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The decision has been made.
A supermajority of witnesses signalling support for HF21 means the changes will occur in about 3 days.

Although i was sceptical about small accounts losing visibility initially, i can also see the potential it brings for the platform. Some people keep complaining that you have to be a dolphin to keep earning, without acknowledging that right now it requires an investment of less than 1000$ to get there.
Freeloading will be harder, but that goes for the big accounts too. I really hope the hit to bid bots will be bigger than I could imagine right now. Maybe it's a good time to come up with new curation services which share the rewards to delegators. Got something on my mind, will see if I find the motivation to get back into coding for that.

I'm really hyped for the free downvotes and the DAO. These tools will empower the community to an extent not seen before.

Right now I'm in the process of replaying a node to have my witness ready when the fork occurs. Wish me luck that it finishes smoothly.

Let's see where this takes us. Don't ask what steem can do for you, but find out what you can do for steem - it's more important than ever, and there have never been this many possibilities!

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Wish you good luck !!! Can you explain why a post more than 20 steem will be earning more and vice-versa ?

We expect posts that would make more than 20 STEEM under the old rules to earn more after the changes. Those posts that would have made less than 20 STEEM under the old rules will receive less after the changes.

The goal of a non-linear curve is to make self-votes and small voting groups less profitable. The idea is that curation is a group effort, and it should require more than one or a few votes to get higher in the ranking. The more people vote on something, the better the content is.
That's the theory at least. How well that will work with the current distribution where some have a very huge stake, and many next to nothing will have to be seen.

Maybe it's a good time to come up with new curation services which share the rewards to delegators.

Nah! mate. Forget about new old curation services. Individual Organic Curation or eventually revamped ReSteem Curation 'services' is the future to really thrive.!! };)

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Thanks @pharesim for updating your servers to the 0.21 code. We need to offer more and ask less to build a better community. I'm a person who like to help others because it makes me happy.

I guess there will be a flash crash.
My chance of becoming a dolphin.

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It is like anticipating for a Hurricane @pharesim where only those that have good houses will survive. >o<

I'm there with ya, dude. Important times.

Every true steemians from the bulls era knows how to persevere. We stayed. We will win.

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Maybe it's a good time to come up with new curation services which share the rewards to delegators.

Would love to pick your brain a bit with some ideas on this. Where are you easiest to reach these days?

Great - looking forward to have a talk! Easiest is discord

I think it is a great opportunity to attract more investors and that people with large steem accounts can delegate part of their SP to excellent projects such as: "steemstem".

Fingers crossed all goes well in a couple of days time.

I'd love to see more curation projects appear and hope you do find some motivation to code something up :)

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¡Encuentra la motivación! Jajaja. And of course good luck with the witness.
Miss you <3

Good luck! !BEER ;-) Lieben Gruß Kadna

Oi, my first blockchain beer! Thank you! <3

Wow, wer hätte das gedacht? Dann kriegst du noch eins... 6 braucht man gestaked um 1 pro Tag verschenken zu können ;-) Sann mal los !BEER

Looking forward to hf21 too, very exciting to see the new changes taking effect 😃

New steem will be better! Excited and eager to see the future!

Hope you're gonna find morivation to code that idea and bring more value to this blockchain. We still need every bit of it ;)

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Bring on hardforkie 21 as it will help with curation rewards which is what a social media site is about - interactions with others

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