hello Steem World,

@ro-witness has just been launched and it is the newest witness on the Steem Blockchain. The witness has been started to help the evergrowing Steem blockchain and the community around it.

Who are we?

The users behind the witness are @catalincernat and @alexvan, steemians involved in many projects and communities on Steem. We are both Romanians, even if one of us is living in Germany so that is why we have the ro in front of the @ro-witness. You can reach both of us on discord where we would answer most questions.

Why was @ro-witness started?

We strongly believe that Steem will grow exponential in the future and the power of Steem lies in each user that joins. We want to be the voice of the small minnow and also the voice of the big whales.

The first projects we will support are @photomatic, which is a project aiming to help the new and good photographers present on Steem and @steemromania the fast-growing community of Romanians on Steem. Of course, also other projects will be supported when we grow. Our main goal is to reach the top20 witness to work on consensus on the Steem blockchain, which shall be the top priority for a witness.

As we are strong believers in Steem and it's future we will not power down in the foreseeable future. The users behind @ro-witness did not power down and also the witness will have the same strategy, always powering up. It shows commitment to the future of the Steem blockchain.

We plan to install a full RPC node in the future.

Server Specification

Here are the specifications for our Steem dedicated server.

Hardware specs:
HP Proliant DL380 G7 server, 2x 2.66GHz HexaCore, 128GB RAM, 4 x 146Gb RAID10

Software specs:
Ubuntu 16.0.4

1Gbs business-grade connection.

2 x Eaton 5P UPS, 1U, 1550 VA, 1100 W, C14 input.

To external 4TB Synology NAS.

You can see in the following image the load on the server, which is not even reaching half of what the server is capable of. We are pretty sure that this specification will help us to avoid most of the missed blocks that happen on the blockchain.

As you can see we integrated two UPS in case that there is a power outage.

The replay process is 100% completed and we are ready to go on producing Steem blocks.

How to vote for @ro-witness

You can vote either via the Steemit witness page or via steemconnect. Both options are presented here.


Vote via Steemconnect


Quite happy to read about that. Good luck and success for the new project.

Va urez toate cele bune, baieti, cu nodul de witness! Mult success!

Beautiful initiative! You have also my support, and a full upvote...

aveti votul meu mult succes .

good initiative!
Full support from my side, I just voted for you !
kind regards

Mult succes. Am votat deja pentru ro-witness

Sa fie intr-un ceas bun!

Romania has alot of mind power. I'm happy to see more romanians involved in the tech part of thile steem. Good luck!

Mult success !

Voted for ro-witness as a witness. I consider it a good thing when more attention is paid to photography on Steemit. (And reanimating photomatic would be also a good thing!!).
Wish you a lot of success on the road to a succesful witness.

impressive equipment and at least one of you guys I totally trust - you have my witness vote. Hit the Blocks guys!

Good luck!

Mult succes! Este o veste buna pentru noi si o speranta.

No one informed me.. Better give you my vote

Ce veste buna, va doresc succes!

sags ja immer, stille Wasser sind tief...
Alex, hast das im hintergrund erarbeitet, Alles gute als Witness, natürlich auch witness vote!! lg

Wir haben es nur diese Woche veröffentlicht. Es laufen ein paar Tests und bis her läuft alles gut!

Vielen Dank für deine Stimme!
LG aus München

You have my support! @catalincernat, you know I lefy my heart in Romania :)

Thanks, Agniese! Hell, I do hope that you and your Bulgarian bad ass boyfriend will come back to Ro. I am in debt with several beers that I managed to miss whilst your last visit occurred.

Haha! You're freaking right! You owe us some beers! But we would come back to Bucharest anyway. Even this Badass loves the city and no, I swear I've never threatened him if he says something bad about Bucharest :))

Yes, I can confirm - there is no Agne-pressure with regards to my opinion about Bucharest :) I really liked the city!
You'll have a chance to pay your debts, Catalin :)

Anyhow, on the 25th of August, I'll be around Balcik. Gonna drink the shit out of me while watching the waves of the Black Sea. :D

Quite happy to read about that. Good luck and success for the new project.

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If you stopped at just being a voice for minnows, I would have voted for you. But if you're chasing votes from whales... Well, they already have a lot of power. How will you take our considerations seriously.?

Minnows and whales are the same for us, they all are humans. We have to hear both sides and follow the good of Steemit.