Is it good to reward for witness vote ?

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I think it's a good idea. Why to restrict the rewards only to posting and curating ? If there is no rewards, there is no good reason for minnows to vote for a witness, especially if they don't have the technical knowledge to judge all witness. So what is preventing our witnesses to offer some good rewards for voting them. Consider it as a giveback to the community. Minnows will appreciate it. They are struggling to get noticed here. @isnochys and @steemhq.witness are already offering rewards for giving them witness vote. So I have given my votes to them. Hope I will get some rewards. May be very less. But I liked there idea. So I will support those who follow there path of giving rewards to witness vote. Ultimately all witnesses will have to follow there path. Because it's a great way to indirectly take part in steem mining. Promoting this idea will indirectly help the steem blockchain. Steem witnesses have to get maximum producer rewards to offer a competitive reward rate back to the people who vote for them. This will force them to avoid missing any blocks. So this idea is beneficial not only to the wittness and those who vote for them. It's beneficial to the entire steem blockchain.

So I am suggesting you all to vote for @isnochys and @steemhq.witness

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Outlook not so good

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You are showing that you have little understanding of who the witnesses are and what they do. If you did, you would know they already give back in many ways. If a witness needs to give you a reward to vote for them, you need to be looking at what they are doing that benefits the community more than themself.

I suggest you attend the witness chat on the Steemit Ramble Discord this morning (Saturday Apr. 21 at 11am) to learn more about witnesses.

Here is the link to a post about the chat:

I know there are so many witnesses doing so many good things for the community. I appreciate all that. Giving rewards is also good for the community. Especially for minnows. Or is it bad ? Bad for whom ? Community or witnesses ?

Buying votes is wrong in any democracy I've ever known. Do you really need to ask that question?

Witness voting is not for selecting any political leader. Its for selecting someone to run some servers to secure the blockchain and get huge rewards for that. They are making huge profits. So they may need to do so many things to secure that position including buying votes. It's more business than any service. So I am sure that some day, all of the witnesses will have to buy votes

actually they don't make huge profits.. the only ones who make any profit are the top 20 and most of those put back into the community. You concept of buying votes is distasteful and speaks to who you are