@ro-witness - Witness Update 19th of August 2018 - Server Maintenance planned on Monday

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Hello, Steemians,

here is another witness update from @ro-witness. You can read about us in our introduction post.

Server maintenance

We are having a planned server maintenance on Monday the 19th of August which will take about 10-12 hours. In this time the server will be offline.

Weekly Freeroll on Lucksacks Poker League

We had another winner this week with @potplucker taking the main pot home. Congratulations!

Visit https://www.lucksacks.com and follow @tuck-fheman and @spl for the poker-related news.

Weekly Delegation Project

The winners from the last post were @steemitbd!

More details can be read here.

For this weeks contest we nominate following projects:

Feel free to nominate other projects for next week. We are happy to discover the ones that build up Steem and give it the special flair it aims to have.


At the moment of writing we are on position 84 from all the witnesses and position 81 from the active ones. We dropped 7 positions in the past week.

We wish to thank you for the support given and helping us reach this spot on the witness ranking despite the drop.

How to vote for @ro-witness

You can vote either via the Steemit witness page or via steemconnect. Both options are presented here.


Or insert our name in the box and press vote.

Vote via Steemconnect


vote for @spl

Thank you very much for the support to @steemitbd .

Excellent article. I learned a lot of new things. I signed up and voted. I will be glad to mutual subscription))))

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